Free Excel Sales Tracker Template

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Free Excel Sales Tracker Template – Let’s be honest. Although many CRMs and sales tracking software are available online, many companies still prefer to track their sales pipeline on an Excel sheet. That’s because Excel Sheets and Google Sheets are so flexible and easy to use.

If you also like spreadsheets to organize your work (like us), we have something for you. We’ve compiled a list of sales tracking templates in Excel and Google Sheets.

Free Excel Sales Tracker Template

Free Excel Sales Tracker Template

Spreadsheets are still popular for tracking leads, sales, cash flow, etc. due to its great flexibility. There are many cheap CRM software platforms available online these days. But most have a predefined sales process or structure that may not suit your business.

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On the other hand, Google Sheets Excel can be modified however you want to track sales data, simply by adding new columns, blank sheets, and even custom functions to automate certain steps in your sales process.

For example, the sales process for a solar project requires a lot of customer data and documentation to be collected. All of this information can be easily tracked in Excel by adding a few columns to your lead tracking sheet.

Plus, everyone on your sales team already knows how to use an Excel sheet to track sales. In contrast, most other CRM platforms come with a learning curve, where you need to expend some mental energy to learn the flow.

First, you want to track all the leads in your sales pipeline, as well as their contact details, requirements, ads offered, and their status in your sales pipeline. Use this template for this purpose.

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As a business owner or sales team manager, you also need to monitor your overall sales goals. A sales funnel will help you visualize the current value of your pipeline. Regularly monitor your sales funnel numbers to make sure you’re getting enough leads to hit your sales quota.

Typically, a sales funnel report will show you the number of leads or the cumulative value of all leads at each stage of your sales process.

In this sales funnel tracking template, we’ve reported the cumulative value of all leads at one of these stages in the SPANCO sales process: Suspect, Lead, Approximate, Negotiation, Closed, Order.

Free Excel Sales Tracker Template

Tracking all important sales activities (new leads, calls, meetings, emails, proposals, orders, etc.) will help you analyze your sales process. So you can identify bottlenecks and eliminate them to make your sales pipeline more efficient. These optimizations will help you increase your sales without hiring a new sales force.

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But these activities must be linked to a spreadsheet for effective tracking. If you ask a salesperson to record every action in an Excel sheet, they will see it as double the effort and won’t do it.

To solve this problem, connect your sales tracking spreadsheet with other important tools like shared folders, email accounts, CRM, lead alerts, etc. So that the most important sales activities are automatically tracked in a spreadsheet. From there, you can use the raw data to analyze and optimize your sales process.

An example of such analytical reports is this Excel template for tracking the performance of your sales team. This template will report a summary of the performance of the different people on your sales team. Key performance indicators such as the number of leads contacted, proposals sent, orders received and revenue generated will be reported for each of your sales reps.

This will help you easily identify and reward your best sellers, motivating you to grow your business.

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But this type of reporting is only possible if you’ve connected your spreadsheet to other important tools for tracking sales activity. If you’re not sure how to integrate your sales tracking spreadsheet with other tools, we can help.

Our CRM is built on top of Google Drive, connecting Google Sheets with Folders, Forms, Docs, Gmail, and more. from Google Drive. It can also connect with a wide range of other online tools to track all important sales activities in one Google Sheet. It can be easily customized to suit industry-specific sales processes; for example, our solar CRM is highly customized for the solar EPC industry.

Once your activity is tracked, it also gives you access to a number of dynamic report templates to help you analyze and optimize your sales process. Lead tracking has never been easier! The Lead Tracking Sheet is an easy-to-use Excel spreadsheet template for recording and monitoring key lead data.

Free Excel Sales Tracker Template

Proper collection and organization of customer information is essential to focus on potential customers. Thus, a well-organized customer tracking sheet will help you identify more customers. If you want to track leads, but don’t need the full functionality of CRM software, this contact list Excel template will be ideal for your business.

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A customer tracking sheet or lead tracking like this one allows departments to work seamlessly together to find qualified leads. Which leads to the closing of other offers or the removal of bans.

Instead of keeping customer information in pieces, you can use this customer tracking sheet as a basic CRM tool or contact list. This way, you can easily track your communication with your customers and also plan follow-up emails and campaigns.

Actually, the Lead Tracking Excel Template consists of a clean worksheet. Worksheets have predefined columns and headers and you can customize them all. Additionally, you can add new potential data fields in addition to the new segment totals.

In the General Information section, enter your information first. After filling the required information about the customer details or contact information, you can select the progress option from the drop down menu. And the status column symbol will appear automatically.

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Make sure you don’t remove the “Progress” field, as the various options you see in the drop-down options in the “Progress Options” table on the right side of your template. Therefore, this section will be explained in detail.

In this section, there is a predefined information field in the customer (or prospect, contact) address details. Note that you can rename each column by adding a new information area.

Here is another section you created before including digital information about the contact. Depending on your requirements, you can include email addresses, website information, additional notes and more. You can delete or add new fields based on the information you need for your business operations.

Free Excel Sales Tracker Template

As shown in the image above, for all parts of the template you can easily use the filter option to sort the contacts based on your desire to easily follow the data. This allows better analysis of data for strategizing, as well as a quick check on the current status of customers or prospects.

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The main Progress Options table allows you to set progress labels and associated symbols for each category. Also, you can rename and add new progress definitions here, such as “aim successful, negative response, follow-up required, to be contacted”, etc.

After that, just use the drop down option to select the symbol that matches the progress category. Based on your selection here, the status alert in the general information section will automatically populate.

The contact list template is an Excel template available and ready to use. If you need to customize your report or need a more complex template, check out our special services.

Watch the video below to see the template in action! The presentation also includes usage notes, explanations, and template tips and tricks. In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about sales planning: how it relates to sales forecasting and the sales pipeline, as well as the benefits, challenges, and tips for getting the most out of your sales plan .

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Included on this page, you’ll find over 8 free sales plan templates, learn the difference between sales forecasting and sales planning, and find best practices for writing a sales plan.

This template allows you to plan your sales goals with the flexibility and functionality of an Excel spreadsheet. This sales plan template is divided into 12 months and separate product lines. The template includes columns for prior year performance, current sales goals, and results. Create an annual sales plan and compare data over time and products.

Is a cloud-based platform that enables sales teams to effectively manage their pipeline by creating a single location to track and manage efforts, uncover and eliminate risk opportunities, and provide real-time visibility to improve forecasting . See it in action.

Free Excel Sales Tracker Template

If you want to track leads, but don’t need the full functionality of a customer relationship management (CRM) software, this spreadsheet may be enough for your business. The template has fields to get detailed information about each sales lead, including the contact’s date and status

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– This allows you to track communication with each client, plan future contacts and follow-ups, and assess sales potential. You can also indicate the source of your leads in a spreadsheet to monitor your marketing efforts and track how customers are directed to your business.


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