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Construction Daily Logs. If you are a foreman, superintendent, project manager or owner, download and try this app today. It lists all of the work performed, successes or delays, safety incidents, equipment usage, worksite visitors, and any other relevant details that occurred during the day.

FREE 26+ Daily Log Templates in MS Word
FREE 26+ Daily Log Templates in MS Word from

A construction daily log is an essential document used in the construction projects which records the number of worker or employees, the equipment for work at the construction site, the exact time the work began and ended and the job progress, etc. This is important if there are any legal issues, as you have a record to support your defense. Track work performance and subcontractor progress.

Daily Reports, Pdf Report Summaries, Photo Management, Custom Report Templates, And More.

Review historical logs and get a clear picture of your jobs. Construction daily log template contractor name project name describe ground conditions contract number name of contractor rep on job project details weather description and temperature describe equipment on job number of units list official visitors to project site list all materials delivered to project site describe status of work Here are some steps that will help you in creating a daily construction report;

A Site Superintendent Can Accomplish His Or Her Construction Project Management Duties By Simply Filling In Task Details, Including Which Subcontractors Showed Up On The Job Site, How Long Those Subcontractors Worked For, And What Percentage Of Each Task Was Completed.

Benefits of writing a construction daily log. Name the materials and the quantity received and spent. Snappii's construction daily log mobile app is the simplest way to create professional daily reports in minutes.

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Construction daily log sheet template in excel free download. A construction daily log is a very essential tool that is required in a construction project. Basically, it is used to record the everyday progress on construction projects.

Use This Construction Daily Log Template To Identify The Day’s Weather And Enter Lost Time Due To Precipitation.

All the work that was performed. It refers to making or creating something, it is usually associated with infrastructure. And by going digital, it makes finding and managing documents easier than paper documents;

Do Not Dismiss The Significance Of Your Daily Construction Logs.

Additionally, a construction daily log protects workers and managers on the site. It also serves as evidence in case of disputes and is a necessary tool that assembles information from each day of work at a job site. Also, having detailed evidence of hours spent on completing activities is likely to result in your changes claims getting agreed more promptly without debate over time spent, so this can have a positive impact on your cash flow too.

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