Employee Vacation Calendar Excel Template

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Employee Vacation Calendar Excel Template – Paid time off (PTO) represents the number of days an employee can miss. It is based on labor laws and company policies and includes (but is not limited to) holidays, public holidays, maternity leave, sick days etc. special. Other purposes of PTO are training and education, days related to company culture (eg, Engineering Day) and building team.

If you want (and should) manage all these conditions in one document for all employees, download the free Excel PTO Tracker now.

Employee Vacation Calendar Excel Template

Employee Vacation Calendar Excel Template

Our PTO Tracker is a time-saving and easy-to-use Excel spreadsheet. Customize according to your company’s PTO policy and include important information such as company name and employee identification information, public holidays in your area, holidays depending on the company and type of PTO.

How To Plan And Manage Your Team`s Vacations

Excel-based PTO Tracker should be clean and easy to use. As a result, we avoid adding unnecessary information and provide a clear solution that saves time and energy. Follow the steps below to set up and start using PTO Tracker.

If you work with employees in different countries or with different PTO policies, record all types of holidays and PTO in the Holidays and Legends worksheet.

Simply copying the number 10 and its PTO calendar to add another employee calendar to the document will not work. You get 0 for every day of each month because the formula has changed. To correctly calculate new hires, you must do the following:

Now you have a document with 11 employees. A system is needed to copy a new employee addition and formula for calculating PTO without changing the information. In this way, you can add as many employees as you need.

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Our solution automates and consolidates the PTO management process in a flexible way that allows small and medium-sized businesses to effectively implement policies and reduce time and costs associated with employee productivity. Many businesses use Excel spreadsheets as a way to manage their employees. leave it. Online, it makes sense. Excel sheets are a common and convenient way to organize information, and it’s a step away from using sticky notes, wall calendars, and spreadsheets for all your vacation management tasks.

The good news is that it’s easy to find free downloadable holiday planners for Excel. These free templates give you a foundation, so you don’t have to create a report from scratch – it’s time-consuming and involves a lot of formula for my taste.

So, for this review, I downloaded two of the most popular employee Excel programs: Microsoft Office Employee Absence Schedule and TrumpExcel.

Employee Vacation Calendar Excel Template

At the end of the review, I will also talk about another way that doesn’t mess around with ads – which is to check the departure of your employee.

Useful Leave Trackers (excel & Word)

The Microsoft Office Excel Absence Sheet template is a standard template. This is what you expect.

There is one label for each month, with the days of the month at the top and staff names on the left.

It’s for using a spreadsheet, so you’ll need to run it a bit to see how it works. But that’s exactly what I did for you, so you can read to learn how to set up and start booking your vacation, if that’s your chosen method.

So I wrote down the names of some of the workers, but I found that the names were not carried in the rest of the table.

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Personally, I find it inappropriate. If I have 10 people on my team, I need to use the same code 120 times a year.

I also know that this arrangement is very wrong. For example, sometimes I click the drop down arrow and it doesn’t work. I can’t tell if it’s my settings or if the model is bad.

Just enter the year you want to track your absence (valid for calendar years). There are three different types of employee leave (holiday, personal, sick) – and you can give up to two special reasons for your absence. It can be done for vacation, training or whatever you want.

Employee Vacation Calendar Excel Template

These paper templates are easy enough for everyday use. Just write in the box what type of person the person is not. So below you can see that Sarah Jackson is on vacation for 5 days and then sick for 5 days the following week.

Vacation Planner 2020

On the right, I see that Sarah took 10 days off. But the problem is that those 10 days are very different from each other. 5 days must be deducted from the annual leave allowance, and the remaining 5 days are sick leave.

I will not have a record of how many days Sarah has gone and how much she has left. This is because the template does not know how much someone’s holiday pay is. It is not observed anywhere.

I can’t see how useful this design is than not having staff on the calendar or writing it down on paper.

And by using a model like this, you’re missing out on one of the most important aspects of managing employee leave: receiving and responding to time off request.

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If I use this template, my employees will contact me directly by emailing me, upload an application on my computer, or fill out a sick leave application form. Then, I have to take their request, find that report, and determine if the request can be accepted. This means identifying other layoffs for that time, adding up the number of days they have already taken, and determining the correct days off.

It helps. But for this task – the entire process of managing employee holidays and records for employee absences – includes only one small part of the puzzle. But a jigsaw feels like a huge administrative burden that I don’t want.

On the surface, I find TrumpExcel to be a more well-thought-out and more intuitive model than what Microsoft Office offers.

Employee Vacation Calendar Excel Template

First, download the template. TrumpExcel also offers an eBook for Excel tips, but I missed that because I didn’t want to give them my email address. I also don’t think I need to download the e-book to understand the design, so I wanted to know how to use their employee vacation plan without this guide.

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Unlike Microsoft’s Absence template, TrumpExcel has all the months in one sheet. You can’t see them all at once, but you can use the arrows above to filter the months.

When you enter the current year and month (I put 11 for November because I’m writing this in November) it automatically fills in all the dates.

And unlike Microsoft’s Absence template, you put names on the first page, and you only do it once. This is a very good position, but it has two complications.

First – and this may be a small problem – the name box is not very wide. It’s not a big deal, you can make it wider, but if you go too wide you might disturb the arrangement.

Calendar 2023 Excel

Second, what do you do when someone leaves your team? You need to change the pattern. This means to hide the line or copy and paste it below.

But, apart from those two cases, it is a much easier process than using the Microsoft Office template drop-down filter.

TrumpExcel is ahead of Microsoft Excel in my book, since you get Leave from Separation, which shows how many vacation days someone has for sick days or holidays.

Employee Vacation Calendar Excel Template

Let’s say someone on your team asks to take a week off. You can see how many vacations they used throughout the year.

Employee Attendance Calendar ยป The Spreadsheet Page

If your company offers 30 vacation days a year and they already take 27, then you know that you can allow 3 of those 5 days as paid vacation.

A quick note: This table does not have a place for the balance of annual leave, which means that you must know the balance of everyone’s leave. It can be confusing as you get older, especially since most businesses have different vacation opportunities depending on how long you’ve been with the company.

With TrumpExcel you can also choose your business days, a good advantage if you open 7 days a week or a retail business that does not maintain regular 9-5 business hours.

When you put the rest type, you can see that the cell is filled with dark red colors. I would like it if there were different colors for each type of holiday (this is the case with the Microsoft Office template). The chart above includes sick leave, vacation and working from home. But at first glance, all types of vacations look the same.

Vacation Planner 2019

But check the column is full

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