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Just Sold Postcards – And if you’re considering starting such a campaign or improving an existing one, you’ll want to ask if they work.

Overall, and based on the overall direct mail numbers they include, they perform about average.

Just Sold Postcards

Just Sold Postcards

I’ll explain what just sold cards are, how and when they work, as well as examples, creative ideas and templates for them.

Just Listed/just Sold Postcards

As a real estate agent, you can send them to potential buyers and sellers immediately after selling a property in a particular area.

It shows potential sellers that you can actually sell a home or multiple homes in their area.

However, the latter depends on the price for which you can sell the house or houses mentioned on the postcard.

Conversely, if they find that the price you’ve sold a home for isn’t a good match, it may not increase their desire to sell, but they may consider you in the future. will remember

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But if you think a little further, it can create a convincing and psychological effect.

This is one of the oldest tricks in copywriting and sales (well, copywriting is sales writing). This is called scarcity.

Do you remember those old TV sales where you could guess how many items were on sale and the salesperson would tell you, “Order now before it’s gone or it’s too late”?

Just Sold Postcards

The effect is somewhat similar to potential buyers, but certainly not as fast and direct.

Just Sold Postcard For Geographic Farming That Get Seller Leads Calling You

As such, potential buyers of the area in question may begin to feel that they have to work ahead of schedule.

They may be under the impression that inventory is dwindling, that less affordable homes are coming on the market every day, and that they may be left out.

By the way, the feeling that you are being left out is another psychological trick you can use in copywriting.

There are general statistics on the effectiveness of direct mail and postcards, but unfortunately not specifically about “sold only” postcards.

Three Click Postcards

So let’s take a quick look at the common real estate marketing effectiveness of direct mail and postcards, and then look at anecdotal testimonials from various real estate professionals who have used them.

For direct mail in general, you can expect a response or lead conversion rate of 6.6%, and 42.2% of recipients scan or read a piece of direct mail ( source ).

Many consumers (39%) make their first decision to do business based on the direct mail they receive ( source ).

Just Sold Postcards

Based on the marketing performance metrics and statistics above, we can at least assume that “just selling” travelers can work as well.

Just Listed Just Sold Postcards Archives

They can work a little better than postcards in the overall marketing campaign of the previous customer because of the psychological and persuasive effect they can have.

Opinions on various forums about “just sold” postcards like this one are quite mixed and a bit contradictory.

I sent flyers out there and to the owners of the apartments that were rented out – the couple kept my flyer because it was the only flyer they had for their rental market and called me about 6 months later to say they List the house.

They should be used in conjunction with other marketing techniques such as cold calling, door knocking, regular mailings and market updates.

Jason Hoffman Real Estate

“Do they have a QR code they can follow to find out more and you can track who views it?”

If so, it’s worth it. You just have to connect with these people somehow.

“I have sent something but have not received any results. You really have to bombard people with mailings (at least in my area) to make a good profit.

Just Sold Postcards

Hopefully, this section will help you refine the above mentioned “just sell” marketing performance metrics and put them to work for you.

Just Sold Postcards Archives

And the most important factor affecting conversion rates, whether in offline or online marketing, is copywriting.

In copywriting, using the word “you” is a big deal because it helps you keep asking yourself what it means.

However, most of the “just sold” flights you find online and in your mail are for real estates.

Usually on these cards, you’ll see a picture or several pictures of the house, sometimes a picture of the real estate agent, and then a message that they just sold the house.

Just Sold Postcards • Agent Evolution •

By the way, this applies to about 90% of the “sold only” card templates you can find.

And if potential customers know Mary and Bill from their area, it’s easier for them to identify and build a relationship with Mary and Bill.

Because of this, it not only creates additional confidence in the real estate agent, but also creates the so-called one-win effect.

Just Sold Postcards

In the body of the card, if there’s extra space and it doesn’t break the layout of the design, you can also write something like, “Would you like to do the same? Contact us at XYZ.”

Free, Printable, Customizable Just Sold Postcard Templates

Below I’ve made another version of the first “just sold” card, so you can see what I mean.

Finally, it is again about the real benefits. Mary and Bill need to move or move, so they want to sell the house.

So, another headline might read “Jack just got out of his bad mortgage and sold his house.”

This means knowing who your potential target customers are, where they are and how you can reach them where they are.

House Sunset Just Sold

According to this study, the ideal frequency of ad impressions, at least in the world of digital advertising, ranges from 5 to 9 impressions.

When Facebook ads are shown to the same people over and over, something called “ad fatigue” occurs, which lowers click-through rates and, of course, increases your cost-per-click over time.

Although this study was conducted in the digital world, it is likely to be true in the offline world as well. Some things are better measured online.

Just Sold Postcards

So this also means that sending these “just sold” travelers just once would be more of a waste of money than anything else, which is reflected in the opinion of some of the real estate experts above.

Free, Printable, Customizable Just Listed Postcard Templates

By the way, I recently wrote an article about finding cheap suppliers for automated real estate flyers, which might be useful in this regard.

At the end of this article, I want to leave you with some examples, templates, references and creative ideas that you can use for your new sales cards.

Remember, you’ll get real benefits from asking “why?” Often, as well as “so what?”.

There may be many more benefits than listed below, but you’ll find that by asking the “why” and “then what” questions, someone who wants to sell a home is rarely doing it because they want to sell it.

Do Just Sold Postcards For Real Estate Even Work?

If we take a closer look at the benefits to both the seller and the buyer, many of them can be found again in the “Life Force 8” first mentioned by Drew Eric Whitman in Cash Variance, namely:

First, I’ll give you some examples of copywriting for them, and then I’ll take one of them and apply the copy to an actual design template from my favorite online design software, Canva.

1) “John just sold his house and will use the money to buy a house in the mountains of Colorado.

Just Sold Postcards

After selling our house, he was finally able to downsize and use the leftover money for a new business venture.

Postcards Just Sold — Sequoia Real Estate

In your case, you should use an authentic photo that shows the happy face of the seller or buyer in front of the camera.

Do you also want to change your neighborhood? Contact us today and we can find you a pair.

3) “Sold only to Julia, who is tired of paying rent and constantly annoying the noisy neighbors.

From what you’ve read above, you can now understand that you don’t want to blindly use “sold only” flyer templates and use the exact text or so-called “copy” that is recommended.

New Just Listed Real Estate Postcards Templates Keller Williams 3b Red And White

As of this writing, they have 81 different just-sold postcard templates that you can find here.

If you need a supplier that can handle the shipping part, you can also check out this article where I break down the different ones from a cost perspective.

This article has been checked by our editors. It has been approved for publication in accordance with our editorial policy. These lead generating flyers highlight your successful transactions as they happen, build your profile with your neighbors and get you more listings and referrals.

Just Sold Postcards

Sending only listed/sold only travelers provides a great opportunity for you to build your reputation and highlight your successful transactions as they occur in a specific area. We use your individual or agency style vision to maintain consistent brand awareness. With our program, you can target the neighborhood where you made the transaction and, most importantly, directly contact the homeowners on their tax records.

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