Bible Verses About A Loved One Passing

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I dreamed to be a mother all my life. Growing up my favorite game was “house”, and I would force my brothers to play and of course I asked to be a mother! When Mike and I decided in 2015 that we were ready to start our family, I was so happy.

Bible Verses About A Loved One Passing

Bible Verses About A Loved One Passing

30 days later I got pregnant and two weeks later I had my first miscarriage. In my life I have lost two children during pregnancy, a grandmother that I love, dreams and relationships.

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Unfortunately, loss, disappointment and death have no respect for people. We watch dreams die, and people leave and face losing jobs and loved ones. No matter what you have lost.

A loss is a loss and it hurts. In this article, I will share the scriptures and scriptures that have helped me through the most difficult time of my life so far.

It’s hard to talk to someone who you feel hasn’t been through something similar to what you’re going through. You see them as privileged and untouchable. It’s a lot more comforting to talk to someone you have a relationship with who knows exactly what you’re thinking and what you’re going through.

The Father knows deeply about loss. He knows the pain of disappointment and rejection. He knows what abandonment feels like. Jesus was left alone by those He loved most in the most difficult and painful time of His life.

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Jesus knows sorrow and not only sorrow but with our sorrow. The Bible says that it is difficult for them. Feel your pain. He is patient with you. We can run to Him when we are hurt and seek comfort because He knows our pain.

“He was despised and rejected by the people, a man of sorrows who was no stranger to poverty and sorrow. We hide our faces from him in hatred and consider him a nobody, not worthy of respect. But he is the one who bears our sicknesses and is patient with our sufferings. We think of him as someone who is being punished for something he has done himself, as someone who has been smitten by God. But it was because of our rebellion that he was pierced and because of our sins he was whipped. He endured the punishment that made us whole, and in his suffering we find our healing. ” Isaiah 53:3-5 TPT You are not alone in your sorrow

Because he knows so much about suffering and sorrow, you can trust that he will not leave you alone. He knows what it’s like to be alone when you need comfort and business. He will not let you live in your heart.

Bible Verses About A Loved One Passing

Illness and recovery is a long and necessary process. In our loss and sorrow, we can feel that we are alone and alone, but our Father never leaves us when we are hurt. In fact, He promises to be with us and bind us through difficult times.

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“The Lord is close to everyone whose heart is broken because of pain, and is ready to restore the heart. Even if bad things happen to the good and God, the Lord will save them and do not let them fall in what they face.” Psalm 34:18-19 TPT “Lord, even your way leads me into the valley of darkness, fear will not touch me, because you already exist! You are by my side and guide me in every way. Your law is my strength and my peace. take the comfort of your love away from my fear. I will not be alone, for you are near.’ Psalm 23:4 TPT “These are my words – be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid and do not despair. Because the Lord, your God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9 “Cast your cares and anxieties on him and leave him there, for he loves you forever.” 1 Peter 5:6-7 He will comfort you when you are down

After our first miscarriage, there was one Sunday in church where everyone around me was worshiping, and I mean really worshiping. It is a time that touches heaven on earth, where freedom comes, Christians are restored, people know about Christ and the covenant is broken.

At that time we were singing a song that said, “You heal all broken hearts,” I heard the Lord say, “I will heal your heart.”

When we experience a loss, we can be so overwhelmed with grief that we begin to feel abandoned. That is not true my friend. The Father will not leave you when you are down or sick. — Andriana Robinson (@_worthlivingfor) NWS

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The next year was long and difficult. I feel that there is a great separation between God and me. And FYI, this site challenged me and I thought about it all. God will never leave you.

There is no place. The place is a lie and if it is a lie, you want to believe that God will not pass you by.

A year later I was in another service with people, and it was another time that touched Heaven, and we were singing the same song, and when that line came, “You heal all broken heart,” with my hands, I began to cry. I said all the ugly screams. I suffer from the fact that God heals all broken hearts.

Bible Verses About A Loved One Passing

I told Him I didn’t need His help and you know what? He lives with me. He still served me and walked me through the valley of the shadow of death and finally he brought me back to green grass. A year later I stood there crying and upset because he healed my heart.

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I don’t know your story, but a loss is a loss. Whether you’ve lost a dream, a child, a relationship, or something else, it hurts. Your pain is valid and grief is a necessary process for healing. You allow yourself to be sad and even angry.

But I want you to know that you are not alone in your pain. God is with you. Even if He is the one you are angry with (He is not afraid of your anger), He will not leave you. He is not comfortable with your sadness. He will comfort you from that.

You are true to me as under my feet, like a castle on the rock, my strong fortress, my mountain of refuge, my refuge, my fortress mock of the salvation that no one can come to. My secret strength and veil around me, You are the light of salvation that shines above the hills, ever the champion of my cause. Psalm 18:2 “He heals the wounds of every broken heart.” Psalm 147:3 TPT “Are you tired, carrying a heavy burden? Then come to me. I will renew your life, because I am your oasis.” Matthew 11:28 TPT “All praise be to God and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. For He is the Father of mercy and the God of infinite comfort. He is always by our side to comfort us in all suffering, so that we can be with those who are suffering. We can bring them the same comfort that God has poured out for us. ” 2 Corinthians 1:3-4 TPT “This is my comfort in my affliction, that your promise gives me life.” Psalm 119:50 HMOWSV

This short and sweet article inspires me. I tore it down word by word and pulled out the different meanings of the original words. I’m a big believer in giving lyrics to your words. Here is what I will explain:

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This is my comfort, my comfort and my breath of fresh air in the midst of my loss and sorrow that Your Word sustains and heals me. It sustains my life & Your promises return to me & make me well. Psalm 119:50 (My parable)

This is your hope. This is how you look and bond in difficult times. He never leaves you. It is the same with the heart about the pain and the bad things that break your heart.

You are important to Him, and He will not leave you in your pain and suffering. It’s always good. It is forever for you. This pain will not last forever. You can do it with Him by your side.

Bible Verses About A Loved One Passing

The pain will not last forever. One of my favorite quotes is from The Chronicles of Narnia and it says, “We will have spring again.” Just know that you will get better.

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“My God, you immediately turned on the spotlight! You are the light of revelation in my darkness, and in your brightness I see the way forward.” Psalm 18:28 “When you pass through the stormy sea Black, you can trust.

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