Factoring Release Letter Sample

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Factoring Release Letter Sample – If you are currently using a factory company, we will need a release letter from your factory company.

Download “If you currently use a factory company, we will need a release letter from your factory company.”

Factoring Release Letter Sample

Factoring Release Letter Sample

1 Dear Transverse Carrier Network Member, As a transportation leader, Transverse LLC understands the pressures that today’s carriers face, from rising fuel and insurance costs to financial pressures as shippers pay more to pay for your services. takes time TransSource Fast Pay is designed to manage your cash flow needs. With TranSource Quick Pay, you will choose the following payment terms: Two (2) business days 3.5% fee applied online Fifteen (15) days 2% fee applied online Thirty (30) days No fee TranSource Quick Payment gives you a choice of ways to get money in your hands fast. We can transfer funds directly to your checking account electronically, or if you prefer, we can mail you a check. After participating in the TranSource Quick Pay program, you can fax your invoices, a signed Bill of Lading (BOL) and a carrier confirmation sheet to our Quick Payment Processing Center and payment will be made in two (2) or Fifteen (15) days depending on it. Your payment terms on your paper receipt. If you are currently using a factory company, we will need a release letter from your factory company. All the information you need to get started with Transsource Quick Pay is included in this package. To get started, fax in the application form or form you can contact a member of our accounting team to confirm receipt of your paperwork. The initial setup process may take up to five (5) business days. If you have any questions, please call the accounts payable transfer source for more details. Unfortunately, the source of the transaction is Accounts Payable

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2 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) What if I do not want to participate in the Quick Payment Program? Transsource Fast Pay program is optional. For standard invoice processing, please continue to process your invoices as before by sending them Where do I send my ExpressPay invoices? The best way to send invoices is through To send invoices through, send all documents to Transsource Quick Payment Program Applies only to invoices for shipments shipped by Transsource Brokerage Services. Can I fix my Quick Pay bill? A legal copy of your invoice, signed Bill of Lading (BOL) and carrier confirmation can be faxed.If paper is not acceptable, payment will be made until a legal copy is received. Can I choose which bills I want to pay faster? Once a carrier is enrolled in TransSource’s Fast Pay program, all invoices from TransSource’s brokerage must be processed in the Fast Pay program. Carriers cannot select which invoices they wish to pay Transverse Express individually. What can I do to remove held payments? When submitting an invoice for TranSource Quick Pay, please take the time to verify that the amount you are invoicing matches the carrier confirmation sheet you received from TranSource Brokerage at the time of submission. If the carrier’s confirmation does not match because additional accessories are provided, please contact the broker who sent the shipment to obtain confirmed shipping costs and an updated copy of the carrier’s confirmation. Call the broker to inform the delivery time and shipping cost number before billing. What should I include in my Quick Pay bill? When invoicing Transverse Brokerage Services, all invoices must reference the Transverse Charge Number on the face of the invoice. The 7-digit Transsource shipping number can be found on the carrier confirmation page you received at the time of shipment. If the transaction number is not referenced on the invoice, the invoice will be deferred for payment. All invoices must be accompanied by a signed bill of lading (BOL), and if the shipment is shipped, a signed copy of the receipt must also be included with your receipt. A copy of the carrier’s confirmation page should also be included with your receipt. Please check the quantity and shipping number on the carrier confirmation page that matches the invoice.

3 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) OUTLINE. Can I have multiple charges on one invoice? Transsource will only ship one load per invoice. Summary invoices will not be processed. What are my payment options? TranSource offers a selection of payment options, from electronic deposits to paper checks, to suit your needs and your business practices. If you would like to receive an electronic deposit as a payment method, please include the electronic payment form in this package and fax it with the canceled check. I currently use a factory company; What do I have to do to join? To participate in the TranSource Quick Pay program, you need to receive a clearance letter from your manufacturing company for all TransSource-related expenses. What do I need to get started with Transsource Fast Pay? Getting started is simple. Please take a few minutes to review and sign the Transverse Carrier Payment Terms document. Fax the following documents: 1. Payment terms agreement signed by carrier 2. Payment arrangement forms 3. Copy of your receipt 4. Electronic payment arrangement form and canceled check (if you want to receive payment electronically 5. Issue a letter from your manufacturing company, where applicable If you have any questions, please call Transverse Accounts Payable

4 USER PAYMENT TERMS OF REGISTRATION SHEET By executing this document, the carrier requests to pre-pay the shipping costs in accordance with the terms set by Transsource LLC (Transsource). Upon final completion of shipment, and upon providing documentation necessary to verify Carrier’s obligations without any loss or damage, Transverse agrees to pay Carrier the amount invoiced as verified by Transverse, gross invoice. Quantity discount terms are less. Upon receipt of the required documents, Transverse will make payment to the carrier’s bank account by electronic funds transfer, delivery by check or any other method that may be agreed upon between Transverse and the carrier. Carrier will provide written payment instructions to TranSource and agrees to hold TranSource harmless from any claims or damages arising out of payment by TranSource in accordance with Carrier’s instructions. Carrier understands and agrees that it may take up to five (5) business days from the execution of this Express Payment Agreement to begin processing the initial payment program. General Information Legal Carrier Name: DBA Name: Signature: Title: Date: US Taxpayer ID # Canadian Security/CVOR # Payment Option (Select One) Payment Terms ACH or EFT Paper Check (Select One) A two (2) business day 3.5% fee is deducted from carrier invoice payments. Net fifteen (15) day 2% fee deducted from carrier invoice payment. Thirty (30) days online free of charge. Payments by paper check only.

5 Electronic Payment Withdrawal Form Complete this form if your transferable payment is an electronic payment for the Transsource Instant Payment Program. Contact Information Legal Carrier/Carrier Name: Carrier MC # Postal Street Address: Postal City, Street, Zip: Contact Receivable Contact Name: Receivable Contact Phone: Receivable Contact Contact: Receivable Contact Bank Information (Prepare canceled check on next page) Checking Savings Account Name : Bank Routing / Transfer Number : Account Number :

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6 Security of Electronic Payment Forms. Complete this form if your payment option for the Transverse Instant Payment program is electronic payment. Canceled Check (Add Canceled Check Here) Authorization I authorize Transsource and the financial institution to automatically credit my account as described above. The authorization will remain in effect until I give written notice to revoke it. Signature: Title: Date:

Dear Schneider Carrier Network Member, As a transportation leader, Schneider understands the pressures facing today’s shippers, from rising fuel and insurance costs to the financial pressures that shippers face.

Factor Facts Cash flow is one of the main reasons businesses fail. At one time or another, every business, even successful ones, has experienced a cash flow crunch. Cash flow should not be a problem

Factoring Release Letter Sample

Ship Spot Savings 445 N. Pennsylvania Street, 7th Floor Tel: 866.971.7768 Fax: 317.715.9927 carrierservices@spotmyfreight.com Spot Freight Contract Carriers Please send available truck listings to: trucks@spotmyfreight.com.

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1762 Ridgewood Cir. Lawrenceburg, IN. 47025 Phone: 812-637-3251 Fax: 302-450-4181 NEW CARRIER SETUP INFORMATION WE NEED FROM YOU TO SET YOU UP AS A NEW CARRIER: 1. Signed Carrier-Broker Agreement 2. Copy

SLM BROKERS 11441 GEHR RD WAYNESBORO PA 17268 PHONE: 717-762-2772 FAX: 717-762-0953 To set up with our company we require the following documents: Copy of your operating authorization

JCT Logistics, Inc. 19007 W Hwy 33/P.O. Box 1900 Sapulpa, OK 74067 Dustin Byrd Phone: 866-775-1358 x 2344 Direct: 918-347-2344 Fax: 918-248-3023 dustinbyrd@johnchristner.com A Division of John Christ

Paramount Transportation Logistics Services, L.L.C. (PTLS) welcomes your interest in us as an approved carrier. We are confident that you will find PTLS an easy company to do business with. of the

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Billing and Company Information Warren Logistics, Inc. PO Box 30 Blanchard, ID 83804 Phone (888) 253-0430 Fax (208) 962-6741 quote@warrenlogistics.com

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