Exclusive Distribution Agreement

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Exclusive Distribution Agreement – Manufacturers must sign legally binding contracts before they can ship their products to independent distributors in a wide geographic area. We have developed a comprehensive and detailed distributor agreement to help you clarify all terms and conditions of distribution in advance. Conduct all business activities through professional channels, download our free reseller agreement now.

If a manufacturer ends up selling to a customer, it is difficult to gain knowledge of the local market and the ability to enter any local market. Therefore, they prefer to hire a distributor to do the job rather than direct distribution.

Exclusive Distribution Agreement

Exclusive Distribution Agreement

Distributors are an important link in the chain when it comes to selling products. Through distribution, a manufacturer can reach different customers in different geographic regions.

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This is a legally binding agreement superseding any relationship, warranty, representation or agreement, written or oral, between two or more parties. Distributors want to buy products from companies that manufacture and sell goods.

Exclusive Distribution Agreement

These products are intended for resale in a predefined geographic area or region. Such agreements apply when a company wishes to designate a distributor as the sole distributor of products in that region.

Distributor, on the other hand, intends to make such assignments subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Therefore, the parties involved in this legal clause achieve mutual benefit. This distribution agreement works as follows.

Exclusive Distribution Agreement

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If you are a manufacturer or distributor, you can benefit from signing a distributor agreement that specifies all the details of the agreement. Click below to download our free distributor agreement template, which you can edit to suit your product, geographic region, and other terms and conditions.

Manufacturers are legally obliged to provide exclusive rights to distributors. Certain distributors may exclusively sell and distribute products in mutually agreed territories or territories.

Exclusive Distribution Agreement

Additionally, Company may not sell or communicate directly with Reseller’s customers without prior written approval.

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Reseller is the sole owner of any designated sub-agent, sub-representative, sub-distributor or other affiliate performing any activity on behalf of Reseller.

Exclusive Distribution Agreement

The company is responsible for accepting or rejecting orders placed by distributors within the specified time. If Company does not send such communication, the order will be deemed accepted.

The accompanying table also provides the prices and major discount rates at which the company sells its products to distributors. Any changes in costs must be notified in writing after the effective date of the increase.

Exclusive Distribution Agreement

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Shipping and handling charges associated with items sold will be the responsibility of the reseller. He can also check the quality and quantity of dealer facilities.

In the event of any defect, defect or nonconformity, the dealer will notify the company to replace the item free of charge. You can find sample distributor agreements to better understand pricing and shipping terms.

Exclusive Distribution Agreement

Distributors are independent contractors and do not represent distributors, joint ventures, affiliates, employees, general agents or partners of any company.

Free Exclusive Distribution Agreement Template (2021 Updated)

The agreement with the distributor acknowledges that the company does not authorize any changes to the company’s terms and conditions of sale.

Exclusive Distribution Agreement

Distributors will not promise customers a warranty policy without signing obligations, prices offered by the company, or signing an agreement on behalf of the company with government agencies, customers or any third party for the product.

No supplier or distributor is authorized under any circumstances to enter into legal obligations or contracts on behalf of others except as permitted by the contract.

Exclusive Distribution Agreement

Exclusive Distribution Agreement Dated March 15, 2022, By And

If Reseller becomes aware that any material used by Supplier infringes patents, copyrights, trademarks, or other intellectual property rights, it is Reseller’s responsibility to notify or notify Supplier.

It is important for manufacturers and distributors to create distribution agreement templates to avoid confusion or fraud. Distributors and manufacturers must agree on a distribution strategy to enter into a specific type of agreement.

Exclusive Distribution Agreement

Every detail mentioned in the contract should be double verified by both parties before signing. Additionally, we understand the need to obtain reliable and valid legal documents.

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Therefore, there is a list of specific distribution agreement templates to agree to on various grounds. These templates are approved by attorneys. You can contact for more details.

Exclusive Distribution Agreement


Supplier manufactures and sells the products listed in paragraph 1 (“Products”). Reseller intends to purchase Products from Supplier for resale within the geographic area defined in paragraph 2 (“Territory”). The supplier wishes to designate the distributor as the [exclusive/non-exclusive] distributor for products in the region. Reseller also requests this appointment subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement, including any accompanying exhibits or schedules.

Exclusive Distribution Agreement

Exclusive Software Distribution Agreement Template

In consideration of the foregoing and the mutual interests involved, the parties intending to be bound by law agree as follows:

1. The products produced by the supplier and delivered to the seller are as follows:

Exclusive Distribution Agreement

3. The Supplier hereby designates the Distributor as its [exclusive/non-exclusive] distributor to sell and distribute the Products throughout the Territory during the term of this Agreement. Distributor will retain or arrange to retain sales personnel to distribute Products handled by Distributor.

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5. Supplier shall not ship the Product or any other Product bearing the same trademark, signature or logo anywhere in its packaging, except under the order or direction of the Distributor. Supplier will submit to Distributor any orders or inquiries regarding products it may have received for shipment to the Territory, or orders intended to be ultimately shipped to the Territory.

Exclusive Distribution Agreement

6. Suppliers shall fulfill all product orders from distributors in a timely manner and to the best of their ability.

7. Resellers shall discuss any proposed changes to the reseller network with Suppliers at least [number] days prior to any such changes.

Exclusive Distribution Agreement

Exclusivity Agreement Templates

8. The price for shipping the product to the dealer will be based on the cost of shipping to the dealer’s warehouse. This will include the agreed delivery price to the aforementioned warehouse.

9. Product payment shall be made by the distributor in US dollars within a few days after the product is delivered to the distributor’s warehouse.

Exclusive Distribution Agreement

10. Any price increase for a product will be negotiated between Supplier and Distributor at least [number] days before the price increase becomes effective.

International Distribution Contract Template Sample

11. In case of a price increase, the distributor can provide a one-month product supply at the price before the price increase.

Exclusive Distribution Agreement

12. Distributors and suppliers shall agree annually, and more frequently if necessary, on the price that customers will pay for the product.

13. If the distributor and supplier fail to agree on a customer price within a few days of the start of negotiations, the currently effective price will increase by an amount equal to the change in the Consumer Price Index – equal to the number of months in the U.S. since the last rate hike The number of months that have passed since.

Exclusive Distribution Agreement

Exclusive Distribution Agreement (standard)

14. The term of this Agreement is two years commencing on [Agreement Start Date] and ending on [Agreement End Date]. Unless either party notifies the other of the termination of this Agreement, this Agreement shall survive thereafter.

15. The supplier or distributor must give written notice of their intention to cancel the contract at least [number] months prior to the termination date in order to cancel the contract without penalty.

Exclusive Distribution Agreement

16. Either party may terminate this agreement by paying the other party [agreed amount of penalty] after a notice period of [number] months.

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17. Either party may terminate this Agreement upon 90 days prior written notice for breach of any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement. The notice must describe the violation that resulted in the termination. If the alleged breach is cured by the breaching party within 90 days, the termination notice will be void and the agreement will continue in full force and effect.

Exclusive Distribution Agreement

18. The Supplier reserves the right to terminate this Agreement by giving 60 days prior written notice if the Distributor:

One. to declare bankruptcy or to file for bankruptcy voluntarily or to enter into any arrangement or agreement for the benefit of creditors

Exclusive Distribution Agreement

Usa Exclusive Distributor Agreement

B. Failure to meet at least [%] of the mutually agreed sales performance targets, which are effective in the attached document and form part of this document

C. Failure to maintain good standing with all federal and state licenses and permits required to conduct this business

Exclusive Distribution Agreement

19. Upon termination of the Agreement, the Supplier may, at its own expense, withdraw the Distributor’s existing inventory of Supplier’s Products, or cause the Distributor to store the Products in a salable state and retain them.

Exclusive Distribution Agreement


Exclusive Distribution Agreement

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