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Job Tracker Spreadsheet – Crossing tasks off your to-do list is pretty awesome, isn’t it? If only everything in life gave you that instant sense of accomplishment!

You earn a to-do list by helping you plan, assign, and track all the work that needs to be done for a project. You can also use it to inform stakeholders and team members at a glance about project progress.

Job Tracker Spreadsheet

Job Tracker Spreadsheet

With a free to-do list template, you can keep track of all the tasks you need to complete — whether you’re focusing on an important work task or just want to finish a few projects around the house. We’ve done all the hard work so you can bookmark all the fun stuff.

Job Costing Sheet Excel Template

Save even more time by creating your own to-do list in minutes with online Gantt chart software from.

Are you ready to start? Download this free Excel to-do list template and we’ll show you how easy it is to take your to-do list from task to task ta-da!

Or save even more time by creating your own to-do list in minutes using our online Gantt chart software.

At , we know how important it is to ensure that projects are completed on time and on budget. That’s why we’ve created an Excel project task list template to make tracking progress easy.

Project Task Tracker Excel Template

Customize this task tracking template by adding task and task list items, assigning task owners, and tracking task status, budgets, and costs. Here is the tutorial.

In the sheet and enter a descriptive name for each task you want to track on a specific day of the week.

This sample task list template includes four different status options – with icons as simple visual cues – so you can see at a glance where each task is:

Job Tracker Spreadsheet

To assign a status to a task, click the status drop-down menu in the task row and select the status that applies to the task you are working on.

Free Task And Checklist Templates

We designed this project task template to keep track of your weekly to-do list. However, you can create additional task lists to monitor daily and monthly tasks.

To add a new worksheet. Then give each row and column a title and use the formatting tools to design your own daily or monthly task tracker

Once you have the basics down, you can customize the Excel task list template to fit the needs of your project. You can add a title, change colors, add or remove new rows and columns, or even decorate your to-do list with your company logo.

Call this checklist template “Weekly To Do List”. As exciting as this label is, we’re sure you’ll want to give your to-do list your own crazy (and specific) name.

Job Search Tracking Spreadsheet

1. To add or edit the name of the project task list template, double-click the cursor in cell A-2.

2. Enter a new name for your task list. Feel free to include the project name and date range in your title so there’s no doubt what this to-do list tracker entails.

3. Format the heading text using the same formatting tools you would use to format any other text in the worksheet.

Job Tracker Spreadsheet

Want to use your own brand colors in your to-do list? Or make it easier to identify Tom’s tasks as Bill’s? Not a problem!

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A drop-down menu will appear and select a new color to apply to the cell, row, or column you selected.

To get you started, we’ve outlined some basic to-do list categories. But there may be other details that you need to keep track of along the way. For example, you might want to add a priority column. Or maybe your Monday has a lot more responsibilities than the rest of the week.

. A new row is added above the currently selected row using the same formulas and formatting as the row above.

. A new column is added to the left of the currently selected column using the same formulas and formatting as the column to the left.

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We may have included details that simply do not need to be followed. That’s all right! Deleting more information won’t hurt our feelings one bit.

Want to give your project to-do list template a little more flair? Add your company logo to the worksheet.

When you’re done customizing your to-do list template, it’ll be so pretty you might want to print it out and hang it on your wall—and we don’t blame you.

Job Tracker Spreadsheet

1. First, let’s define the print area. Just click and use the cursor to highlight all the cells you want to print. So go to

Free Task And To Do List Template In Excel

2. Click to scale the checklist to fit on one page

3. After setting up the print area and customizing the checklist, you’re ready to send your to-do list to the printer. to knock

Want to banish boredom from your to-do lists? Try our online Gantt chart software and create your own to-do lists in minutes.

With , it’s easy to collaborate on work and optimize workflows. Here are just a few useful features you and your team will have at your fingertips:

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And since it’s live and web-based, everyone on the team can update tasks in real time. No more juggling a million different spreadsheets or scrambling to catch last minute updates before a big meeting!

Register your free account and get started. (No strings attached, we promise!) While you’re at it, check out how easy it is to create and manage to-do lists.

1. Before you can set up tasks, you’ll need to answer a few quick startup questions and then create a new project.

Job Tracker Spreadsheet

2. When you get to the setup page for your new project, start by entering a descriptive name for your project. This is what we call our “weekly to-do list”.

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3. Then select a new start date if you want your list to start on a day other than today.

4. Next, decide whether you want to start from scratch with a blank project or choose a template from our library of ready-made options. To make it easier for you, we have created a template called “Weekly To Do List”.

If not, you can choose another template option or click anywhere outside the preview window to return

5. Next, select which days of the week you want to assign and track work for this project. The default is Monday through Friday, but you can choose any configuration of days that makes sense for your work schedule.

Employee Performance Tracker Spreadsheet

Now that you have a project, it’s time to define your to-do list! For our example, we’ve chosen a weekly to-do list template that gives us a set of checked-off tasks for each day of the week.

And enter a name in the blank field that appears below. Then use drag and drop to adjust the timeline for each task.

4. To delete a task, hover over it and select the trash icon that appears to the right of the task name.

Job Tracker Spreadsheet

Dependencies allow you to control the order of tasks in your project. If one task has to wait for another task to complete before running, the dependency will be responsible. For example, a designer may not be able to design a landing page until the content is written.

Keeping Track Of Applications

1. To add a dependency, click the gray dot to the right of the first task in the Gantt chart.

To change the color of a task, move the mouse over the task and select a new color by clicking on the colored square that appears to the right of the task.

This is just a sampling of all the fun you can have with to-do lists – but there’s so much more to see! Sign up for your free account today and learn all about project management options at your fingertips. Find all the project tracking templates you need to monitor a project from start to finish. We’ve compiled a list of the best tracking templates, all of which are free, easy to use, and fully customizable.

In this article, you’ll find multiple project tracking templates, various PM-focused templates designed specifically for Excel, such as a project management dashboard template, and project management issue and construction project tracking templates.

Essential Excel Spreadsheets For Tracking Work (free Downloads)

In an active organization, you are likely to manage multiple projects (in various stages of completion) at the same time. Download any of the following free customizable templates available in Excel, Google Sheets, and formats to keep track of the details of more than one project at a time.

Quickly get an overview of the status of tasks in multiple projects. This template highlights task status, priority and deadlines, and whether items are at risk or not. You can also track the percentage of tasks completed, fixed costs, and estimated and actual hours. You can also add a column for billing hours if you want.

With a few questions, find out what power you have and how you can use it to work more effectively, build stronger teams and get more done.

Job Tracker Spreadsheet

Manage the budget of multiple projects with this template. Use color coding to show job status at a glance. Track work and materials

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