Excel Extract Month Name From Date

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Excel Extract Month Name From Date – This article shows you how to build a list of months using formulas and how to display month names in Excel instead of actual date values. We will use the DATE, IEAR and MONTH formulas, as well as number formatting.

We will use the DATE function to generate the date. The DATE function returns a date value given the year, month, and day arguments. Since we want to continue from the previous date, we get the previous date’s year and month values ​​to use in the DATE function.

Excel Extract Month Name From Date

Excel Extract Month Name From Date

Excel has built-in formulas to get year and month values. They are YEAR and MONTH respectively. They return values ​​by their name. To increase the month by 1, we add

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To return the value of the MONTH function. Since the day of the month is not important for this type of list, the first day of the month,

Excel stores date and time values ​​as numbers. This behavior allows us to apply a number format to date values ​​as well. Actually, either

In this example, we will apply the number formats “mmm ‘ii” and “mmmm iiii” which convert date values ​​to Excel month names like

Respectively. For more information and examples about custom number formatting, see the article: Formatting numbers in Excel – Everything you need to know. Excel allows you to format dates in many different ways. You can choose to display the date in short date format or long date format.

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You can also display only the day number, month name, or year from a given date.

In this short Excel tutorial, I will show you some simple ways to get the month name from a date in Excel.

The method you choose depends on how you want the result (ie do you want it as a text string or do you have the full date but only the month name displayed)

Excel Extract Month Name From Date

Using custom number formatting to get the month name is the best way in all this guide covers.

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This is because it does not change the base date. This simply changes the way the date is displayed in the cell – which is to display only the name of the month from the date.

Suppose you have dates as shown below and you want to display only the month name and not the entire date.

As I mentioned, the nice thing about this method is that even though you see the month names in the cell, the underlying value is still the date (meaning the underlying value is still a number representing the date ).

You can also use custom number formatting to display the month name or month value in different ways. To do this, you will need to give the custom number formatting the correct code to display the month name.

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The TEXT function allows us to convert a date into any allowed format we want and returns the result as a text string.

Now, if you’re wondering how this differs from the custom number formatting we used earlier, the big difference is that with the TEXT function, you can combine the result with other functions or text strings.

Don’t worry if you’re a little lost now, the next few examples will make it clear.

Excel Extract Month Name From Date

Suppose you have a dataset as shown below and you want to display the month name instead of the full date.

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The text formula above takes a date as input and applies the specified format to it (which is “mmmm” in this formula).

Unlike the custom number format method, when you use the TEXT function, the result is a text value. This means that you cannot use the result as a date or number in calculations.

But the nice thing about using the TEXT function is that you can combine the result of the function with other text strings.

Suppose you have the same data set and in this case, instead of just getting the month name, you want to get the month name followed by the quarter number (like January – Quarter 1).

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The formula above uses ROUNDUP and the MONTH function to get the number of quarters of the calendar year, and then concatenates it with the month name given by the TEXT function.

Since the result of the TEXT function is a text string, I can combine it with other text strings or formula results.

Another formula you can use to quickly get the month name from the month number is to use the SELECT formula.

Excel Extract Month Name From Date

Although this is going to be a long formula, the formula selection approach is useful when you want to get a result that you can’t get with custom number formatting or a text function.

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For example, if you want to return custom month names (such as month names in any other language or only five alphabets for each month name), you can do so using the SELECT formula.

Suppose you have a dataset as shown below and you want to get the month name for each of these dates.

The CHOOSE formula takes an index number (given by the month formula in our example) and then uses that index number to decide what value to return.

In this example, I kept the month names to the standard three-letter name, but you can change it to use any name you like.

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I started using Power Query more in my work because it was easier for me to clean the data with it.

The real value of using Power Query in this situation is when you are importing data from other Excel files (or combining data from multiple Excel files into one file) and while doing so want you convert your dates to month names.

You can watch my Power Query course on YouTube if you want to learn more about it.

Excel Extract Month Name From Date

For this technique to work, your data must be in an Excel spreadsheet. Although you can still use Power Query with named columns, if your data is not in an Excel spreadsheet, I recommend using any of the methods above.

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The steps above will insert a new worksheet and give you the resulting table in that new worksheet.

Now, if you’re wondering why you’re doing all this when you can just use custom number formatting or a text function, you need to understand the true value of Power Query trying to automate the work.

If you only need the month name from the date once, feel free to use the methods shown above.

But if you’re already using Power Query to manage data from many different sources or joined files or sheets, then knowing that you can easily get the month name from a date can save on you a lot of time.

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So these are some of the methods you can use to quickly get the month name from a date in Excel.

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