Excel Calculate Age In Years

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Excel Calculate Age In Years – In Excel, it is possible to calculate the age from the date of birth / date of birth. Just as we find someone’s age by subtracting their birthday from their current date, Excel uses a combination of the following formulas:

Note: You must ensure that the date of birth is a numeric value formatted as a date. The formula is invalid when saved as text.

Excel Calculate Age In Years

Excel Calculate Age In Years

Sofia was born on December 13, 1991, and there are 25.4055555… years between today (in our case, May 9, 2017) and her birthday. Since we never say that someone’s age is “25.4”, the INT() function rounds the number down to the nearest whole number, which is 25.

How To Calculate Age In Excel Using Formulas

In some cases, we may want to calculate the year based on a specific date, not today. In this case, we must replace TODAY() either by referring to the cell that contains the date or by using the DATE() formula.

In the example above, we want to know how old Sofia was when she graduated from high school (July 14, 2009). There are two ways to calculate it, first is to replace TODAY () with the cell that contains the date and the second way is to insert the date directly into the formula (DATE(year, month, day)) .

In some cases, we may want to determine the age of a person/group of people in order to classify them. In this case, we can add an IF() function to the formula. This option allows you to retrieve a list of minors from a group of people or verify the age of a person.

We have mentioned the combination of measurements to determine the age of someone, but it can also be used to calculate any period. For example, how long has person X worked for this company? Or how many years has customer X been loyal to this company?

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Excel Calculate Age In Years

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How To Calculate Someone’s Age In Excel

By Abdelrahman Abdou |2017-05-09T19:54:42-04:00 May 9, 2017|Date and Time, Planning|Removal Information on Calculating Years in Excel | Excel formula to calculate age Learn how to directly convert date of birth to age in Excel to calculate date of birth using formulas simple. In addition, you can download a simple ready-to-use annuity calculator in Excel for free.

Sometimes it is useful to know the age of employees, employees or professionals. When dealing with long lists of calculations, Excel is the fastest and most efficient way to do it. So how do you calculate a person’s age in Excel? It’s a straightforward and easy-to-follow guide.

To determine a person’s age, you must know the person’s date of birth. So, define a column for the person’s name and one for their birthday. Create cells in the Birthday column in date format.

The DATEDIF() function calculates the number of years, months, and days between two dates. Three games are required:

Use The Datedif Function To Calculate The Intervals Of Dates

All you have to do is calculate the person’s age using the DATEDIF() function with the date of birth and the current date as parameters. Excel has a TODAY() function that automatically displays today’s date. So, the formula to calculate the person’s age is DATEDIF(DAY, DAY(), “y”).

If you want to be more precise and get the age in months, use the formula DATEDIF(BIRTHDAY, DAY(), “Y”) & “Year, ” & DATEDIF(BIRTHDAY, DAY()), “YY “) & ” Instead of months. This formula can be useful when comparing the ages of young children.

Knowing a person’s age is useful, but most of the time you want to know how many days are after their birthday. Planning the next anniversary helps you plan a surprise party, celebrate the employee of the month or offer birthday bonuses.

Excel Calculate Age In Years

To find out how many days until the person’s next birthday, we use the same DATEDIF() function, but first calculate when the next birthday is. We compare the day and month of the birthday with the day and month. If these values ​​are low, the next birthday is next year; otherwise until this year.

Excel Date Formulas Made Easy: Number Of Days Between Two Dates, Subtract And Add Dates

After finding out when the next birthday is, we calculate the days until the next birthday using the formula calculate DATEDIF(TODAY(), DATE_OF_EXT_BIRTHDAY, ” d”).

If you do not want to waste time with Excel formulas, download our Age Calculator Excel template to calculate the age and the number of days until the next birthday of employees. It also includes a list of people that you can easily sort and filter for quick sorting. With the right tools, you will save time and energy planning other birthdays!

De sters asta. See a solid example https://www.markcalculate.com/calculators/age-calculator. The result il afisezi dupa ce abesi or read, iar this day sa fie prekompletat cu data de astazi.

If you want more than just a document with some formulas, we recommend checking it out. You have access to all employees’ birthdays and reports on the average age in your organization, as well as automatic calendars of all birthdays that you can add to Outlook or Google, or get a new email account while before an anniversary. If that’s good, we can tell you that it’s absolutely free for businesses with less than nine employees.

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Please note that we have updated this report to meet the needs of our customers, so you can sort by age to see who the youngest and oldest employees are. , and birthday to give you an accurate picture of upcoming birthdays. In addition, from now on you can use birthday calendars in a team, in specific offices or in the whole company.

What are you waiting for? Register for an account and bring your team on stage and increase efficiency and performance with an HR HR application. The date and time function of Excel makes it easy to compare the difference between two dates. And in this post I will show you how to calculate years in Excel. It can include the age of the person or the time between two days. You can also divide this difference into years, months, days, minutes and seconds.

One of the easiest ways to calculate age is to use the YEARFRAC function. As the name suggests, it gets part of the year. Let’s say you want to calculate the difference between the beginning of 2000 and Christmas 2022. Your calculation looks like this:

Excel Calculate Age In Years

Note that depending on your regional organization, you may need to enter the date values ​​in different formats. On the other hand, you can see the cells that have relevant dates so you don’t have to correct them here.

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The formula above returns 22.983. Since Christmas is close to the end of the year, the number is close to 23. If you choose 31.1.2022 as the end date, the calculation is four more. return value 22.083.

You can use the TODAY function to calculate the age so that it is today. This way you don’t have to enter the current date every time you want a new calculation. For example, if you want to calculate fractions between the early 2000s and today, your formula would look like this:

The TODAY price is automatically updated, so you don’t need to do anything to start the calculation. Just by opening the workbook, Excel pulls today’s value, and your calculations have the TODAY function to match.

If you want to compare the difference in months instead of fractions of years, you can also do it easily. Excel has a DATEDIF function that can speed up and simplify the process. The idea is the same as the first formula, but the main difference is that you write “m” for the third argument, which represents the month. Here’s the formula using the same parameters as before:

How To Calculate The Age Of A Person In Excel (with Free Age Calculator Template)

This formula gives a result of 264, which corresponds to 22 years. You’ll notice there are no fractions or cycles here, just 264 months. If I change the end date to the beginning of February (“February 1, 2022”), it returns a value of 265 months. Until the end of the month, the calculator won’t add an extra month, even if you choose a date that is close to the end (eg January 31).

The formula returns 8.066. If you divide this by 365, you get 22.09863. This is the same answer I use

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