How To Be Strategic Thinker

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How To Be Strategic Thinker – Smart strategic thinking starts with seeing the questions before seeing the solutions. Have you ever heard someone say, “That’s a good question.” This usually means that someone just asked a question, designed to slow everyone down, to think and plan before doing it.

The strategic thinking of marketing is logical and should draw decision trees that interact, imagining how events will happen in the future. The danger of being strategic is that if you think too long, you may wander around, unable to make a decision. In addition, you may miss the window of opportunity.

How To Be Strategic Thinker

How To Be Strategic Thinker

Unlike a strategic thinker, there is a mental thinker who is quick to jump to answers before they know the right question. Their minds are racing. They use emotional and sensory stimulation. They want to take action now and quickly resent the delay. And they think it’s better to do something than to sit and wait. As a result, they see strategic people stuck in circles trying to figure out the right question. Instead, these reactive leaders prefer emotion. Despite the “make it happen” attitude, if they move quickly, their actions can solve the wrong problem.

Strategic Thinking For Transportation Leaders

Brand leaders must be strategic and intuitive. Learn how to change the speed of your mind. Smart strategic thinking forces you to slow down when faced with a difficult problem and move quickly with your instincts to the best course of action.

Everyone says they are strategic ideas, but few are. Early in my career, I admit I was a marketer by heart. To learn how to be smart and strategic, we need to slow down and organize our thoughts. Here are the five elements that make up smart strategic thinking:

Do your strategic thinking by starting with a vision (1) of what you want to achieve or where you want to be in the future. Then define strategic investment (2), focused opportunity (3), market impact (4) and performance outcomes (5). This makes it our mission to keep iterating to build your brand. For clarity, click on the graph to enlarge.

A vision sets ambitious goals for the future, tied to a clear outcome or purpose. Write a vision statement that is a little bit scary and a little bit exciting for you. It should direct everyone working on the brand to focus on finding ways to create customer loyalty that will lead to power and profit beyond what the product alone can achieve. As Yogi Berra famously said, “If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know if you’ve gotten there?”

Strategic Thinking Skills

To be a visionary, you must be able to think about the future. Imagine waking up after five or 10 years feeling better. Imagine a better future and write down the milestones you need to reach. So think of words that will inspire, lead, and guide your team toward your vision.

Smart strategic thinking starts with asking questions, a smart strategy is to ask a series of questions that identify issues related to what you want to achieve. Basically, raising these issues early can lead the team to focus on the important issues that need solving to get you on the path to your vision.

Think about the opportunities where you are investing to move your brand to a more powerful and profitable place. The programs you choose should strengthen the core strength of the brand, build a brand concept that strengthens customer loyalty, fight with competitors in the positioning, or deal with the challenges and opportunities of the situation.

How To Be Strategic Thinker

Focus your limited resources on a specific opportunity that you have identified based on potential changes in the market, including changes in customers, the competitive landscape, technology, or sales channels.

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In today’s information-driven world, everyone has access to the same information, and thus can see the same opportunities. Use speed to take advantage of the opportunity before others take action, and before the opportunity is lost. The best brand leaders never fall apart and never win. Smart strategic thinking forces them to focus and succeed. Overall, the smartest brand leaders use the word “or” more than they do the word “and.” If you get to the point of making a decision, and you try to justify doing a little bit of both, you’re not being strategic. Force yourself to choose.

Whereas, marketers have limited resources – money, people, time and cooperation. However, the temptation is an unlimited number of options. Your limited resources should be focused on a specific opportunity to ensure it has the greatest market impact and performance results. For clarity, click to enlarge.

Myth #1: The most common marketing myth is the belief that your brand will grow if you have a large target market.

Reality: Many marketers target everyone. I will always argue that it is better to love many than to be burdened by many. Smart strategic thinking focuses on creating a strong relationship with the brand’s fan base, then using fan support to expand that following.

Strategic Thinking And Planning

Myth 2: The second myth of becoming a brand is the belief that a brand is everything. Some brands try to say everything possible in the hope that the customer will hear everything.

Truth: Hope is not a strategy. To be loved by consumers, a brand must stand for something with backbone and conviction. Trying to be everything to everyone ends up being everything to everyone.

Myth 3: Your brand will generate higher sales if you try to be ubiquitous, whether it’s in every sales outlet or every possible media outlet.

How To Be Strategic Thinker

Fact: If you go to Las Vegas and put on a double knee, you’ll be up before midnight. Therefore, the worst marketers lack focus because they are afraid of missing someone or something. By trying to be everywhere, the brand will fade away and eventually end up nowhere.

Becoming A Strategic Thinker [podcast S2 E3]

Every brand has limited resources, whether it’s money, time, people or collaboration. Marketers are always tested by an unlimited variety of options, whether it’s their target market, brand messages, strategies or tactics. Rational strategic thinking limits their choices to fit their limited resources, so they can focus on those that will give the highest returns.

Smart strategic thinking turns progress into a change in momentum, position strength, or where you start to achieve more in the market than the resources you invest.

Many underestimate the need for early success. I see this as an important point of isolation when you start looking at small changes in your perspective. While there will always be skeptics about any strategy, early success results provide solid evidence to show everyone that the plan will work. You can change the opinion of the skeptics – or at least calm them down – so that everyone can focus on the cracking point.

The magic of the strategy happens through power, where you can use the early advantage as a stepping stone or turning point when you start to see the power of change that allows you to influence and produce results in the market. A smart strategy should encourage the customer to move forward in the purchase journey from purchase awareness and loyalty, and can help strengthen the customer’s relationship with the brand.

Strategic Thinking In A Hospital Setting

A brand will succeed by achieving market impact that moves customers along their journey or strengthens customer relationships. This leads to increased sales/profits or increased brand strength. For clarity, click to enlarge.

The changing power position in the market moves your brand towards your vision and creates a future path to build customer association, brand strength, and brand profitability.

A brand can be powerful compared to the customers it serves, the competitors it fights against, the channels it sells through, the suppliers who make the products or ingredients, the market influencers, any media options and the employees who work for the brand. We examined these eight sources of strength in this opening chapter.

How To Be Strategic Thinker

Increase profits through higher prices, trade customers at higher prices, get lower product prices, use lower sales and marketing costs, steal users from competitors, get loyal users to spend more, enter new markets or find new uses for the brand. We explored eight ways a brand can add value in our opening chapter. For a strategy to be successful, it must deliver on the market and deliver brand strength or business results.

Make Strategic Thinking Part Of Your Job

The brand will succeed by achieving a performance score that focuses on building strength and profitability. By changing the dynamics of the power of the position, it allows the brand to achieve long-term success. By finding a way to leverage it, your brand can offer higher value, lower costs, gain higher share, or enter new markets. For clarity, click to enlarge.

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