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Dental Billboards – My obsession started about four years ago when I was staggering down the Central Expressway and looked up to see a billboard that read, “I do sexy teeth.” On Mount Olympus, a beautiful goddess looked at me like a goddess in flowing locks. Is this the dentist? Had Dentists Got Super Hot? What did “six teeth” even mean? Some billboards really require follow-up questions.

Then I saw the signs of the whole city in the parts. They were driving me crazy because they just liked it. I worked out the odd bond with one of the James Bond guys in a white tuxedo and a black bow tie. His name was Field Harrison, for of course he was, and as he carried me in a single little double door, he began to unfold the story in my head: the collision of Dr. Harrison, stepping out of his Martin Aston like a clean rock, handed him a grinding drill. No one was safe from unsexy molars.

Dental Billboards

Dental Billboards

So far modern life is the same from city to city. Panera is on the corner, driving south-south, a bearded barista making espresso in a coffee shop. But every once in a while you only find each one in your city, in your time on Earth – and the “I do teeth whitening” billboards struck me as a real Dallas artifact. How did you get here? who made them Curiosity gnawed me as if with a tooth, and at last I could not take it away. I had to know the story of the back of my teeth.

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“There’s not much Photoshop on this billboard. So be it. Nobody stops me in the market because they recognize me.”

One afternoon, I walked into the corporate Mint Dentistry on the third floor of a building in Mockingbird Station, across the street from SMU. The lobby has a charcoal couch, a silver coffee table, in a look you’ve called “Uptown Ikea.” I was assigned the role of Dr. Harrison himself was brought to the field. At 38, he was the owner and founder of Coin Dentistry and while he wasn’t in formal wear, he was still smartly dressed in navy blue jackets and cool-cut trainers that were in the trenches. it was slightly trimmed. When I told him that he was famous, he smiled pleasantly.

“There’s a lot of Photoshop on this billboard,” he said, sitting behind his desk. “Let it be so. No one can stop me in the market because they recognize me.” He laughed, which he does not do on the famous ticket. You have to laugh at your ad, few friends play it. “You’re always reading. It’s like a sign again saying I have sex teeth. No, I’ve shaved my teeth,” he explained. But other currency billboards are dentists displaying their pearly whites. Harrison is now among them. He has a nice smile by the way. although at one point during our conversation he raised his lip to reveal a small but noticeable gap between his front and left teeth, he reminds no one that his teeth are perfectly straight. Nature, like capitalism, craves variety.

Harrison founded Mint in 2009, when he was barely 28, two years after attending dental school at Baylor, where he studied with children whose fathers and grandfathers often ran practices. Dentistry is a profession in the blood, but not for Harrison, who felt a lightning bolt of calling at the age of 19 on a missionary trip to Romania with a family friend, a dentist. (Harrison and his wife, Sabrina, are devout Christians. Mint is an interior designer and even receives prayers through her website.) The fact that Harrison didn’t have a permanent job after graduation fueled his entrepreneurial spirit. His chick shows off his usual knack for knocking out packages. Harrison’s first campaign bus was launched in a leather jacket with the word “Mentina” emblazoned on it. Of course, Harrison had a legacy of his family. His father was an advertising executive who worked for the Mint’s marketing department. The company has flourished and now has more than 30 locations in Dallas, with locations in Houston, Sugarland and Pasadena. The website says it has whitened more than 600,000 lips.

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The history of sexy teeth takes us back a few years. Harrison spoke to the woman in the chair about poisons, which he thought was his own process. He had seen some bad jobs and was getting nervous.

The concept of “six teeth” might sound absurd, but Harrison just made sense. He saw the teeth as somehow. He saw himself as a designer’s tooth. His father recruited skeptics at first (too bold), but Harrison knew the slogan was a winner. After all, what’s wrong with throwing a bad boy sizzle into a dopey and dated industry? Most dental ads are yawning at the top. Some random gum flap, old bald, lame pun-gull: “We’re all laughing here!” Even worse were the Hollywood depictions of toothaches as lunatics and losers, sad sacks with a snub nose who couldn’t handle real medicine, or a whining sadist wielding a giant pair of pliers. Those were the pop culture messages about the dentist: boring, hard work. He went to a different part of the mint. His dentists were cold.

And charm. An advertising campaign was made in-house, and when Harrison asked how he found such cute dentists to photograph, he said they were just dentists who worked in the company. “But at least there were a few surgeries that he didn’t do,” I said, and he laughed and told me about something else. One of his dentists was a part-time model, and after seeing his instrument bill, someone called the Mint and they took him down.

Dental Billboards

More than three years after the ads appeared, they are stuck in those odd boundaries that can bring together a disembodied city, if only in irritation. “Anyone else think that coin dentistry billboards are funny?” asked a user on the community page subreddit about Dallas, and more than 150 comments on the Internet accumulated bad exaggeration and envy, the attack against the defense follows, but then someone pointed out. visible hand “Mission accomplished,” the user wrote. The thread was “one of the hottest posts this week on the subreddit”.

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I actually went to Mint Dentistry once. This was years ago when I needed cleaning and my anger at the advertising company turned into a joke for me as I ended up in one of the chairs. The place was serene and youthful, with shiny accessories like iPads and Beats headphones, which made me sad for an old, boring dentist with dirty wooden furniture and no social media presence. But then the enthusiastic blow turned me into empty filling so quickly that the efficiency felt like a mustered line. Who were these handsome young men digging in my mouth? I was astounded as I walked through the lobby, and when I wiped the crust of drops from the corner of my mouth, I couldn’t tell you if my teeth had just been fixed or hung carelessly.

Harrison took notes as I told this story. He said one of his goals is to increase personal connection. Dentistry is similar, but it also requires confidence.

I wish him the best of luck, but I went back to my old tired dentist. I need a break from the Dallas parade of villains, and something about this crazy place feels solid and safe. prediction A regular change can be good, but it can slip into a familiar routine. Open, close, spit in this cup. Some people are just not meant to have six teeth.

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Actually, since I’m a bit of a marketing geek, I make it a point to learn each and every one of these great displays and brainstorming ideas. But that’s just me.

For most of us, most of the zoom past billboards have been forgotten or we have not even noticed, as we all tend to tune out the sound of advertising a lot.

I would say that marketing strategy can be a strategic part of a dental office, but it has to be done right. In this way, you need to catch people’s attention with something “different” and make it funny so that they easily remember the message that you gave those big lions to put in front of them.

Dental Billboards

Humor is one of the most effective ways to focus, and it has been scientifically proven (by some of the best researchers) to improve memory. Unless you’ve always found yourself huddled around

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