Financial Advisor New Client Questionnaire

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Financial Advisor New Client Questionnaire – A questionnaire is a document that contains a number of questions and possible answers that act as options. Data collection with the help of this form is easy because the questionnaire defines and standardizes the information that the surveyor will receive from the respondents.

Most official forms have a section where a questionnaire is attached, such as a financial form. The questions vary depending on the type of information requested on the form. If the document is a subsidy, then the questions will be related to the person’s minimum income, salary and annual income; If this is a scholarship application, the questions will be about the student’s achievements and grades.

Financial Advisor New Client Questionnaire

Financial Advisor New Client Questionnaire

A financial questionnaire is an annual summary of a person’s income, expenses, personal assets and debts. The form that uses the financial questionnaire is the financial affidavit form. These questions may be yes/no type and may require one or two sentences to explain the reasons. Using a questionnaire on a financial form will give respondents enough time to respond. Questions about personal debts and balances are often available on a form. Since questionnaires will not be sufficient as a proper representation of the respondent’s knowledge, the respondent must be able to show strong evidence and proof that he is providing correct and accurate data in his responses.

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To better understand what to cover for financial inquiries, check out our sample financial forms and base your document on our formats. Forms help you list the organization’s assets and track financial expenses so that there is enough transparency and accountability of the people involved. These forms can be completed online by removing the data substitution fields or by printing them on a physical document.

While the financial questionnaire form deals with questions related to the company or personal financial situation, on the other hand, the financial statement form quickly presents answers to all the questions that the agency needs each year. This form can be of different types, as it can be used to describe a complaint, a request for assistance, or the user’s rights and obligations to disclose information. Research tools are often associated with scientific, medical, and psychological research. Their uses are much broader than people often think. Businesses have also been shown to use questionnaires and surveys as well. Their use of surveys is related to gathering information about employee performance, customer service and company progress.

Questionnaires and surveys that businesses distribute relate to a variety of topics, such as employee performance surveys, customer service surveys, and financial questionnaires. If these questionnaires and tests are distributed every year, it will help to improve the problems in the company and keep the progress consistent.

When a person is given a financial questionnaire, he can see that the content focuses on financial information, the amount of loan from the company and the basic information of the company. Any expenses, assets, liabilities, gross sales and net income incurred by the company are recorded and measured in the form of financial statements.

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It will give accounting and other involved departments an idea whether the company’s finances are balanced and audited, or whether there is an issue of non-compliance that needs to be rectified. With this questionnaire, which is answered monthly or annually, the company’s financial information is monitored efficiently and securely.

A finance or accounting department can create this form using sample questionnaire forms. When one does this type of questionnaire, there are many details that need to be considered. The purpose of this questionnaire is to assess the financial capacity of grant applicants.

The first part includes general information, such as the employer’s identification number and the number of employees in the company. Then the organization’s accounting system is called into question. This section follows the company’s fund management and financial reporting. Finally, a signature is required to confirm that all listed information is true.

Financial Advisor New Client Questionnaire

Getting hold of your money sounds scary. However, with these ten questions, you will be able to find the right financial advisor for you.1 Financial Planning Questionnaire Client Information Date of Birth Spouse/Partner Birth House # Occupation # Job # Address Family Information: Children Date of Birth Employment Information Birth: Professional Client/Company Group Height Full Full Time/Part Time Bonus Salary 401k/403B Self Employed Salary Matching Formula: Full Company Name/Retirement Plan Employees Salary Income Spouse

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2 Insurance and Risk Risk Profile Investment Status: Very Conservative _ Moderate Investment Experience: None Very Little Very Little High Insurance Details You may need to review your insurance policy for this information. Term Life Insurance: Company Face Amount Premium Amount Owner Beneficiary Life Insurance: Company Face Amount Annual Premium Monthly Premium Company: Umbrella Insurance Insurance Premium Yes/No Auto Discovery Premium: Insurance Company Payment

3 Are you having any of the following estate planning issues? Is a DPOHC Living Trust a Revocable Living Trust Power of Attorney What is the title of your joint property? Affiliated Employers is an affiliate of Affiliated Employers and Affiliated Employers and Life Rights Alternative Pension and Social Security Describe your retirement benefit(s) Include information about retirement plans that provide an annual income based on your years of service or salary level (eg: military pension, government Pension etc.) .) Client Pension 1 Client Pension 2 Client Pension 1 Retired Spouse 1 Retired Spouse 2 Annual Expected $ Age: Rate increases after retirement: Survivor Benefit : Sponsor Social Security Retirement. Spouse’s age per year to start Increase rate Current earned income or expected/current benefits Age 62 Age 70 Expenses Approximate figures o Annual expenses related to housing, food, clothing, transportation, insurance, loans, etc. Does not include tax. Annual Cost of Living (Today’s Dollars) Annual Inflation Rate in Cost of Living Now: Current Household At Retirement: Single Retiree Survivor: Before Retirement Household Survivor: At Retirement: Retired Survivor:

4 Ongoing monthly activities Budgeting Pension payments Rent or rent payments Food and utilities Gas, electricity, heating, water Cell phone + home phone Internet + cable/satellite Work and maintenance Property and personal effects Property improvements and maintenance Domestic help, babysitting entertainment and bills . Charitable Donations Child Care Alimony, Child Support Books, Papers, Taxes Household Goods Gifts, Birthdays Medical Expenses Other Expenses Mortgage Payments Auto Loan Payments Boat and RV Payments Credit Card Co-Payment Home Loan Equity Life Insurance Premiums Medical Insurance Premiums Home Insurance Premiums Other Retirement Plan savings other savings

5 Assets lists major assets including bank accounts, investment accounts, retirement accounts, business assets. No. Asset Name Current Value Contributor Account Description (eg Stock, 401k, Bank) $1 $2 $3 $4 $5 $6 $7 $8 $9 $10 $11 $12 $13 $ 14 $ $ 15 $ 16 $ $ 17 $ $ 18 $ $ 19 $ $ 20 $ $ Please include copies of your most recent brokerage and bank statements. Other Asset Values ‚Äč‚ÄčOther Debt/Liabilities Home Loans Car(s) Car Loans Rental Property 1 Rental Property 1 Rental Property 1 Rental Property 2 Rental Property 2 Rentals Mortgages 2 Boats/RVs/Finance RV Loans 2nd Home Mortgage 2. and A.S.

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6 Tuition and Special Income/Expenses List of Special Income/Expenses Any other source of income or special expenses you have to pay from your capital accounts. Description Annual Growth Starting # Years Children’s Education Costs and Funds Annual Amount Child’s Name D.O.B./Age Beginning Age Annual Value Current Number of Years College Fund Inflation Rate to Use for College Planners: Return Value of College Funds: Types of College – Fund Account (529, UGMA) Other Funds , such as scholarship, grandparents, etc. Do you contribute to a ROTH IRA? Beneficiary 1 Client 2 Who are your beneficiaries in your retirement accounts? Who are your beneficiaries on your trading accounts? What is your loan rate? The rest of the time, do you know if you are paying for PMI insurance? What is your home equity rate? Fixed or flexible? Tell me about your worst investment experience

7 What financial problem keeps you up at night? Any thoughts or concerns you’d like to discuss or discuss? Notes:

Client Fact Finder!!”# %”% & “!& %”% Current Stay Details: Client Initials: Cover Name: Contact Details Full Name: Age: Date of Birth: Retirement Age: SS# Driver’s License : Country

Financial Advisor New Client Questionnaire

Richard Greene Managing Director Jennifer M. Wolfsberg Managing Director John E. Wolfsberg Principal / Director of Fixed Income

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Lifetime Income Estimate Username We treat the information collected and included in this document, other documents, and computer software programs as strictly confidential. we

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