Best Stock Tank Diy Ideas

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Best Stock Tank Diy Ideas – It’s been a while since I made a post! for a long time. We’ve recently shared how we planned it, but in reality we’ve been dreaming of a water feature in our yard since we moved into a small duplex in 2000. I didn’t know they existed. Some call them trailer dumpsters, hillbilly spas, redneck retreats, or cowboy pools, not to be confused at all.

There’s a certain nostalgia for that steel tub sitting in a desert landscape next to a cactus and a cowboy hat and boots. Unfortunately, bare steel didn’t work for us in the long run. So we had to change the shape. And here’s why…

Best Stock Tank Diy Ideas

Best Stock Tank Diy Ideas

Our garden has almost all hills. It’s a long, narrow yard that goes down right behind our pavement. About 16 years ago, a landscaping company came to me to estimate how much it would cost to excavate part of a mound to build a small pond. The man just laughed and said he didn’t want to do the job, so he wouldn’t even give me an estimate. There was no room to bring heavy machinery to dig it up and he didn’t know who would do this by hand. I’m so angry. Summers in Pennsylvania are hot and we needed a small pool to cool off and play with our little ones.

Benefits Of Stock Tank Pools

The only option for me was to nagging her husband to dig. I even bought an 8ft Intex over an above ground pool at some point we gave to neighbors who used it in their yard for years when their kids were little. But one day I decided to find a solution.

(Disclosure: The Tractor Supply Company has provided us with stock tanks and all comments are 100% mine as always!)

So when I saw stock tanks popping up here and there on Instagram and YouTube a few years ago, I knew the galvanized metal was strong enough to stand on our mounds. With the help of her daughter, she started nagging her husband to dig again. It took about a year to change positions on the tomb. We all knew that excavating the soil by hand and only transporting and disposing of the soil in buckets was a daunting task. Yes, not good! But one day in early March of this year, he started digging. It was his evening workout routine for several weeks and he did it all by himself. It’s kind of crazy.

Our kids aren’t small anymore, but that doesn’t mean they still sound great. Even if it’s just a round bath.

Diy Stock Tank Hot Tub (electric) β€” Stock Tank Pool Authority

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Hey Wanderer takes pride in being a pioneer of stock tank pools on the internet. So, why do you want to write another tutorial? Well, I think I can definitely add some new points to the conversation because I’ve learned something different from what others have done. This includes some failures as well.

This is by no means a cheap project, but for us it was the only way to add water to our sloping backyard. We had to go beyond the standard version of floating the stock tank on a flat surface and adding a small pump.

Best Stock Tank Diy Ideas

We had to find the best long-term solution. Unlike many other stock tank pool projects where people can quickly empty and refill the pool, we knew that putting these tanks on the mound would fix the problem and fix it in a year or two. It started to rust. We had to hold it in place to keep it going because once it gets stuck between rocks we can’t get it out of the hill. We could have built a wooden deck around it, but the stones and rocks also acted as retaining walls and made more sense to us.

Everything You Need To Know To Set Up A Stock Tank Pool

BAMBOO UPDATE: I didn’t varnish the bamboo before placing it around the pool and I definitely recommend protecting the bamboo from all water and weather before the project. The bamboo had a lot of mold from all the splashing water and rain, and we easily cleaned the bamboo with a mildew cleaner (HERE) before applying the cedartoneVOC stain recommended on the bamboo website. Protecting your bamboo in the first place makes the coloring process a lot easier and saves you a lot of time.

Preparing the area is one of the most important steps in this project and you will regret it if you do not properly level the floor.

My husband put a screwdriver in the center of the floor and cut enough dirt to fit in an 8-foot round tank.

We hired an electrician to add a pump outlet, and my husband had to dig a ditch for it too.

Stock Tank Pool

Below you can see the first attempts to protect the metal in the pool with the flex seal mentioned above. It is used to coat metal roofs and I was sure it would work. You can see the degree of peeling almost immediately in my video. So save your money and don’t do what I did.

The only other option was to add a pool liner and I wasn’t sure if that would fit. It literally falls over the tank like a garbage bag on top of a bin and fits perfectly. It’s also nice that the ugly fake tile portion of the liner isn’t visible because the tank is only 2 feet high.

And just in case you’re curious, just put a liner over the chipping flex seal. I didn’t want to take that trash off and I don’t think I need to.

Best Stock Tank Diy Ideas

It wasn’t as easy as I thought to straighten the wrinkles, but I could do it. It would have been much easier if the pool had to be emptied again without getting caught in the storm. So make sure the weather isn’t messed up when doing this.

Our Stock Tank Pool {part One}

In the video you can see how I drilled a hole and looked through the liner for it.

On-ground swimming pool companies recommend keeping the water inlet and outlet about 2-3 feet apart to facilitate water circulation, but this pool is so small that it’s not a problem and there were no other areas. .

We caulked around the entrance and exit of the pool and the outside of the pool. Before filling the pool, make sure the sealant is dry and the plunger valve is closed.

Set up your water purification system according to the manufacturer’s instructions. We put our cages on paving stones we bought from Lowes. Make sure the pump is also on a flat surface.

Our New Stock Tank Swimming Pool In Our Sloped Yard

(Since then I’ve been looking for a solution to cover the pool pump and mix it with all the rocks and landscaping)

Here you can see how the pump works and successfully circulates pool water from the storage tank.

The above situation with the liner just hanging over the tank was of course undesirable and covering the unsightly area of ​​the liner overhang is definitely mandatory.

Best Stock Tank Diy Ideas

As I said above, I wanted to add a tree first to make it look like a barrel. I saw the options above to achieve that look, but I decided the contrast would go better with the bamboo because it has a dark brown fence behind it, and I think it’s right to choose bamboo instead.

What To Know About Stock Tank Pools

Below you can see how to use metal spring clips to hold the liner in place while adding bamboo and rocks around the pool. Stones and rocks hold the liner and bamboo in place. If you are adding a liner without using stones around it, tie the bamboo with thick wire where the ends meet.

The yard was sloping and there were tanks on the hill, so we had to refill the soil.

We used 2B stones to fill the pool to prevent backflow. If there is dirt around, overflowing or splashing around will prevent water from running and the mud will be washed back into the puddle.

After your husband fills the back and sides of the pool?

How To Winterize Your Stock Tank Pool β€” Stock Tank Pool Authority

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