17+ Simple Petty Cash Log

Monday, February 1st 2021. | Excel Templates

17+ Simple Petty Cash Log. You can select from here which ever you want, and see that they designed for all kinds of work, official or business based. Just because, here are four simple strides to begin your petty cash

Petty Cash Log Book: Green 6 Column Payment Record Tracker ...
Petty Cash Log Book: Green 6 Column Payment Record Tracker … from pictures.abebooks.com

Petty cash imprest system is an effective way to manage small day to day expenses. Accounting can be done manually or made easier with bookkeeping software and employee expense cards. Petty cash log excel format.

Basically a petty cash log template can be easily done in any spreadsheet softwaresuch as microsoft excel wherein you'd create a format with columns to record all the important financial information about petty cash.

The types of petty cash logs. Following controls may be applied over petty cash When an initial petty cash account is set up, a journal entry should debit the petty cash account and. After sorting and totaling the receipts in each of the expense categories, the accounting clerk should properly most petty cash funds are accounted for with a simple listing of expenses.