Adobe Illustrator Recover Unsaved File

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Adobe Illustrator Recover Unsaved File – Adobe Illustrator files are a great way to create vector-based graphics and are one of the most popular file types for graphic designers designing logos or similar work. It takes a lot of effort to develop these types of projects, and if you forget to save your progress or accidentally delete the file, it can be heartbreaking.

If you work a lot with these extensions, you’ll be happy to know that there are several ways to recover unsaved or deleted Illustrator files. In this guide, we’ll teach you how to do this, and you’ll also learn a little more about what Illustrator files are and what they’re used for.

Adobe Illustrator Recover Unsaved File

Adobe Illustrator Recover Unsaved File

Adobe Illustrator files, also known as AI files for short, are graphic file formats developed by the famous Adobe systems. They were introduced back in 1987 and are still a popular file extension in the graphic design world. Like the SVG file format, AI files are vector-based, which means they are made up of different lines that are connected through specific points.

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Its hallmark is that images can be freely enlarged or reduced without compromising quality, making it the perfect file type for logos, signage and a variety of other print media. design. Although Adobe Illustrator creates AI files, other programs can access them.

Spending hours or even days on an important logo design only to accidentally delete it can be a disaster. However, don’t just start pulling your hair out because there are several methods that can help you recover and even repair missing or damaged files. Just know that some of these methods only work in certain data loss scenarios, and you may need to enable a certain feature before deleting.

A high-quality data recovery program not only helps you save important files from accidental deletion, but also various other data loss scenarios, including storage device damage, attacks virus/malware, drive format, operating system errors, and more.

One of the best data recovery apps is Disk Drill – a premium solution that has an extremely high recovery rate, an attractive user interface, and tons of additional useful features. You can also use it to create backups and resume previous recovery settings. To top it all off, Disk Drill has a free version with all the bells and whistles of the paid version, although it limits the number of files it can recover to 500MB for Windows users. Here are the steps you need to follow to recover files using Disk Drill:

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There are times when you think you’re on the right track with a design, only to find out hours later that those developments weren’t as good as you thought. Fortunately, Adobe Illustrator has a Rollback feature that essentially reverts the changes you’ve made since the last save. All you have to do is press F12. Alternatively, click the File drop-down menu and select Restore.

Fair warning, this method requires you to enable the program’s backup feature first. This will cause the app to back up files frequently if it crashes or you shut down your device without saving your progress. To enable this feature, follow these steps:

If you want to access any of your backups and save them permanently, you need to:

Adobe Illustrator Recover Unsaved File

This data recovery method only works if you have deleted the AI ​​file using the Delete key or right-click > Delete. If you used the Shift + Delete method, you should try a data recovery program to restore your files. Here’s how to recover deleted files from Recycle Bin:

Help Request] Close Illustrator, Save Progress, Resume Later.

If you are using a Mac computer, recovering deleted files can be a little easier. All deleted files go to the Recycle Bin and remain there until manually deleted, unless you empty the Recycle Bin at certain intervals. This means that files are not completely deleted when deleted. Follow the steps below to recover files from Mac Recycle Bin:

More recent versions of Windows ship with a handy tool called File History that lets you restore previous versions of your files. It can also be used to recover lost or deleted files, although you will have no luck with unsaved information.

However, keep in mind that you need to enable the feature before you lose data or your files will not appear. In addition, the files must be located in one of the folders covered by File History, and a second storage device is required for the device to store the backups. Here are instructions for using File History:

There are many reasons why AI files can become corrupt, including a failed save attempt, power failure, virus/malware attacks, etc. In this case, Adobe Illustrator often cannot access the AI ​​files, but there is an option to fix these files by converting them to PDF before converting them back to the .ai file type.

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To start things off, you need to convert your AI file to PDF. You can do this using Adobe Photoshop or Acrobat. In this guide, we will use the latter.

Now that we have the PDF file, you need to open the file in Adobe Illustrator and then save it as an .ai format.

Although there are some image openers and other programs available online that can open the .ai extension, it is a proprietary format used by Adobe Illustrator. In this guide, we will focus on this application. Follow these steps to open .ai files in Illustrator:

Adobe Illustrator Recover Unsaved File

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This article was approved by Brett Johnson, data recovery engineer at ACE Data Recovery. Brett has a bachelor’s degree in computer systems and networks with 12 years of experience. Adobe Illustrator is still the king of vector image editors after so many years, it’s great to create and design projects in Adobe Illustrator. Designers or artists can spend hours or even days in Adobe Illustrator to produce satisfactory work. So if an AI file is not saved or gets lost, it is a disaster for creators.

But you don’t need to recreate the AI ​​file if you find a solution to recover unsaved Adobe Illustrator AI files or restore lost Adobe Illustrator AI files. Today, we are going to introduce several solutions for AI file recovery on Mac or Windows.

An unsaved AI file may be caused by a system crash or an unresponsive AI program. When we leave Adobe Illustrator without saving, we should never ignore the restore. There are three ways to restore unsaved AI files, whether the AI ​​files were created in AI CC, CS6 or earlier versions.

Every day we create and edit files in different file processes, these files take time and effort and are valuable to us. Most file processing developers know this, which is why they always have an AutoSave or AutoRecover feature for these programs, and Adobe Illustrator is no exception. We can use AI AutoSave to recover unsaved AI files.

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Next, go to File Management and Clipboard and make sure the box before “Automatically save all restore date:” is checked. If so, now we can use AutoSave, if not, select it for the next possible AI file loss.

If there is no response when restarting the AI ​​program, you need to find and open the automatically saved AI file from the following location:

When we create or process a file, a temporary file is created to store the data before the operation is complete, which provides a backup in case a file is saved. To recover unsaved AI files, we can also check our temporary folder, the recovery rate is low, but we have no other choice.

Adobe Illustrator Recover Unsaved File

If you cannot recover unsaved AI files with the above 2 methods, do not start and install Adobe Illustrator, ask Adobe Illustrator for help immediately.

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You can ask for help in the Adobe community or simply contact Adobe customer support, this may take time but there are many issues that have been successfully resolved by Adobe support.

But what if you deleted or lost AI files on Mac or Windows? This would be much easier to recover if you find a professional data recovery program. There is no other solution to recover deleted or lost AI files, a data recovery tool is required.

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