Job Application Tracker Spreadsheet Template

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Job Application Tracker Spreadsheet Template

Job Application Tracker Spreadsheet Template

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Hiring the right employee can be a long process – with various job application platforms, multiple interviews, and online tests. A good spreadsheet tracking application can help you and your team keep track of all that information. By using the power of Excel analysis, you can use your data to improve your recruitment processes.

We’ve created two free Excel templates for hiring tracking, one for the hiring team and one for the hiring manager/employees.

If you’ve moved beyond a spreadsheet, consider our recommended tracking software, Freshteam. It’s free for up to 50 users and allows 3 job openings to be submitted before upgrading.

Its free plan comes with interview scorecards, canned responses, and the ability to schedule automatic follow-up emails.

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Our templates can be downloaded for free and customized to your specific needs. It’s easy to use and helps improve the hiring process. Click below for form instructions.

We have created a Recruitment Template in Excel to track job applicants. You can download the template for free and then customize it according to your requirement or business needs. You can share it with your recruiting team so everyone can work with the same data.

Using a tracking form not only keeps applicant information at your fingertips but makes it easy to track status, comments, red flags and other important information in the recruiting process. Let’s take a look at each ingredient and how they are best used.

Job Application Tracker Spreadsheet Template

Position: This spreadsheet is designed to describe a specific job. At the bottom of the file, you’ll see the Field 1, Sample Field, and Sample tabs. Position 1 is ready for you to fill your first job. Save the Position TEMPLATE for future posts. You can modify the cells to suit the actions of the applicant.

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When starting a new recruitment process, right-click on the TEMPLATE tab and select Move or Download. Select the page you want to copy and check the box next to Make a copy. This will create another tab that you can rename. The Template tab shows you how to use the template.

Row 1 (yellow): Place the job title and description at the top of the page. This is to enlighten your recruiting team only. You can copy and paste this into a formal job advertisement or put together a summary of what interviewers need to pay attention to.

Row 2 (Peach): List the hiring department or team responsible for hiring, any important information the team needs to keep.

Row 3 (blue): This row is a header row (auto-filled) that lists the description of each row. You can modify this row to suit your needs.

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Row 4-104 (green): The current template is set to 100 candidates. If you need more, highlight and copy the entire row, then paste. This will allow you to save the download options.

Paragraph B: Knowing the reference can help in understanding the candidate. For example, if an employee is referring someone for a position, you can ask them about the candidate. You can edit this column by creating a selection list, but we chose to leave it blank for more precision (eg shipping names).

Column C: Order status lets you know where a particular candidate is in the process. You can also use color coding to make it easier to identify successful candidates versus rejected ones. If you like the candidate but not the job, the “Consider another job” option comes in handy. This column has a pre-set drop-down list to choose from (shown above).

Job Application Tracker Spreadsheet Template

Column E: Resumes can be displayed with links or notes about where they are stored such as a Google Doc or a job board, such as ZipRecruiter.

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Column F: If your company has a telephone offer policy (quick interviews to exclude unsuitable candidates), write that date in this column.

Column G: This column shows the recorded descent options. It offers a pass/fail option and a scale from 1 to 5. It is easy to change the menus if you choose something specific, such as PASS/FAIL, ineligible/failed, not interested/failed, bad communication, etc.

Column H: Some companies require candidates to take online or in-person tests, such as analytical skills, word processing, or business skills. Here, you can keep track of whether a candidate has scheduled or passed the exam, and whether they have passed or failed using the drop-down menu.

First Row: This column is used to test scores. We’ve left out the fillable points to accommodate the many ways in which points can be sorted.

Employee Attendance Tracker Spreadsheet

Columns J through R: Use these columns to record the date, axes, and notes of each interview conducted. We’ve allowed three interviews, but of course you can omit other columns or leave them blank. The interview score drop uses the same pass/fail or 1-5 criteria as the phone screen score.

Paragraph S: At any point in the process, you may need to do a background or reference search to check credentials. (Drug testing is in the Requester’s HR Tracker.) The background check list provides pass/fail and request and continues.

Columns T to U: These columns show the references to be checked. Column T has a drop-down list that indicates whether the reference search is in progress, in progress, or complete. Column U provides scoring space. The result drop indicates success/failure or a score of 1-5.

Job Application Tracker Spreadsheet Template

You can write comments in any of the cells – for example, if you want to make a point that the interview should be adjusted or add some kind of comment about the test point. Simply click on the cell you wish to comment on and select Insert > Comment.

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We have also built a master HR application tracker, which includes essential but sensitive information, where you can track all candidates for all positions.

This template is similar to the recruitment template but has a more comprehensive look. You can list all jobs and applicants; However, instead of all interview test details, this captures contact information, demographic information, general progress (such as interview deadline), and employment results. It also has a drop down menu to keep your notes consistent.

We set this to 100 filters. If you need more, highlight and copy the entire row, then paste. This will allow you to save menu options.

Column A: This column is where you can enter your unique identification code, whether it’s an ID from another system, a Social Security number, or an internal identifier.

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Column E: This column uses a drop-down list to indicate the status of the applicant – either a rejected candidate or a candidate currently being interviewed (see options above). We’ve also included an option to ‘consider another position’ if you’ve found a candidate you’d like to hire for a different role or in the future. You can easily sort the spreadsheet according to this column to show all candidates at each stage of the hiring process.

Column F – L: This is the contact information and demographic information of the applicant. The census is important for consideration of employee benefits for equal opportunities at work, which not only affects the diversity of the company but can lead to tax credits. However, this information should be taken into account and does not affect the employment of each individual. Drop-in options are available for gender, race of applicant, and veteran status.

Column M–O: This tracks the applicant’s previous and current work history. Kholam M includes a place to contact the applicant CV or application. From their resume or application, you can easily fill in columns N and O with your current employer and position.

Job Application Tracker Spreadsheet Template

Column P: By showing where the applicant heard about the job, you can get an understanding of which areas get the most results and produce the most qualified candidates. This can help you plan future hires and know where to post job ads. Another modification would be to create a list of items.

Application Tracking Template

Column Q and R: These columns show the date of application and the date of the last interview with your company (if any).

Column S–U: These columns are used to track background checks, reference checks, and substance abuse testing for each applicant. You can take notes or just put a status – edited, planned, completed, failed, passed, etc.

Columns V and W: Use these two columns to record the date you made the donation to the candidate. If the candidate does not accept your offer, you can include a reason in column W.

Our templates can be customized to suit the needs of your business or enterprise. Here are simple instructions to change our templates in Excel:

Recruitment Tracker Excel Template Manager Template Excel

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