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Forms for Excel has replaced Excel Surveys in the professional preview powered by Microsoft Forms. Available to Office 365 commercial and education customers, this update provides a modern experience that makes it easier and simpler to collect information from users in a single organization to anyone in the world. Forms for Excel includes new features such as response times, respondent names, images, videos, themes, and branching logic.

Excel Survey Form

Excel Survey Form

Create in minutes – quickly fill out forms for Excel workbooks in Excel Online, OneDrive for Business, or SharePoint Online.

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Send to anyone – Send the form to a colleague or send it widely. Protect your Excel workbook response data on OneDrive.

View real-time results – View summary results as charts in Microsoft Forms and view real-time feedback data in Excel workbooks.

All data is primarily stored on the Microsoft Forms server and all response data is automatically stored in an Excel workbook. Get details about Microsoft Forms security and compliance.

Office 365 administrators can control how their organization uses “Forms for Excel” through Microsoft Forms settings. Learn more about how to configure Microsoft Forms.

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You must be a registered user to add comments. If you have already registered, please log in. If not, please register and log in. Surveys help you collect data using electronic forms. These forms can be surveys, registration forms, inspection checklists, or anything imaginable. The definitions for these forms (the specifications that define their appearance and function) are contained in a spreadsheet that can be edited directly in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. However, instead of manually editing the form definition, you can use SurveyCTO’s online drag-and-drop form designer to make it easy to create and edit forms.

If you learn best by doing, you can get started right away with the quickstart guide or start on your own by launching a new form from the Design tab. Continue to know more first…

There are two ways to edit a form definition in SurveyCTO. Edit them online using the drag-and-drop form designer or directly using Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. There is a deep similarity between the two methods. For example, the language used to label items in the online designer matches the field and column names used in the spreadsheet definition, so you can go back and forth no matter which editing method you use. Best suited to your current needs.

Excel Survey Form

If you’re new to SurveyCTO, you’ll want to use it because it’s a simpler and more familiar format for online designers. However, if you’re on a plane, in a very remote area, or don’t have Internet access, we recommend editing the spreadsheet form definitions manually. Spreadsheets are also great for copying and pasting at scale, collaborating with others (in real time if you use Google Sheets!), tracking changes, or storing form definitions for historical records.

Google Forms: Online Form Creator

When starting a new form in the Forms and Datasets section of the Design tab, the easiest way to start editing the new form is to “Edit Online”, but there is also an “Advanced Download Options” option that allows you to download the definition. For new forms: local computer or Google Drive. Also, you can always export your spreadsheet form definition and start editing it by clicking Export in the upper right, even if you choose “Edit Online”. Similarly, for an existing form on the server, there is a simple “Edit” option to edit online and a “Download” option to download the form definition. You also have the option to “upload” new or updated form definitions using your spreadsheet directly.

Most of the documentation here (especially references to all available features and field types) is written in terms of spreadsheet form definitions. For example, each field type is described as an attribute that can be assigned to different columns in the form definition. You can use the same properties in online designers using almost the same language, but they are all arranged in a friendlier way. We have decided not to separate this article for designers and spreadsheet users. Partly because we expect many users will eventually want to switch between form design methods. However, some help content is displayed in green to help users highlight specific information using the online form designer.

On the survey sheet, enter each question or field row in the order you see them on the form. For each, the type column specifies the field or question type and the name column specifies the internal name of that field. These field names must be unique and cannot contain spaces or punctuation marks. The variable name that will appear in the form’s exported data.

For field types that provide a user interface, the Label column is where you enter the default text for the question or field. Labels are usually plain text, but you can include HTML formatting if you want some text to be bold or in a different color. Format Designer includes a simple WYSIWYG HTML editor for easy formatting. You can also insert a line break if needed. When editing a form definition using Excel, you can insert a line break in a label by pressing Alt+Enter on Windows or Control+Option+Enter on Mac (just press Enter in the Form Designer).

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You can also refer to previously entered or calculated data in fields by including $ in the text. where “fieldname” is the name of the previous field. If you’re referencing a visible field (as opposed to a calculated field), SurveyCTO hyperlinks the collect field values ​​so that users can easily change them (if hyperlinks are enabled in the collect’s general settings).

When you refer to a field group with $, the label of the group is displayed. When a hyperlink field reference is enabled, its label is hyperlinked to the beginning of the group. If the referenced group is a repeating group, labels are displayed for all instances of the repeating group. For more information about grouping or repeating fields, see the Grouping and repeating queries help topic.

The rest of the help topics in this section and other form design sections cover everything you need to know about form design in Surveys. If you learn best from examples, you can browse sample forms.

Excel Survey Form

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