Artist Statement Template

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Artist Statement Template – Are you looking for a professional photographer statement? If you’re stuck or unmotivated, download this template now!

Have an idea of ​​what you want to draw, but can’t find the exact words to write it or don’t have the inspiration to make it? If you feel like you’re stuck, this photographer statement template can help you find inspiration and motivation. This photographer statement covers the key topics you are looking for and helps you structure and communicate with stakeholders in a professional manner.

Artist Statement Template

Artist Statement Template

(Please write as clearly as possible) Please fill in the questions that apply to your artwork – Required D = Dance F = Film L = Literature M = Music P = Photography V = Visual Arts (2D & 3D) D F What is the subject? Music used D F Performing artist or band F P Camera brand: F P Editing software: M Equipment used: M Composite software: V Media used: (clay, ink type, metal, etc.) P V Finished dimensions (refer to specific art category line pages for requirements) All Length: Width: Height: Explain your artistic process: Attach this sheet to the artwork as directed in the specific art instructions, along with the student ticket and letter of intent (if required).

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Feel free to download this intuitive template, available in a variety of formats, or try one of our other basic or advanced templates, forms or documents. Don’t reinvent the wheel every time you start something new…

Artist Statement Template

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As a primary school teacher, do you ever feel pressured to fit everything into short teaching hours? With my lessons of only 40 minutes a week, I struggled to fit qualitative reflection time into my lessons.

Artist Statement Template

Art Teacher Cover Letter Example

I decided that reflection is important and that I should make time for it in my lessons. I started working on writing artist statements with all my first through fifth graders. Today I share what works.

1. At the end of each project, stop the class 10 minutes early to have time to write artist statements.

Artist Statement Template

Making time to write can be difficult at first. Soon, however, it will become part of your process and you and your students expect it too.

Art Press Release Template!

Students in my room write at least as many sentences as their grade. For example, my first-graders write at least one sentence and my third-graders write at least three. This is a way to ensure that students’ writing skills are aligned.

Artist Statement Template

In the first and second grade, I often give my students the first 2 or 3 words in their sentences. It is also helpful to place a word bank on the board, including words that the students may need. Below is an example.

Students must use complete sentences to tell me something that I cannot see in the artwork. I’m looking for something that goes deeper than a description. This rule helps their statements be more detailed and clear. This is also a good way to improve their writing skills.

Artist Statement Template

Open Calls For Artists — Al Tiba9 Contemporary Art

Students can sometimes get frustrated while working on their artist statements. “I don’t know what to write!” is a common complaint. To help them, I give my older students this list of clues. Each student taped a copy to the front of their sketchbook. That way they always have a place to look when they struggle with their writing. You can download a copy below to use with your students.

I include these statements with the artworks in my displays. I noticed that teachers and students spend more time looking at the artwork in the hallways. I often see people looking closely and reading statements aloud. Other teachers have told me how much they enjoy reading the statements. Administrators love it too!

Artist Statement Template

If you’re looking for more tips for writing artist statements at an elementary level, check out the article

What Is Wild In Us Still (2021) — Gabrielle Barrera

. And if you’re looking for information on writing artist statements with older students, be sure to keep a copy of this handy flowchart.

Artist Statement Template

Journal articles and podcasts are the views of vocational education staff and do not necessarily represent the position of the Arts Education University (AOEU) or its academic offerings. Employees use the apps as they often speak in the context of their educational experience.

Anne-Marie Slinkman, art teacher at primary school, is a former writer for AOEU. She is passionate about providing relevant and meaningful art experiences for all students.

Artist Statement Template

How To Write An Artist Statement In 7 Steps

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