Diy Mean Girls Costumes

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Diy Mean Girls Costumes – Looking for easy Mean Girls Halloween Costume ideas? Look no further! You can easily make these two different Mean Girls costumes yourself using items from your closet and a few craft store supplies! Instead of just being Regina George, why not be her Burn Book!? And of course, we won’t forget Karen… Keep reading this easy DIY clothing tutorial!

No one will forget the costume party scene in Mean Girls, and Karen’s famous “rat” costume. All you need for this Karen-inspired Mean Girls costume is an old t-shirt, a colored ironer, and a pair of mouse ears!

Diy Mean Girls Costumes

Diy Mean Girls Costumes

You’ve thought about becoming one of the Plastics, but this is even better… a pink dress turned into a New Book Dress! This is definitely a Mean Girls Halloween costume that some people don’t think about, but they will soon find out!

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I’ve provided free printables for free, redemption-style letters, so you can print, iron and customize your own masquerade party!

Going with friends? These two Mean Girls Halloween costumes make a great pair. Need more BFF outfit ideas? Try one of these.

Pop-culture Halloween costumes are always fun to try, from ’90s toys to Troop Beverly Hills to one of these fun Mean Girls costume ideas.

Hi! I’m Kelly! I have a lifelong passion for DIY, creating memories, and making sure celebrations aren’t limited to special occasions, and I share all of those passions (and more) right here. ! I live in Los Angeles with my husband Jeff and son Arlo, where we are renovating a house from the 1930s into a colorful place we call home. Thanks for coming along for the ride! Read more… Everyone wants to be part of the coolest group in school. You know who we are talking about. It was a group of girls who dominated the corridor, they had the best hair and make-up, and the best clothes. They are the girls who create trends like wearing pink on Mondays and not wearing sweatpants to school. In this case, they are plastic, aka Mean Girls: Gretchen, Regina, and Karen. And everyone follows their Halloween routine. Halloween costumes for their group: turn cute and casual into cute and hot, with underwear and clothes. But don’t worry, you can also make your own Mean Girls costume.

Diy Burn Book Costume

Are you the girl who always tries to turn new words into the latest sentence? It’s VERY hot, and you definitely want to bring Gretchen’s tiger form to town this Halloween. This unique Gretchen Wieners cat costume is perfect for you. Want to add some flair to Gretchen’s look? You can always spice up your Gretchen outfit with tiger eye makeup.

Queen bee…. Or the bunny is the outfit chosen by the group leader. Regina’s outfit has a classic Playboy Bunny look and brings all the natural and pink elements to her outfit. You’ll easily pull off this Regina George bunny costume for a big party. And don’t leave the confidence at home, you will want to be Regina George and rule not only the school but the party.

Rounding out the trio is Karen’s adorable mouse MUST have outfit. Our unique Karen Smith Mouse Outfit is a simple choice for those who are not as smart as Karen. Well, just kidding! It’s also easy for smart people. What’s more difficult is to perfect Karen’s crazy personality in a way that only Amanda Seyfried can do! Even if no one “gets” your Karen Mean Girls outfit, it’s a problem!

Diy Mean Girls Costumes

If you follow all the rules of the group: wear pink on Mondays, ignore your ex-boyfriends, and take off the sweatpants, you will definitely make the group. And, you might even be asked to join a talent show. So find a Santa hat and practice

How To Put Together A

If you find yourself part of the team at the annual show, make sure you pick the right Christmas Dress. This Sexy Santa is going to rock the air

No matter which side of Regina you are on. All you need is some cute shoes to go with it.

Are you a fashionista like Regina herself? You know, the one that shakes everything up… and we mean anything! Then the Regina George Outfit is what you are looking for. It includes the infamous tank top with holes to release the glowing purple bra, as well as a hot book cover so you can start your own hot book.

Which Mean Girls character is your favorite? What are some of your favorite Mean Girls quotes? Please share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comments section. If you’re looking for more Mean Girls outfit inspiration, check out these Mean Girls outfits!

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Shelley Horn is our Costume Specialist at, where she helps with costume design. Shelley loves to incorporate clothes and accessories into her everyday outfits! She is here to help you with your next cosplay or DIY to grab everyone’s attention. Regina George is the main antagonist in the 2004 youth comedy Mean Girls. She is the most popular girl in the school and the leader of “Plastik”. She is a Queen Bee character and does not hesitate to use her looks and beauty to get what she wants. He and his friends Gretchen Wieners and Karen Smith befriended Cady Heron, a new girl on campus who had been homeschooled in Africa. He then went on to transform the tyrant Cady into a popular girl, just like them. To his dismay, Cady becomes his rival, not only for fame but also for her attention again and again boyfriend Aaron Samuels.

“On Wednesdays, we wear pink…” Our Regina George dress will make you the most popular girl in school! You get a Pink Sweater, White Sleeveless Top, R Necklace, Pink Skirt, and Pink High Heels. Red hair completes the Queen Bee look!

Regina George is the school’s dream girl – red hair, blue eyes and a small figure that can be worn in skinny jeans and miniskirts. She is very particular about what she wears and criticizes other girls who she sees as having no sense of fashion. Janis’ former friend Ian was disliked in high school, but later started rumors that Janis was gay. This destroyed their friendship and made Janis plan to take revenge on him. Janis uses Cady for this and takes advantage of her new friendship with Regina to carry out her plan.

Diy Mean Girls Costumes

Dress up as the famous Queen Bee with our Regina George costume. This sweet and casual outfit is definitely something you can wear in real life! Ask your girls to dress up as Gretchen, Karen and Cady so you can enter the party in style!

Mean Girls Inspired Costume Regina George Toddler Halloween

Regina’s family life plays a part in why she will be a mean girl. His parents don’t get along very well and still live together even though they are “separated”. Her mother is going through a mid-life crisis and dresses like her teenage daughter.

Actress Lindsay Lohan originally read for the part of Regina George, but the role was eventually given to Rachel McAdams. Amanda Seyfried also read for the part, but was eventually cast as Karen. Instead, Lohan was cast as Cady; she is also afraid that playing the bad girl Regina might ruin her reputation.

Mean girls have become a pop culture phenomenon. Singer Mariah Carey admits to being a fan of the movie and it is said that her song “Obsessed” was inspired by the movie. The character Regina George has been the leading link to the ultimate Queen Bee stereotype.

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Mean Girls Inspired Halloween Costumes That Are Fetch Af

The CW is powered by the reader. When you shop through links on our site, we may earn affiliate commissions. Learn More About The CW → Last week was October 3rd, so of course there was a Mean Girls marathon on TV, reminding me how terrible it was and how far its words have come into my daily life (“Boo, whore”) . So, who doesn’t want to dress up as one of the Bad Girls for Halloween? I actually joined a group of Mean Girls dressed up together at the last minute of a college masquerade party (I was thinking about finding some photos, and then I decided to destroy them all) evidence), and let me tell you, if you want the last costume for Halloween, Mean Girls is easy to make. Here are a few fun Mean Girls costume ideas:

Mouse Outfit: Skirt, Mouse Ears (add a pink felt circle in the middle if you’re DIY-y)

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Diy Mean Girls Costumes

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