Employee Leave Roster Template For Excel

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Employee Leave Roster Template For Excel – Excel’s leave schedule template is a great, free way to start tracking absences. Our templates are highly customizable and support tracking absences by day and hour.

If you want to reduce your time managing absences, you can also consider a staff holiday booking system.

Employee Leave Roster Template For Excel

Employee Leave Roster Template For Excel

Our managed system allows employees to book absences and view scheduled holidays with self-service. Significantly reduces inquiries, manager input and holiday conflicts within the team.

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Enter the name of the employee in the name cell on the first sheet, the name on the other sheet will come from the first sheet.

Monthly totals are shown at the end of each row for each employee. The annual total is shown in a separate tab called Total.

Absences are recorded by entering the appropriate code in the day cell. For example, if sick leave, type S in the cell.

Half days can be recorded using H1 and H2 codes, which count for 0.5 in total.

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If you track absences by day, the last tab of the template contains the total of all absences for each employee, as well as a breakdown by type of absence.

The Number of Absences column displays the sum of all absences when calculating half a day as 0.5 exactly. This is the total of the “Absent this month” column for the entire month.

Our templates are designed to be useful for the majority of teams with default options, but there are some customization options.

Employee Leave Roster Template For Excel

A start date can be selected for the license tracker. The default template will contain a full year from the specified start date.

Annual Leave Tracker With Daily/monthly View In Excel

For example, if your annual leave year falls within the April to March financial year, select April as the start month.

Any number of employees can be specified. Whether you have 10, 20 or 100 employees, this template is for you.

Employee names are pulled from the first month (first tab), so you only have to set them once.

Inactive days appear as light gray cells in the template. This is for display purposes only, they are not given special treatment when calculating total absences.

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You can set the year when the license scheduler template will start. Since the template is created dynamically, it is supported every year. License planner templates are ready for 2021, 2022 and beyond.

By default, the template contains 12 months (1 year), you can create a multi-year calendar template by entering 24 months (2 years) or more.

When tracking absences over a period of hours, you simply enter a number in the cell to indicate the hours of absence that occurred. Total number of hours.

Employee Leave Roster Template For Excel

Tracking absences by day allows you to specify the type of absence by entering a letter in a cell instead of a number. This option also allows you to track half-day absences.

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Have questions about how to customize a template after downloading? See Frequently Asked Questions at the bottom of the page.

We would love to hear how the Excel template works for you and how we can improve it. See also the video explaining how to use the template on youtube.

It’s a great tool and saves a lot of setting up everything from scratch. Hats off to you and the team.

This is the second year (2022) that I have downloaded it as an IT vacation planning tool for clients. Thank you very much for this as it suits my needs with minor adjustments. You have saved me a lot of work for 2 years now!

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This is a great tool, 2022 is the second year of using it. I like being able to add color when adding absent types.

Is it possible to add more than 100 employees, especially 230? I tried but failed. thanks

Answer: The current limit has been increased to 250 employees. Thank you for using the PTO tracking spreadsheet! (March 27, 2021)

Employee Leave Roster Template For Excel

Great employee vacation tracker, makes my life easier. The only thing I need to know is how to sort the names alphabetically when adding new employees.

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Answer: I recommend sorting employee names using an online tool before entering them into the tracking template.

This looks great! Can it be converted into hours taken as annual leave (holiday) per day? Our annual leave works in many hours instead of days because staff work different shifts – UK. Thanks 🙂

Answer: There is now a new option to track absences in hours instead of days. Just select “Hours” in the “Track Absence In” drop-down box when creating the template. Hope it helps meet your needs!

Answer: Thank you very much for your kind words! I will send you an email when the updated template is ready.

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I think being able to turn off public holidays is a great idea, although it might be harder to do. I will definitely look into it.

I think it’s important that weekend grades still count if someone wants to mark an absence on a non-working day.

It will be useful in the holiday tracker to have a sick day, but not just 1 full day, have the option to enter a half-day sick day

Employee Leave Roster Template For Excel

Fantastic, designed for workers and years. The interface is simple and easy to understand. It’s perfect and 10 out of 10. Great job guys!!!

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How to add people in half a year or remove leavers without ruining the macro? I tried to make changes on the first page – January and on the last page, total but it does not follow? Can you advise? It’s a great vacation map.

Answer: Sure, I’ve added two sections to the FAQ to cover your scenario. Add employees and remove employees.

Improvement: This is a good idea. We are adding fields for several months in the additional options section! (June 19, 2020)

This vacation tracking template has been a blessing to track all absences for staff, thank you very much. A bank holiday for the UK would be nice, but it can be easy to get into

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I love it!!!! One thing missing is public holidays which have been added as an absence type. How can we find other patterns?

I would like a day/night shift option for each day that can be added as “D” or “N” without counting as absent.

Answer: Perhaps we can add a section in the type that is not considered absent. If more people request it, we can add it 🙂

Employee Leave Roster Template For Excel

Hi, Can I add additional types of leave, for example – exam leave, study leave, certified sick leave, non-certified sick leave?

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Answer: Of course, adding additional license types is not that difficult. I have added the answer to the FAQ.

Hi, Is there a way to add public holidays to be treated the same as weekends?

Answer: Weekends are only marked with a different color for convenience and do not affect the calculations. If you want, you can change the bank holiday colors to match the weekend.

Fixed: Fixed a bug where templates that did not start in January would show the wrong date at the beginning of the year. (November 3, 2019)

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On the totals page there should be a breakdown of totals by code so you can immediately see how many days of annual leave you have.

If you connect the names from January to the end of each month, it might be useful. You should also have a bank holiday tracker that you can set every month.

You can simply select the bottom row of the table and drag the small box on the bottom right (the fill handle) down to the next row.

Employee Leave Roster Template For Excel

Excel will automatically wrap the formula to a new line for it to work. You must do this on every tab in the template, including the total tab.

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You can only delete user rows from each tab. Excel will adjust the formula so that it always appears in the correct column.

The range set for this employee will be broken when you start deleting rows, but you can also delete the range set for users.

To add another column to the total tab for details of a specific license type, do the following:

On the Total tab, copy the existing fields (for example, the Work from Home field) and replace the letters in each COUNTIF statement with the new letters.

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Change this in the top cell, then drag the fill handle down to apply the formula to all cells below the column. This!

Do you have some task that you can solve with a tool that you can’t find online? Let us know! The Leave Tracker Excel template allows you to track leaves/holidays in an organized way, calculate employee attendance, display a view of the leave calendar for several employees and also print an annual employee report.

Whether you are an HR Manager, Small Business Owner, or Project Manager responsible for tracking employee leave/vacation/required leave, you will find this leave/vacation tracking template simple and effective.

Employee Leave Roster Template For Excel

This Excel template is designed for Microsoft Excel

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