Convert Formulas To Values Excel

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Convert Formulas To Values Excel – Bottom line: Learn how to convert stored times [h:mm:ss] to time values ​​[## hours ## minutes ## seconds] used for calculations and data analysis in Excel.

This post is the first in a series on solutions to the data cleansing challenge I presented in a previous post. The challenge is to use one of the tools in Excel to convert the stored time/duration of text into a numeric value that can be formatted as time.

Convert Formulas To Values Excel

Convert Formulas To Values Excel

We need to convert it in Excel with time format of h:mm:ss as follows.

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Tons of excellent solutions were presented in the original post and YouTube video. Thanks again if you submit a solution!

The most popular solutions used functions and formulas to extract time values ​​from text and convert it to time.

In the following posts, we will see how to use Power Query and VBA UDFs to do this conversion.

The file uses Excel tables. Check out my post and video on Beginner’s Guide to Excel Spreadsheets if you are not yet familiar with this awesome Excel feature.

Excel Converting Letters To Number

In the video below, I explain how to solve the challenge with text functions. Text functions (MID and SEARCH) are used to find and collect numbers for any time period (hours, minutes, seconds).

The following solution uses the SUMPRODUCT function to convert all time periods into seconds. Thanks to Laura and Wang for sharing this technique. Wang has a full article on this formula at

However, it also uses the arrays in the SUMPRODUCT formula. This provides summary for each time period in one SEARCH function.

Convert Formulas To Values Excel

An array or list of values ​​to use in the SEARCH find_text argument. This returns the search results in the array to the SUMPRODUCT function.

Override Values With Formula Using Power Query

So a text time of 10 hours 39 minutes 40 seconds returns the following array to the MID(SEARCH()) part of the formula.

There are 3,600 seconds in an hour (60*60), 60 seconds in a minute and 1 second in a second.

It returns the total number of seconds. That number is 86, divided by the number of seconds in 400 = (24*60*60).

The result is a decimal number or a fraction of a whole day. Each day is represented by a total number of Excel. Check out my article on date data types and calendar system in Excel to learn more.

Number Formatting In Excel

The advantage of SUMPRODUCT solution is that it can handle more than 24 hours. Since it shows the number of seconds, anything over 86,400 seconds will still return a decimal number.

There are many different ways to solve this problem using formulas. In this post, we have seen two different formulas for extracting time increments and converting them to time values.

In the following posts we will look at solutions using Power Query and VBA UDF (User Defined Functions).

Convert Formulas To Values Excel

Please log in again. The login page will open in a new tab. After logging in, you can close it and return to this page. Purpose: To provide a more seamless, direct way to convert formulas to their corresponding values ​​for values ​​in a range of selected cells.

Best Ways: Excel Reverse Vlookup

This is an alternative to standard copy and paste values ​​for the selected range. As most Excel users know, Excel has a standard option for copying, pasting values.

We are writing an alternative macro solution that allows pasting formulas into text in a selected range. The macro should step over all cells that do not contain a formula and therefore avoid runtime errors.

Go to Visual Basic for Applications and insert the module. Please remember to explain the macro as it helps macro users to better understand the principles of macro values.

Don’t forget to add the clear syntax option, as this forces you to declare all variables in a specific macro like this.

Ways To Convert Measurements Easily In Microsoft Excel

First, we disable the Excel functions before running the formulas to the raw values. An object variable

Next we need to add the loop code, which will loop through every cell in the selected range. It is prudent to add an error handler in the macro code, which helps to reduce run-time errors.

If the cell in question is empty, we can move to the next cell, so this code moves the macro to the next cell.

Convert Formulas To Values Excel

Otherwise, the macro formats on the underlying cell, and we can now move on to the next cell. With the macro completed, we can now re-enable the three Excel properties that we initially disabled.

Copy And Paste Formulas In Excel Without Changing Cell References

In summary, here is a video demonstrated example workbook for composing formulas for macro values. As you​​​​ start working with more formulas in Excel, you will find that you often want to replace formulas with the values ​​they generate. A common situation is that your formula has calculated a result, and you want to stop Excel from calculating a new result.

To illustrate converting formulas to values, let’s look at an example that uses the RANDBETWEEN function to randomly assign a list of people to four different groups. RANDBETWEEN takes two arguments: the first argument is the bottom value and the second argument is the top value.

In this case we use 1 and 4 because we want four groups. After I copied the formula, each person in the list has a group number between 1 and 4.

But notice how RANDBETWEEN is recalculated when we change something in the worksheet. With each change we get new random numbers. In most cases, one set of random numbers is enough, so we need a way to stop Excel from calculating a new result. The simplest way is to replace the formulas in each cell with the already calculated values.

Excel Countif Function

Note that you can use the shortcut key F9 to replace a formula with a value in the same cell. Edit the cell, place the cursor in the formula, and then press F9. Excel replaces the formula with the result of its calculation, and you can press Enter to update the cell.

But we have a lot of formulas here, so the fastest way to replace formulas in bulk is to use Paste Special.

First, select all the cells with formulas and copy the selection. Then open the Paste Special dialog box and select Values. When you click OK, Excel overwrites the formulas with their values.

Convert Formulas To Values Excel

Excel’s RANDBETWEEN function returns a random integer between two given numbers. RANDBETWEEN calculates every time the worksheet is opened or changed.

Excel Functions In German

Hi – I’m Dave Bruns, and I run with my wife Lisa. Our goal is to help you work faster in Excel. We make short videos and cover examples of formulas, functions, pivot tables, conditional formatting and charts. Read more.

I’m a software engineer with 10+ years of programming experience, but I basically needed to learn advanced Excel stuff for a new job I used, and I found the official Microsoft documentation a bit vague and unfocused until I found your website , which helped me. Understand a lot about the inner workings of Excel’s formulas and matrix manipulations indirectly through your explanations and examples. -JayThe TEXT formula is often used to convert number-to-text in a specific format in Excel and is also used in Microsoft Office Excel and Openoffice.

Generally, TEXT formula is used to adjust formatting cells in terms of actual requirements. To achieve that, we need to adjust the second parameter of the formula, which represents the formatting texts to be set. In this example, the number 2.012584, arranged to six decimal places, is entered in cell A2. How can we convert it to a value with only three decimal places?

In this example, select cell A1 while the value box is in edit mode. Then enter 0.000 as the target format in the Format_text box, which means the target value will be displayed as a number with three decimal places. Note that quotation marks are required if the target value is to be displayed as plain text content. Finally, click OK to get the target value of 2.013.

The Value Function: Convert Text To Number In Excel

Here is another matter. If we want to convert the value of cell A3 to a percentage with three decimal places, the same format is 0.000%, the TEXT formula also helps.

Similarly, we can implement the TEXT formula to represent the days of the week for an exact date. For example, the result indicates that Wednesday is September 1, 2021. To realize it, click on the insert function button and insert the TEXT formula. Then enter the following parameter in the corresponding input box: A4 in the Value e input box and dddd in the Format_text box. Here dddd means the days of the week. Then click OK to execute the formula.

Here ends the introduction of TEXT formula. A list of functions of the TEXT formula will be displayed on the screen. You can also download related materials

Convert Formulas To Values Excel

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