Doodle Examples

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Doodle Examples – What exactly is Lavra Art? Read on to find some cool and fun inspiration for stenciling beginners and anyone who loves stenciling (hand up)

I am an angry doodler. As a child, I sat at the laminate counter and watched my mother talk on the avocado green phone while scribbling on a small white legal pad.

Doodle Examples

Doodle Examples

It was impressive. He usually just used a cheap ballpoint pen, but wow, that pen flew around the page, creating lines and shapes, going over the lines to darken them or change the shape slightly.

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Lines became long, flowing vines that ran down the page (a long phone call) or stopped at a to-do, enclosed in a box with a decorative rectangle.

Since then, I always scribble when I’m in a meeting, class, workshop, I make lists where I have paper and pen, basically. Here’s what I know:

My definition of doodling is casual drawing or sketching on paper, usually with a view to the finished product. In this way, doodle art is similar to process art, where the doodle is more important than the finished product.

So while some doodle art looks great when you’re done, it’s more about being present and relaxing when you sit down and doodle.

How To Make Doodle Houses

In fact, I always use doodling to help me focus when I’m in a meeting or class. I find that when I’m listening to someone speak, I can concentrate much better if I’m not watching at the same time. As a visual person, I get very distracted by all the other visual information, and the act of doodling keeps my eyes focused on one thing while listening to another.

I think doodling modified some of my definition because as you can see below I included examples of Zentangle doodles and cute doodle art. Both Zentangle and cute logos have exploded in popularity recently as more and more people discover how much fun it is to sit down and draw casually – without feeling like they have to create beautiful finished pieces.

Yes. You don’t have to do anything special to create art. Although doodling is not considered high art, I feel that when you create for the sake of creating, you create art. He makes signs and expresses himself when he scribbles and creates art.

Doodle Examples

If you are a beginner doodler, great! There are so many ways to start doodling, so just find a pen and paper and start making shapes.

Mr. Doodle (b. 1994), Untitled

I recommend that if you are new to the art of lavra, start simple. Practice some shapes on paper, such as basic shapes and lines, everyday squares, circles, rectangles and ovals.

Play by drawing all the shapes you want on the page – each touching at least one other shape. Stars, ovals, spirals, diamonds, wavy spots, hexagons are fun shapes to doodle!

Try overlapping several circles of similar size for one circle, and colors in the overlapping areas.

Break off a basic flower, then draw more and more petals from the petals.

Set Of Square Texture In Doodle Style Stock Illustration

This is my favorite way to doodle. My mind is always going a thousand miles a minute, and doodling is a simple (active) meditation for me. I scribble in my journal when I’m taking notes, when I’m at the table with my kids—they’ve totally gotten into the habit of doodling—and when I have pen and paper, really.

I prefer doodling to sketching or drawing because it’s less “important” and thus much less stressful. Doodles can be made anywhere, with any drawing material, and can look like anything you want! Enjoy, doodlers.

You can start freestyle lettering anywhere, with any shape you like. You can even color in small closed loops as you write and go from there. I LOVE closed loop coloring.

Doodle Examples

Zentangle® is a stylized form of doodle that combines different doodle patterns to form a whole. It is more careful than freestyle doodling, because it pays more attention to the consistency and design of the emblems.

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I’ve seen Zentangles range from very simple designs to extremely complex designs created and marked (!) by certified Zentangle teachers.

There are books, classes, special materials all dedicated to Zentangle, but really, as with any art form, anyone who wants to can create a Zentangle with any pen and paper.

Many people create art by scribbling Zentangles on tiles or small squares of thick paper or cardboard, like Victoria Crichton:

I guess it depends on what you consider cute, but these little laurel ideas are so cute to me.

Design Space & Inkscape: Let’s Doodle!

There are MANY examples of cute Kawaii logos online or you can buy books that show you how to draw kawaii logos.

By looking at Kawaii clip art, you can get an idea of ​​what to draw and practice almost anywhere (part of the beauty of doodling).

Tatiana Denise has a great tutorial and ideas for kawaii logos and she made this amazing picture of Kawaii face ideas and she has a YouTube channel if you want to see step by step Kawaii logo tutorials!

Doodle Examples

Tardigrades and axolotls are very popular at the moment and I am not immune to their appeal. The strange, fascinating creatures make perfect cute doodles, and I highly recommend you draw as many of them as you can.

A Set Of Black Doodle Doodles Handdrawn An Example Of Pencil Hatching Blanks For Vector Brushes Banners Stained Spots Stock Illustration

I Heart Crafty Things has a great tutorial for drawing an axolotl that breaks down the 6 steps to draw this adorable creature. Below is a fun video by Shu Reiner on how to draw a tardigrade, and you can stop by the coloring section to make it look more like laura or follow the whole tutorial!

Of course, there are thousands of cute things to doodle, and you can make not-so-cute things cute by doodling them like this. Crazy Laura has all kinds of great food laura ideas and tutorials.

Of course, I’m saying that you can use anything to scribble that leaves a mark on the paper. When I was in high school I used a blue Bic ballpoint pen and cut all my paper folders, paper bag book covers, jeans, shoes, wrapping paper and sometimes my hands.

Today I’m a pen and paper snob, so I like spiral notebooks with thicker writing paper and gel pens to keep them gliding down the page. It’s a lot of fun embroidering because I can get the ink onto the page faster than I can with a ballpoint pen.

Doodle 4 Google 2008

What you use for embossing will probably change as you play with your supplies, but here are some embossing supplies to get you started:

Random warping requires whatever drawing material you have on hand. I write in nice spiral notebooks and keep lined paper on my clipboard because it’s fun to write.

You can draw in planners, sketchbooks, notebooks, pen, marker, pencil, etc. Pick whatever looks fun to you and draw!

Doodle Examples

If you choose Zentangle, you may want to upgrade your supplies. Better quality pens and good drawing paper will make your Zentangle art last longer and look better. Plus, it’s just fun to use better art supplies.

In The Classroom

If you’re doodling Kawaii or other cute drawings, you can use whatever the situation calls for. This means that if you’re making emblems for keepsakes, you’ll probably want to use higher quality art supplies. If you’re making cute drawings in your Bullet Journal or planner, you’ll be using the pens you already use.

To practice cute logos, you need what you want to draw with, whether it’s a pencil or random gel pen or the best quality drawing pens.

I hope you’re inspired enough to take a pen and notebook with you everywhere now and doodle instead of scrolling through Instagram. By the way, help me find a better word for the doodle. Please. Makes me clench my jaw. What did you get?

You can also find doodle books and courses if you want a little more structure or support!

Doodling Practice Session And Visual Note Taking Encouragement — Blog Of An Interactive Storyteller

If you start looking for laurel ideas, you will see them EVERYWHERE. From product samples at home to samples found around the world, you can turn almost anything into a masterpiece.

One of my favorite places to find laurel and drawing ideas online. Places like Creative Market and Etsy offer tons of logo ideas. Look for borders, icons, kawaii and even logos and you’ll be inspired for days.

Another resource of the Lavra is the library. Browse books on pattern, illustration, graphic design, product design and, oh! Nature books are amazing for finding patterns and cool shapes for your logo, whether you’re looking for animals or plants.

Doodle Examples

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