How To Unhide Tabs In Excel

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How To Unhide Tabs In Excel – In the Excel workbook we are working with, we sometimes have hidden worksheets. If we want to show or work with the data in those sheets, we need to hide them first. There are several methods you can use to make this sheet in Excel the secret way.

Do you want to know what these methods are and how to implement them in Excel? Read this tutorial to the end!

How To Unhide Tabs In Excel

How To Unhide Tabs In Excel

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How to Hide an Excel Sheet 1: Format Menu There are three basic ways to hide an Excel sheet that we will discuss in this tutorial. The first way is to use the menu style in Excel.

How to hide a sheet in Excel 2: Right-click menu on sheet You can also hide a sheet in an Excel workbook by first clicking on the sheet tab. Follow the complete steps to do so below.

How to hide a sheet in Excel 3: Special views The last way we can hide a sheet that we will discuss is by using the special view of Excel. A custom view is a feature that you can use to save and load display settings in an Excel workbook.

To use this feature to hide a worksheet, you must save it while still displaying the worksheet you want to hide. This is so you can load that particular scene when you want to hide and show that page again.

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With this in mind, we will discuss the steps to implement this process in two parts. This is the part when we save the custom view and the part when we load the custom view we saved.

How to Hide Multiple Sheets in Excel Need to hide not just one sheet, but multiple sheets at once?

Unfortunately we still can’t do this if we use the Hide dialog box we activate methods 1 and 2. Excel for some reasons does not let us select more than one worksheet to hide there.

How To Unhide Tabs In Excel

If you want to delete multiple sheets at once in Excel, you should use the custom view method we discussed earlier (if we don’t use VBA to do it). This means that you have to save the private view where the worksheet you want to hide is still displayed. When you want to hide it later, you can load the view.

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Using method 1 and 2 means you have to hide your worksheets one by one!

How to Hide All Excel Sheets at Once Similar to the way to hide multiple worksheets that we just discussed, use the custom view method for this one as well.

Save the private view where all the worksheets in your Excel workbook are still. When you need to hide the whole page again, you can just load the custom view!

How to check if there is a hidden worksheet in your Excel workbook To check if there is a hidden worksheet in your workbook, right-click on one of your worksheets. If the Hide… option is grayed out in the right-click menu, it means you probably don’t have any hidden worksheets.

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There is still a possibility that there are hidden worksheets, even if you cannot select Hide… there. However, you shouldn’t have anything like this unless you’re using a macro-enabled worksheet (if you do, you can refer to the next section of this tutorial to try to hide your super-hidden worksheet).

If you can select the Hide… option, it means you have hidden worksheets. Just do one of the methods we discussed earlier to hide it if you want.

Why can’t I hide my page? Possible causes and solutions Can’t hide worksheets in your workbook? Some things can cause this to happen. Here are some of the most common causes and solutions.

How To Unhide Tabs In Excel

How to Hide Super Hidden Worksheets in Excel Are you in a macro-enabled Excel worksheet and think your worksheets are super hidden? It can be frustrating if you want to hide worksheets, since you can’t use the default methods.

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However, you can definitely do it if you want. Just follow the steps below to reveal the most hidden worksheets.

EXERCISE After understanding the methods of hiding the top skin, let’s now do an exercise to deepen your understanding!

Tip: Try hiding the worksheet named A using method 1 and named B using method 2. Then implement method 3 to simulate how to save and load the private view of your worksheet!

Additional Notes In addition to saving the worksheet presentation, the custom view will also save your zoom level, window panes, and other settings related to the presentation.

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How To Unhide Tabs In Excel

We use cookies to help improve your experience on our website and to display relevant advertisements. By using this website, you agree to our privacy policy. Important note: Please see the comments – the method I’m talking about here is safe for normal users. However, Excel files are only compressed XML files, so it is possible to open them in a text editor. When I tested this on my payroll worksheet, I could see the individual salary values, but no actual text – so there was no way to correlate a person’s salary. Still, the following should be considered a semi-secure solution.

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My wife wants to create a budget spreadsheet for the different departments of her company to use. Each department will have its own tab, showing the planned annual budget per month for the coming year. An overly simplified and unrealistic cover letter can look like this:

The green areas are the fields that users will fill in—probably not department heads, but someone from the department. Which leads to the problem: There is a worksheet called Salary Information that is used to populate the salary line of the workbook. (For my stupid example, I divided the total salary into four equal parts.)

The problem is that the salary information sheet contains salary information for the entire organization, it is not information that should be shared with everyone. told management, but the employee is not yet ready to tell the whole company.

So how can you distribute the workbook to all departments, with the salary information correct, but without showing that information to anyone?

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The answer would appear to be the Hide menu that appears when you right-click on the sheet. Hide the sheet, and poof, it’s gone, but all the formulas that refer to the sheet still work. Great, except… to fire the tab is as easy as choosing Exit from the context menu.

The correct answer is to use an Excel format called Protect Workbook. Note that this is different from protecting cells so they cannot be changed, and it is different from protecting your workbook by requiring a password to access it. I hadn’t heard of this feature until I went to investigate my wife’s question about hiding a worksheet in a workbook.

Protect Workbook 1 You can also find the Protect Workbook icon in the review toolbar, which will open this dialog:

How To Unhide Tabs In Excel

Make sure “structure protection” is checked, then enter and confirm the password—and be sure to save the password in 1Password or something similar, as you’ll need it in the future! And that’s all. As shown in the discussion, there are other limitations with protected workbooks – mainly that users cannot add new sheets without knowing the password to protect the workbook. The way it will be distributed to others to fill it, it will not be a problem.

Rows Keep Hiding Themselves.

If the user tries to use the context menu of another sheet to unhide the hidden sheet, they will see that Unhide is greyed out…

This method even survives someone who knows the macro language of Excel, and tries to hide the sheet using the Visual Basic Editor; If they try to set the sheet to appear in the editor, they will get nowhere:

I’ve done a fair bit of research on this topic, and haven’t found anything to show that it’s easy to protect – all I’ve found are references to obscure third-party “break XLS protection!” programs that mostly run on Windows 20% discount on DAX and PQ Course – BF2022 | 10% discount on DAX and PQ Bundle – BF22 Bundle

Sometimes you need the user to not be able to hide the sheet you hide in Excel. But if you use the default right-click hide option, anyone can hide your worksheet (if your workbook is not protected).

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