Fundraiser Flyer Template

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Fundraiser Flyer Template – Find interesting ideas for fundraising flyers that will grab the attention of your potential donors. We’ve included templates that you can download and customize!

With the rise of pay-per-click advertising, social media, and other digital channels, you may be tempted to ditch traditional flyers for the latest marketing tactic. But fundraising flyers are often a low-cost, high-impact way to get the word out about your campaign.

Fundraiser Flyer Template

Fundraiser Flyer Template

It’s easy to make and looks great, whether you’re raising money as a nonprofit, small business, individual, or club. Better yet, flyers pull double duty. You can print and send your paper flyer around town, or use the digital version as the centerpiece of your social media, email and web marketing.

Google Docs Flyer Template

Are you ready to create an attention-grabbing flyer? Below, we’ll discuss the must-haves and 12 fundraising flyer ideas and examples you can use.

Fundraiser Flyer Template

A well-designed flyer is perfect for getting the word out about your fundraising event or campaign. That said, its main function is to inform the details of your campaign, answer important questions, and encourage your followers to take immediate action – buy tickets, make a donation, volunteer, or learn more. Therefore, your flyer should include the following information (if applicable):

This is your main message – the most important message for anyone interested in participating or contributing. Regardless of the design you choose, this content should be written in a simple, bold font that can be read from a distance. If someone has to scroll or look ahead to read it, take your text and images back and see where you can cut or adjust them.

Fundraiser Flyer Template

Fundraiser Flyer Templates

It is also a good idea to follow the visual controls. In general, important details such as the event name, date, time, and location should be larger and higher on the flyer than your business name or grand prize.

Another pro tip? Use powerful words and an effective voice to inform and motivate your followers. For example, instead of writing “Tickets are available for purchase on our website,” write “Visit our website to buy your concert tickets today!”

Fundraiser Flyer Template

Marketing is competition. At any given time, hundreds of brands and people want your customers’ attention through ads, billboards, pop-ups, and advertisements. The good news is that you can cut through the noise and connect with your target audience with the right flyer design.

School Fundraising Flyer Template

The 12 ideas below for experimenting with colors, designs, fonts, and images give you powerful tools to stand out from the crowd and successfully raise money.

Fundraiser Flyer Template

Think outside the box – the boring rectangular flyer box – and experiment with your next flyer shape! Not only is its unique shape easy to spot on crowded bulletin boards and lampposts, but it’s also instantly recognizable. This is a small change to help strengthen your campaign around town.

Form also has meaning. For example, hearts represent love and giving, and work well in blood drives. Create designs with simple shapes like circles, triangles, and squares, or try options that match your theme, like water drops or leaves.

Fundraiser Flyer Template

Free Fundraiser Flyer Templates

The standard 8.5″ x 11″ flyer size doesn’t give you much room to work, but you can get a lot of bang for your buck by using attractive typography. Check out the sample backpack flyer above to see what we mean (you can buy a template from Adobe and customize it!).

Instead of using valuable real estate for images of cakes and cookies, this designer is “baked” directly into the main font. Bold, colorful text attracts readers and saves space at the same time. Ditch the big images and make your text stand out from the crowd with your fundraising flyer design.

Fundraiser Flyer Template

We hope it’s not “out of line” to say this, but put your text in a boring straight line. We all used to read from left to right, straight across.

Blush Pink And Gold Glitter Bake Sale Flyer

Diagonal and angled text lines will lend your fundraising flyer resonance, resonance and really engage your supporters.

Fundraiser Flyer Template

This is the easiest way to combine your designs and give your ad a unique look. All you have to do is take your text and images and place them in an angle. Another common trick is to align your title or subject vertically rather than horizontally.

Quick response (QR) codes can be a game changer for your fundraising, both in your pre-marketing and during the campaign itself. Your supporters can simply scan the QR code on your fundraising flyer to jump to your website, donate money instantly, and get more information. This frees up space on your fundraising page for images, quotes, facts, and more. Try it out by purchasing the templates above and changing the design!

Fundraiser Flyer Template

Dos Dine & Donate Flyer Template

QR codes are compatible with most smartphone cameras, and can be embedded into T-shirts, social media banners, gift wrap, and more. If you have a lot of information to add to your charity event flyer, business flyer, or party flyer, QR codes are the way to go. It’s easy to sign up for a free fundraising platform that includes a simple scan-to-give tool

“Did you know that 1 in 9 Americans struggle to get enough to eat?” “When was the last time you ate?” “Hungry for a change?” “Wait what?” Curiosity is a powerful emotion.

Fundraiser Flyer Template

Asking questions can engage your audience and keep them engaged long enough to learn about your fundraising campaign.

Food Truck Flyer Template On Behance

Get your followers thinking about the right questions. Although the example above is serious, your question should not be. If you’re hosting a wine tasting or silent auction with beverage packages, try something light-hearted like, “Do you have any wine?” This is one of our favorite fundraising flyers because all you need is a great question and a great font.

Fundraiser Flyer Template

Create a report without typing a single word. Bold, interesting patterns and repetitive shapes draw the human eye like a magnet (here’s a template if you like it). Similar to #5, this is one of the easiest fundraising ideas on the list.

Websites like Canva, StockLayouts, and Pinterest offer thousands of free and paid design templates for campaigns. All you have to do is choose a fundraising flyer template and pattern that you like and personalize the template with your own text and images. You can download different file formats, such as Photoshop Document (PSD), and edit them yourself in Photoshop, InDesign, or Illustrator.

Fundraiser Flyer Template

Carnival Flyer Printable Circus Flyer Template Church Fundraiser Poster Benefit Flyer Pta Pto Party Fundraiser Flyer Instant Download Paper Paper & Party Supplies

Another option is to use tools like 99designs and Upwork to contract designers to create fundraising flyer templates for your business. Many event flyer templates come in packages that include postcards, business cards, and more.

Inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes, from free cookbooks to VIP vacations. Any of your promotional codes, sweepstakes, or perks can be a real boost to attendance and engagement, so don’t hide them. This is especially important if you are asking people to donate large amounts.

Fundraiser Flyer Template

Using common design elements such as a star, award ribbon, or dollar sign is a good way to communicate this. And it’s hard to write “FREE!”

Auction & Banquet: Fundraiser Flyer Template By Seraphimchris

Bright splashes of color on a small background create a punchy look and help you avoid an overly heavy design. Take the marathon fundraising flyer example above. Passersby wouldn’t miss the bright red shoes if they tried. They can react quickly if a walkathon or 5K pops up without looking at a single line of text.

Fundraiser Flyer Template

Red text and white text popups make it easy for you to organize key information – and for your students to read quickly. For a fresh take, you can reverse the idea and add dark design elements to a light-colored background.

Many non-profit organizations are facing an uphill battle against major challenges such as climate change, world hunger, ocean pollution, or supporting cancer research. Often, these issues are too complex for a person to wrap their head around. But by sharing a compelling truth, you can put things in real, understandable terms and rally your supporters to give and commit.

Fundraiser Flyer Template

Best Charity Night Flyer Template Download

For example, put “Women are more likely to be hungry than men” or “[2019 was the second warmest year on record]( -record# :~:text=According to independent analysis, modern conservation began in 1880.)” in the middle of your flyer. Then, promote your campaign and explain how your supporters can help. Sometimes, facts and statements can hit you better than any clever, attractive headline.

Fun events and athons (walkathons, bike-thons, dance-thons, etc.) are very common fundraising events, so it’s likely that your race flyer will face other competitors at the end.

Fundraiser Flyer Template

Here’s one way to set yourself apart from the pack: Put a race on your flyers! It can double as a map and schedule for runners, and friends and family who want to cheer them on. If there is space, you can include water stations, food places, activities and places of interest.

Children In Poverty Fundraiser Event Flyer Template

Use images, testimonials, quotes, and more to drive home the human (or animal) impact of your donation. Here’s an example: Batting For Kids Inc. raised over $22,000 for the Essentials For Kids Campaign to provide food, clothing, and supplies.

Fundraiser Flyer Template

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