Firewall Audit Checklist

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Firewall Audit Checklist – A secure network is critical to business success. Network administrators must develop security policies that define all network resources within the company and the level of security required for those resources to protect the network.

Having a firewall can help you communicate your company’s security policy goals to your security stakeholders, ensure network security best practice guidelines, network compliance, and improve your overall defensive behavior.

Firewall Audit Checklist

Firewall Audit Checklist

When setting up a firewall, it is best practice to block everything that is not used and allowed for specific business functions. This reduces your risk, gives you more control over your traffic, and limits network traffic.

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To get you started on the road to stronger security, we’ve outlined eight firewall configuration best practices below.

The most obvious firewall rules should be placed at the top of the rule base. This is where the traffic starts. A rule base is a set of rules that govern what a firewall can and cannot do. In most rule bases, the first rule in the list performs the first action. This is done so that the traffic received by the first rule is not subject to the remaining restrictions.

Since the firewall works in the first game, the above system is very useful for keeping suspicious traffic and not allowing them wrongly without following the correct sequence.

To ensure that unwanted traffic does not leave the security policy, set drop-all rules at the bottom of each security zone context (for example, from the source to the destination zone) with the global policy. This does not eliminate the need to set up firewall rules; however, this is common practice for unclassified traffic.

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Another recommended practice for firewall rules is to regularly review the audit log for changes or anomalies that indicate that the firewall configuration needs to be updated. Logging tracks all node activity, which is useful for troubleshooting and diagnostics.

This log data is a valuable source of information about which firewall rules are used most often and which are never used. Both types of information are useful for firewall optimization.

The data does not trigger security rules, but can still help identify “phase positives” or traffic. Modifying firewall rules can help reduce false positives and improve end-user service.

Firewall Audit Checklist

If your network is large or busy, you may require log analysis tools other than those offered by your firewall vendor to understand your data. Artificial intelligence or machine learning capabilities are one of the most advanced technologies and they can help you notice important details that you might not notice.

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By default, all traffic is blocked and only certain traffic is directed to approved services. This approach provides you with robust traffic management and minimizes the risk of outages due to service inconsistencies.

This is done by entering the last rule in the access control list to deny all traffic. Depending on the platform, you can do this directly or indirectly.

Access to your firewall’s administrative console should be limited to those you trust. To prevent potential attackers, make sure your firewall is protected with at least one of the following measures:

You should be as detailed as possible when defining network access restrictions. This approach uses the concept of least priority, which requires monitoring of network traffic. Enter as many parameters as possible in the rule.

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Provide as many parameters as possible in the rules that define network access. There are several situations where one of these fields is used.

Any source IP address is the best choice if the service needs to be accessible to everyone on the Internet. In all other cases, the source address must be specified. When it is not possible to determine the source IP address for network management, you may consider a compensatory management approach such as VPN remote access to provide the necessary access to network security.

The destination IP address is the IP address of the server that hosts the service you want to access. Tell us which server is available at any time. Using anything as a target value can cause a security breach or break an unused protocol that is available by default. If the firewall only has one IP address, a destination IP with any target value can be used. If you want access to public and private networks in your settings, you can use any value.

Firewall Audit Checklist

The test should be carried out in a separate field from the production field. This test network should try to replicate the production network as much as possible, including network topology and network traffic passing through the firewall. Here are some aspects of the answer to consider:

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Regularly review your Firewall policy to target unused and duplicate elements. It may be difficult to imagine how a broader security policy could bring about new connections with a larger security policy. Path analysis tools are available and search and discovery rules can be found in the security management system.

Additionally, some security management systems issue warnings when two items are created or when a policy that contains rules that hide other items is rejected.

High-level rules can be moved up the inspection order to optimize firewall policies, which are typically implemented top-down. Regularly review the policy to improve the effectiveness of your firewall.

Finally, perform frequent penetration testing to identify any threats that may require additional security measures to be implemented.

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Patches and firmware for firewall devices should always be updated. Otherwise, it is vulnerable to attacks, so firewall rules are meaningless. If your firewall has a known vulnerability that hasn’t been patched, the best set of firewall rules in the world won’t stop an attack.

Many processes have become faster and easier due to technological advances. Firewall administrators may not be able to check and install updates as often. As a result, network security may be compromised.

You can automate the process to opt out of updating your firewall. The automatic system can be configured to check for and install updates when they are available. This eliminates the need for intervention and ensures that the firewall is always safe and secure.

Firewall Audit Checklist

This section explains several rules that can cause problems with the firewall, as well as good options to follow when setting up firewall rules.

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In addition to the above, you should limit the IP addresses allowed to access the administrative interface.

Using non-standard authentication methods puts your company at risk of a data breach. When you don’t use conventional methods, you rely solely on the skills of the person who installed the firewall, or worse, the configuration of the firewall itself. To ensure the security of your computer network is on a solid foundation, it is best to follow accepted standards.

Complexity can arise when employees try to access different devices and locations without using a single, standardized authentication method. Non-standard authentication methods may, for example, impose weaker passwords or less strict limits on the number of login attempts. These security flaws allow attackers to gain access to your network.

Allowing unnecessary services in the firewall is a security risk. DHCP dynamic routing servers and DHCP servers that share IP addresses and can cause IP conflicts are often the culprits.

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The solution is to follow the idea of ​​allowing the least necessary privileges for the service to run again. Allowing too many services can negatively impact performance and increase network traffic. Information on IT, HR, data center and administration as well as how to complete these forms.

This page contains an ISO 27001 checklist and an ISO 27001 risk assessment template, as well as the latest ISO 27001 compliance checklist.

Use this ISO 27001 checklist to ensure that you have successfully implemented an information security management system (ISMS) from initial planning to certification. This 14-step checklist lists all the steps in implementing ISO 27001 so you can manage all the elements you need to achieve ISO 27001 certification. A Google Docs template that you can easily save to your account and share with others.

Firewall Audit Checklist

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This ISO 27001 risk assessment template provides everything you need to identify any weaknesses in your information security system (ISS).

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