Convert Date To Month In Excel

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The problem is when we have a set of date fields in the pivot table. And the user wants to group the date field by a certain number of days instead of years or discrete dates. For example, grouping product imports and exports every 60 days in Excel. Or group employee data by months or weeks in Excel. For problems like these, we use pivot tables and grouping options. There is another way for users who use the aggregate function. Let’s understand these two processes one by one.

Convert Date To Month In Excel

Convert Date To Month In Excel

Select data > Insert > PivotTable > (Insert a new PivotTable) > Go to PivotTable add date field to rows > Right click date value > Group… > Select months or days > Click on ok to confirm

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Add the start date and increment cell to each range of 60. Use Excel’s aggregate formula with multiple criteria.

All of this can be confusing to understand. Let’s understand how to use the feature with the help of an example. Here’s an example of sales and profit data by state. We need to group the data after 60 days (about 2 months).

Sort data by date field. Select the table and insert a pivot table for the data. Add date to lines and sales and profit to amounts.

As you can see, the date field is in year format. But we want to bundle after 60 days. Then right click on the date value > Select group…

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This is the easiest way to group dates by month. However, if you need the above data using sumif formula, it will take longer, but it is convenient to use functions efficiently.

For the same data, create a new table naming the start date and add 59 days to the start date as shown below.

And in cell A5 use =B4+1 to get the next date. Now copy and paste the formula from cell B4 until you get the end date. And copy and paste the formula from cell A5 to the end date range.

Convert Date To Month In Excel

=SUMIFS( sum range, table date column , “>=” & A4 , table date column , “<=" & B4 )

How To Group Dates By Number Of Days In Excel

Filter on empty cell or 0 value cell to get the same field we got using pivot table.

While pivot table offers different aggregate functions such as average, count, sum, max, min, var, stdev but Excel functions AVERAGEIFS, COUNTIFS, SUMIFS, MAXIFS and MINIFS to choose from. MAXIFS and MINIFS are update functions in Excel 2016 or the new Excel 365.

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Convert Date To Month In Excel

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Convert Date To Month In Excel

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If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. This means that every time you visit this website, you will have to turn cookies on or off again. Counting by month has nothing but How to count values ​​between two dates. However, this article shows a more dynamic and specialized way with the EOMONTH function that you don’t have to guess how many days in a month to count the month.

If you just want to calculate the number of days in a month, see this article: How to find the number of days in a month

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First, the COUNTIFS function counts values ​​that meet one or more criteria. The ability to use criteria with logical operators such as greater than or equal to (>=) and less than or equal to (<=) allows you to count values ​​between specific values.

To filter dates in a month, we need dates for the first and last day of the specific month. Although the first day of the month is easy to guess. But it shows a specific month like

Is not a preferred approach. Thanks to Excel’s formatting options, we can only display a full date as a month name. add

Convert Date To Month In Excel

To a date displays it as a long month name without changing its value. To apply a custom format:

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After adding the first days of the months, during a formatting of the month names, it is time to enter the criteria pairs of the criteria range. The first pair is easy: date range and the date of the first day of the month.

The next pair of criteria area criteria is the last of the month. We use the EOMONTH function, which returns the date of the last day of a month. EOMONTH sheep

Now that both range-criteria pairs are defined, it’s time to use them in the COUNTIFS function to count the month. This article shows how to generate list of months by formulas and how to display Excel month names instead of actual date values. We will use the DATE, YEAR, and MONTH formulas as well as number formatting.

To generate dates we use the DATE function. The DATE function returns a date value after its year, month, and day arguments. Since we want to continue from a previous date, we get the year and month values ​​of the previous date to use in the DATE function.

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Excel has built-in formulas for getting year and month values. They are YEAR and MONTH, respectively. They return the values ​​their name refers to. To increase the month by 1, we add

To return the value of the MONTH function. Since the day of the month is not an issue for this type of list, the first day of the month,

Excel stores date and time values ​​as numbers. This behavior allows us to apply a numeric format to date values ​​as well. In fact, also

Convert Date To Month In Excel

In this example, we will use the “mmm ‘yyyy” and “mmmm yyyy” numeric formats, which convert date values ​​to Excel month names, such as

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Respectively. For more information and examples of custom number formatting, see the article: Number Formatting in Excel – Everything you need to know

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