Competitor Audit Template

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Competitor Audit Template – A simple yet effective competitive analysis template in Excel. Analyze the profiles of your competitors in your niche market. A printable and ready-to-use chart.

If a company wants to maintain its normal state and business reputation, it must deal with the competition as intelligently as possible. Competitor analysis template in Excel provides a visual illustration of company characteristics with real metrics. This will help you decide which strategies to take.

Competitor Audit Template

Competitor Audit Template

The competitive analysis template is a simple competitive matrix framework for identifying the general and strategic characteristics of each company you are looking for. Risks and countermeasures can be established in competition. So it’s important to know what your competitors are doing and stay one step ahead.

Competitor Research Templates & Tools In Google Sheets

This involves systematically analyzing market research to find accurate information for each metric you specify. This information you get from market analysis will help you decide on the right plan or strategy for your company.

If you want to add more metrics to prepare a very large analysis for the competitor analysis template, you can use the “+” signs in the template. That way you get more company columns and additional rows for analysis.

Finally, the market share analysis chart will be automatically set up as soon as you enter the market shares of the companies. Furthermore, you can write your expert opinion as an additional note in the analysis summary and evaluation notes section.

The competitive analysis template is a ready-to-use Excel template available. If you need customization of your reports or need more complex templates, check out our custom services.

How To Conduct A Competitive Analysis

Watch the video below to see the template in action! The presentation also includes usage notes, explanations, and tips and tricks about the template. When conducting competitive analysis, you can use the template to consider and capture the details of the marketing environment in which your business exists to improve your marketing decisions. More importantly, these templates help you focus on gathering information about your competitive environment and deriving business lessons from that data, rather than thinking about the topics to study.

In this article, we’ll cover what a competitive analysis is, what a competitive analysis template should include, and where to look for information in your analysis. We also offer free downloadable templates in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Google Docs formats – all of these templates are customizable so you can include information specific to your organization and analysis. Find templates for web, social media, small and general business analysis, and presentation of your findings.

If you’re reviewing web pages to understand usability and structure, you’ll want to know what content sites have in common, what content is unique and interesting, and what common navigational features appear. Use this report to capture the characteristics of competitor websites or perform competitive analysis on other aspects of the business. This template proves a place to capture the details of the search functionality and any other relevant features.

Competitor Audit Template

To study a social media strategy, you need a template that allows you to search all the social media channels that you and your competitors are on. This template will also help you see how many followers each competitor will get and will ask you to think about who the product’s target market is and what the product’s branding will consist of.

How To Perform A Best In Class Competitor Analysis (w/ Template)

When creating a competitive analysis for your small business, you’ll want to conduct a thorough review of all aspects of marketing. Start by determining who your competitors are, what you think you already know about them, and what you know about your business. Then describe target markets, products and prices, media strategies and do a SWOT analysis.

In addition to general questions about business factors, you may also want a template that reminds you why you are conducting the analysis. Fill out this template for your company and your competitors.

By evaluating competitors based on value proposition, content strategy, and funnel efficiency, you can get an idea of ​​how successful companies are in their marketing strategies. Use Excel formulas and your results will automatically appear in the total and heat graph.

Especially if you need to present your findings to stakeholders throughout your company, a few plugins can quickly get your message across:

Competitive Landscape Template

Try the following PowerPoint template for company presentations. The template provides tips for explaining the purpose of the analysis to non-marketing team members and leaves room for discussion about the competitive landscape, environmental pressures, and more.

— is an important process that helps businesses stay on top and anticipate changes in the market. Competitor analyses, conducted periodically, help you strategize and plan your company’s growth by uncovering opportunities and threats. From a media strategy perspective, competitive collateral analysis is essential to running effective SEO-based campaigns. SEO analysis reveals which keywords and strategies are working for both you and your competitors, and which campaigns should attract attention. Analytics also give you insight into your company’s position in the competitive environment.

Although in the context of marketing, the word “competition” suggests a focus on the “other” (ie, the rival), many marketing gurus believe that the heart of any marketing activity starts with the customer. Competitive analysis helps you serve your customers better. By understanding what customers think competitors are doing well, you can create a value proposition for your company that will shine in the marketplace.

Competitor Audit Template

Jeffrey Wilke is the CEO of Worldwide Consumer at Inc. He states, “First, I focus on customers, not competitors. The strategy of competitors changes from time to time. We don’t want to distract customers by obsessing over what competitors are doing or not doing.

Top Level Areas In An Seo Audit Report Competitive Analysis And Keyword Search Ppt Styles Summary

Competitive analysis focuses on the strengths and weaknesses of competing firms as well as your own. A detailed review will help identify potential opportunities. Most importantly, however, you must use the data collected in your new campaign to take advantage. Otherwise, competitive analysis is just an exercise.

Templates can have a specific focus. For example, for an online and social media strategy, a template might list all social media platforms and the number of followers for each company. CA templates typically include the following sections:

The target market (personal) area of ​​this segment looks at collateral and social media to identify the competition’s target audience. You can combine this information into customer personas. Target audience information prepares you when customers leave your competition.

Today’s digital world makes competitive analysis very easy. However, don’t underestimate the value of other ways to help you learn more about your industry and niche. Visit competitor locations, talk to their customers, look at printed collateral (such as brochures, forms, trade shows, bulletins and newsletters) and talk to your competitors. Below are some of the main methods of finding information about a company:

Ecommerce Competitive Analysis Template For Shopify Stores

Few, if any, businesses today can thrive without a social media presence. Consider these tips when reviewing your social media strategy:

The best marketing teams know the importance of effective campaign management, consistent creative activities and powerful event logistics – and they can help you deliver on all three to be more effective and achieve more.

The platform makes it easy to plan, record, manage and report on work from anywhere, helping your team to be more efficient and get more done. Report on key metrics and gain real-time insight into what’s happening with summary reports, dashboards, and automated workflows designed to keep your team connected and informed.

Competitor Audit Template

When teams have a clear job, there’s no telling how much more they can accomplish in the same amount of time. Try it for free today. Many years ago, when I was a public relations consultant, I did a competitive communications audit as part of our client services. This is one of the first things we usually do before introducing a prospect or as part of our initial work for a new client. The primary objective is to show whether the firm’s positioning and messaging are consistent across channels and how they compare or contrast with their competitors’ positions.

Semrush Keyword Research

It is an important stage and always shines. It also sets the foundation for our priorities and the overall messaging framework we create for our client.

It was time-consuming, not only because it was the early days of the Internet, but also because the information I collected lived in many places. I go to each company’s website and research pages, search the blogosphere, search multiple online media and news websites.

This is a very important step when I update or create positioning and messaging for a company and product. However, with a new competitive communications audit completed in the last two weeks, the time spent on procurement was minimal, giving me more time to analyze, strategize and develop my recommendations for our new positioning and messaging. This is where you want your marketing leaders to spend their energy – not searching the internet.

I did it using our product. Let me walk you through it

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