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Job Application Form Template Free – A rental application allows a landlord to collect a tenant’s personal and employment information to run a consumer report (credit check). A nonrefundable fee may be required that is usually equal to the landlord’s cost of screening the tenant.

In most cases, after the tenant has viewed the property and entered into a verbal agreement, the rental application is complete. It is accompanied by a mandatory Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) disclosure detailing the tenant’s rights.

Job Application Form Template Free

Job Application Form Template Free

After the tenant completes the rental application, it must be returned to the landlord along with the application fee.

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Non-Refundable Fee ($) – Tenant must be charged to perform the following verifications (between $18 and $100). Additionally, it shows their level of interest in the property.

All of the companies listed below allow landlords to review a tenant’s criminal history and credit report. A landlord must choose which service to use based on whether he has received a completed and signed rental application from the prospective tenant.

The landlord will now need to verify employment and income to ensure the tenant can pay the monthly rent. This usually requires the following:

Use the section of the rental application marked ‘HISTORY HIER’ to contact the applicant’s previous landlords and confirm items such as:

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The above questions will give the landlord peace of mind that the person they are allowing to live in their housing unit is a good investment and will benefit the community.

A landlord can check the sex offender registry in their state to see if an applicant is listed. It is illegal (Fair Housing Act) for a landlord to refuse to add a prospective tenant to this register. However, if the landlord can prove that the person is a danger to others on the property, the landlord can not only refuse to let the person live, but if they have already moved out, they can evict them. can

In general, if a tenant has a credit score of 620, a stable job/income, no taint on their criminal history, the tenant has a good chance of being approved by the landlord.

Job Application Form Template Free

Not more than the average cost of applicant screening or the usual amount charged by tenant screening companies.

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(1) Nonrefundable Fees. Include a fee to be submitted with this application to cover the cost of the appraisal by the landlord or owner. Generally, this is a non-refundable fee that will not be refunded regardless of the outcome of the application.

(2) Type of property. The requested property must be properly classified. Document this information by classifying the property in question as an apartment, house, condo, coop, etc.

(3) Square feet The physical space being discussed must be specified in feet. So report the dimensions where requested.

(5) Amount of rent. If a lease is granted, the prospective tenant must pay monthly rent. Set the amount of payment to be charged as monthly rent by reporting in this area of ​​the application.

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(6) Address. The geographic location of the property in question must be specified along with its physical address. This information is expected as separate components (ie, “Street Address,” “City, etc.) Be sure to document the correct address with the available fields.

(7) Domestic animals. If the prospective tenant can have pets on the premises, select the “Yes” check box. Otherwise, select the “No” box to confirm that no pets will be allowed on the property.

(8) Smoking. If smoking is permitted on the property in question, check the box labeled “Yes.” If smoking is not permitted inside the respective property, tick the box “No”.

Job Application Form Template Free

(9) Parking. Some properties will include access to a parking space for the tenant if their application is successful. If so, find the “Yes” checkbox and then select it. Also use available space to define where parking attached to the property can be found and accessed. If no parking space will be available for the prospective tenant, the “No” box should be checked.

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(10) Type/Length. The lease that will be offered as a result of a successful application must be specified by type (ie fixed term or month-to-month). If the property will have a fixed lease term, document the number of years and/or months that determine its life.

(11) Commencement date. Document the expected start date for the given lease. This will be the first calendar date when the prospective tenant is expected to occupy the property in question and pay rent.

(12) Full name. The full name of the applicant (prospective tenant) must be included with this paperwork.

(14) SSN. The prospective tenant’s social security number will be expected with this application. This will help identify a potential tenant when a background check or credit check is done.

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(15) Driver’s license number. A tenant’s valuable photo ID is often mistaken for their driver’s license. Support the potential tenant’s identity by copying his or her driver’s license number onto this document.

(18) Other residents. List the full names of everyone who lives with the potential tenant on the property in question if the application goes to lease.

(19) Animals. If the prospective tenant intends to keep pets on the property, check the “Yes” box and use the space provided to provide an appropriate description of each pet. For example, if the pet is a cat, document the animal’s breed, weight, age, and height. If not, only the “No” box should be selected.

Job Application Form Template Free

(20) Vehicles. If the applicant will have a car while leasing the property, check the box “Yes”. If so, use the space available to describe each vehicle (ie, make, model, year and color). If the prospective tenant will not have a car when occupying the property, check the box “No”.

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(21) Punishment. If the applicant has been convicted of a crime in the past, check the “Yes” box and provide an explanation for the conviction, but if the applicant has not been convicted of a crime, check the “No” box. A choice must be made.

(22) Bankruptcy. Either the “Yes” or “No” box should be checked to indicate whether the applicant has declared bankruptcy in the past. If so, tick the “Yes” box and provide details (about applicant’s insolvency) in the space provided.

(23) Eviction If the applicant has been expelled then the “Yes” box must be checked. If not, then “No” should be selected. A statement must be provided to the available area for each eviction on the applicant’s record.

(24) Company. Naturally, the owner or landlord will ensure that the applicant can pay the expected rent for the property. In many cases, the applicant will use income from employment to pay for this obligation. If this is the case and the applicant is currently employed, provide the name of the company where the applicant is employed.

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(26) Duration of work. The length of time the applicant has worked at his current job should be stated in years, months and/or weeks.

(27) Gross income. The applicant’s gross official income for the previous year must be released (ie income before taxes are applied).

(28) Address of employer. The postal address where the applicant’s employer can be reached should be included in this discussion.

Job Application Form Template Free

(29) Supervisor. The full name of the applicant’s supervisor (at his place of work) must be provided.

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(30) Company. Generally, an applicant’s work history can demonstrate his or her ability to maintain a lease. The name of the company or company where he worked prior to his current place of employment must be provided. This former employer should be identified by its full name.

(31) Occupation/Title. The applicant must have a professional title in his previous place of employment provided for this area.

(32) Period of working. Document the length of time the applicant applied for their previous employer.

(33) Gross income. The annual gross income earned at the applicant’s last place of employment must be shown as part of this work history.

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(36) Type of residence. This section should describe the applicant’s current residence. Begin by properly classifying the property the applicant is currently working with (ie, apartment, house, etc.).

(39) Amount of rent. Record the dollars the applicant pays as monthly rent to live in their current residence.

(40) Present residential address. The physical address of the applicant’s current residence must be provided with this application.

Job Application Form Template Free

(41) Residence period. This area requires the number of years, months and/or weeks the applicant has lived in their current residence.

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(42) Expiration of Existing Leases. Document the calendar date that defines when the applicant’s lease expires or officially terminates.

(43) Desire for motion. An area has been added to set up a report on why the applicant is attempting to move from their current residence.

(44) Name of landlord. Applicant’s current landlord must be identified by name and address.

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