Basic Computer Certificate

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Basic Computer Certificate – This mode allows epileptics to use the website safely, eliminating the risk of seizures from flashing or flashing animations and dangerous color combinations.

This mode makes the website easier for users with visual impairments such as nearsightedness, low vision, cataracts, glaucoma, etc.

Basic Computer Certificate

Basic Computer Certificate

This type provides various services to help users with cognitive disabilities such as Dyslexia, Autism, CVA etc. to easily focus on the important content of the website.

Computer Courses (diploma & Certificate)

This mode helps users with ADHD and neurodevelopmental disorders to read, view and focus on the main content of the website more easily and minimize distractions.

This mode configures the website to be compatible with text editors such as JAWS, NVDA, VoiceOver, and TalkBack. A screen reader is software for the blind installed on computers and smartphones, and websites must be compatible with it.

We strongly believe that the internet should be accessible and accessible to all, and are committed to providing a website that is accessible to all audiences, regardless of circumstances or resources.

To do this, we aim to comply with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 (WCAG 2.1) at level AA. This guide explains how to make web content accessible to people with various disabilities. Following these guidelines will help us make the website accessible to everyone: blind people, people with physical disabilities, visual impairments, cognitive impairments, etc.

Basic Computer Course Csc Academy

This website uses a variety of technologies to make it as accessible as possible. We use an accessibility feature that allows people with special disabilities to customize the website’s UI (user interface) and design it according to their own needs.

In addition, the website uses an AI program that works in the background and constantly improves its access level. This program modifies the HTML of the website, adapting its functionality and behavior for screen users used by people with visual impairments and for keyboard functions used by people with hearing aids. physically disabled.

If you find a bug or have ideas for improvement, we want to hear from you. You can contact the website owners using the email address below

Basic Computer Certificate

Our website uses the ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) standard along with a variety of adaptive features so that blind visitors with readers can read, understand and enjoy the work of website. When a user with a screen reader accesses your site, they are immediately prompted to access their Reading List so they can browse and work on your site efficiently. Here’s how our website covers some of the most important things to do, along with console screenshots from the example code:

Advance Certificate In Basic Computer

We aim to support multiple browsers and technologies so that our users can choose the device that works best for them with the least restrictions. That’s why we’ve worked hard to support all major platforms that account for more than 95% of business users, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera and Microsoft Edge, JAWS and NVDA (screen reader), both for Windows and MAC users.

Although we strive to make sure that everyone can customize the website to suit their needs, there may still be pages or sections that are not accessible, are accessible, or need appropriate solutions to access them. t has However, we are constantly improving our accessibility, adding, updating and improving options and features, and developing and implementing new technologies. All this is designed to reach the best of accessibility, after the development of technology. For assistance, please contact us using the free Computer Certification form available at . Choose a professional designer, then edit and edit it for free before printing. See more

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