6 Representation Agreement Template

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representation agreement form representation agreement this legal document template is for selling your goods in a profit sharing arrangement with your agent or representative 12 representation agreement templates pdf doc the representation agreement is the legal documentation on the terms of which a person or a firm can act on behalf of you or represent you or your pany the printable agent agreement templates can help you better understand the aspects of a sample representation agreement this is an agreement that you often make when you are hiring a health care or personal care firm or other such representation groups sales representative agreement contractstandards this agreement may be signed in any number of counterparts each of which is an original and all of which taken to her form one single document 15 17 effectiveness of agreement this agreement is effective as of the effective date even if any signatures are made after that date representation agreements seniors first bc representation agreements a representation agreement is a document used either for supported or substituted decision making – regarding health care and personal care matters bc’s representation agreement act is considered pioneer legislation being one of the first self contained supported decision making legal regimes in the world british columbia representation agreement section 9 british columbia representation agreement section 9 made under section 9 of the representation agreement act the use of this form is voluntary be advised that this form may not be appropriate for use by all persons as it provides only one option of how a representation agreement may be made in addition it does not constitute legal advice international sales representative agreement international sales representative agreement template the international sales representative contract regulates the relationship between a person or pany agent which acts as a sales agent on behalf of the exporting pany principal introducing its products to potential ers in a foreign market this sales representative joint representation agreement by signing this agreement you waive potential or actual conflicts of interest arising from such joint representation and acknowledge that if any actual dispute arises between or among the clients concerning the subject of the joint representation absent further consent form each of the clients we may be required to withdraw as counsel to sample engagement letter pennsylvania bar association representation agreement this is an agreement for civil legal services and representation between hereafter called the “legal representative” and hereafter called the “client” the client hereby authorizes the legal representative as a volunteer for sales representative agreement sec sales representative agreement this sales representative agreement the “agreement” dated as of 9 th august 2009 by and between freedom financial holdings notwithstanding this protection the representation agreement may also be terminated in exchange for a payment agreed as part of any sale of pany or its intellectual property 14 attorney client representation agreement the “defense of a mortgage foreclosure” refers to representation of the borrower in the defense of a mortgage foreclosure lawsuit while attorney does offer foreclosure defense representation in some circumstances a separate written agreement is required and unless and until such agreement is executed client should not assume attorney is
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