Creating A Database In Excel

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Creating A Database In Excel – Table of Contents Actual example of creating a library database in Excel How to create a library database in Excel

Excel is widely recognized as a very useful tool for creating reports, calculations and displaying data and numbers. But, Excel is also a great tool for creating library databases.

Creating A Database In Excel

Creating A Database In Excel

So a database refers to an organized or structured collection of data or information. And it was created for easy access to information, which means we can find data or information easily.

Data Model And Relationships In Microsoft Excel

Basically, a library database is a collection of electronic information or structured data that allows users to find information easily by searching in several ways. And Excel has many features that support the creation of library databases.

Let’s say you create a library database that contains information about your company’s employees. So it includes the employee ID, name, department and their contact information.

And you decide to create one in Excel because it has many features that make the whole process easier and more efficient.

One of the features that we will mainly use in Excel is the table feature. In addition, it includes many useful features that make our library database even better.

How To Create A Database In Excel (with Templates And Examples)

Excellent! Let’s go ahead and discuss a real example of creating a library database in Excel using the table feature.

Let’s say we need to create a library database for our company about employee information. And we want to be able to create it easily and efficiently. Therefore, the best tool for this is to use Excel.

For example, we have information about employee ID, name, department, ad contact information. So we will use this information to build our library database in Excel.

Creating A Database In Excel

First, we need to build our library database based on the current information we have. After that, the Forms feature in Excel will be very useful when updating or adding new information to our library database.

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Excel makes it easy and efficient to add new data to our library datasets. We may also update, change, delete and even block certain data or information in our library database.

It basically just takes our data and turns it into a table. Once we’ve changed the range of cells that contain our data, we can do a few things with our library database using various features in Excel.

In this section, we discuss step by step how to create a library database in Excel using the table feature. Plus, each step has pictures and detailed explanations to guide you through the process.

1. First we need to add form properties to our ribbon. To do this, click the down arrow at the bottom of the bar. Then select More Commands from the drop-down menu.

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2. In the second step, the Excel Options window will appear. From there, select Quick Access Toolbar and select All Commands under Select Commands from the menu. Then select Form from the drop-down menu and click on Add >>. Finally, click OK to apply the changes.

3. Third, we can start preparing our database. So first we create our title. In this case, we will have four headers because we have four categories of information such as employee ID, name, department and contact information.

After that, we can format the title. For this, go to the Home tab. So choose the title and template according to your preference. In this case, we change the color and make bold.

Creating A Database In Excel

4. In the next step, we enter the first line of information manually. Then, select a range of cells. Then go to the Insert tab and select Table. After that, the table creation window will appear. So make sure my table has a header. Finally, click OK to apply the changes.

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5. Now our database is ready to use. We can choose to enter the following information manually. and automatically update the input values ​​in the table. But let’s try to use shape properties to be more efficient.

To insert a new entry into the table, select any cell and click on the Form property. Then click on New and enter new information or data. After that, just press the Enter key to enter a new entry.

6. Also, we can update any information in our library database. One way is to simply find the information and manually change it on the table. But, we can also do this using form properties.

Just select any cell and click Form properties. Then, a window will open where we can change each line of information. So just go to the specific category you want to change. Finally, click on Close.

Need Help With Database Assignment. The Microsoft

7. Likewise, we can also delete any record in our library database. And there are also two ways to do this. First we can do it manually. Just select the line of information or data you want to delete. Then, press Delete.

Another way to do this is to reuse form properties. So select any cell and then click on Form properties. Then, a window will appear. Next, find the information or entry you want to delete and click Delete.

8. In addition, we may restrict certain data entered into our library database. For example, we limit the data entered in the contact information column to 7-digit numbers only.

Creating A Database In Excel

To do this, select the contact information column. Then go to the Data tab and select Data Validation.

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9. Then, the Data Verification window will appear. So choose the right criteria for your data. In this case, we limit the text length to 7. Finally, click OK to apply the changes.

And that’s it! We have discussed the step by step process of how to create a library database in Excel. Now you can use this anytime you need to make one for your work or even for personal use.

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Creating A Database In Excel

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