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U.S. Chamber of Commerce Thugs Used ‘Terror tools’ for Disinfo Scheme focused on Me, My household, other revolutionary U.S. residents, businesses And why they’re prone to get away with it… by way of Brad Friedman on 2/14/2011, 6:05am PT   "[W]ho enhanced to boost a corporate counsel reconnaissance potential than corporations that have been market leaders within the DoD and Intelligence neighborhood."- ‘group Themis’, from their eleven/3/10 "company suggestions Reconnaissance mobile" suggestion brought to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s legislation firm Hunton & Williams. As I realized late final Thursday, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the strongest Rightwing lobbying community within the country, was published to had been working with their legislation firm and a couple of inner most cyber safety and intelligence businesses to goal revolutionary organizations, journalists and residents who they felt have been in opposition to their political activism, strategies and facets of view. As I went on the air Thursday evening — my fifth in a six-day guest hosting stint on the nationally syndicated Mike Malloy display — revelations concerning the planned multi-million dollar political hit job via the safety/intelligence enterprises working to enhance a scheme for the U.S. Chamber (and one more one, basically identical to it, on behalf of bank of the us) have been just beginning to come to gentle. both plots had been being developed by the Chamber and BofA by way of the very same legislation enterprise, Hunton & Williams and with the cyber intelligence organizations HBGary Federal, Berico applied sciences & Palantir technologies. as the reveal all started, i was able to file the news, in line with an unique report from Lee Fang at ThinkProgress, that interior emails from one of the crucial companies, validated that (VR), a progressive non-partisan, non-earnings organization co-headquartered via The BRAD weblog, and its campaign had been peculiarly highlighted as goals of the Chamber’s plot which turned into proposed to encompass the planting of a "false doc", in hopes they’d be publicly released by VR or other progressive corporations, so the U.S. Chamber may then claim the companies involved had created a forgery. The plan also concerned developing "two fake insider personas", one at VR and a further on the unrelated change To Win corporation, which had employed a coalition of union groups to create a non-income crusade, some months after VR’s, referred to as U.S. Chamber Watch. The plan introduced through crew Themis, as the three safety businesses known as themselves, would then use some of the "false personas" as "leverage to discredit the other while confirming the legitimacy of the second" in hopes of publicizing the fraudulent look of some type of "conspiracy" between the a number of revolutionary businesses in order to by hook or by crook discredit them. As Thursday’s show endured, I acquired confirmation that I, in my opinion, together with contributors of my family unit, had been highlighted in Themis’ proposed hit job, as ThinkProgress adopted up with a 2d story, in accordance with a couple of other emails from HBGary’s CEO Aaron Barr. The e-mail concentrated on me covered names, own information, domestic addresses, etc. of myself, family members and a couple of different members of VR. Naturally, I reported on the then-confirmed information in the second hour of that nighttime’s Malloy show. An hour or so after the demonstrate went off the air Thursday night, The BRAD weblog become not reachable, as our server had been knocked off line tough, so i used to be unable to follow up with a great deal greater advice. The server we use, which is additionally the domestic for many different modern web sites, was out of commission for basically 24 hours, even though i’m advised via our server admin that the very ordinary outage changed into regarding a major hardware failure which passed off at what become evidently a really inopportune — and, naturally, suspiciously timed — second. Moments before Friday’s exhibit, The BRAD weblog changed into finally again up and online. Over the weekend then, I’ve finally been capable of catch up with lots of what I had in any other case been unable to on Friday as a result of the server outage and the should prep for Friday’s exhibit whereas all of this was occurring (and as the Egypt regime become collapsing at the equal moment). As I, and other journalists, were plowing through probably the most tens of heaps of emails from HBGary’s CEO — as stolen and launched via the "hacktivist" organization calling themselves nameless, following Barr’s public danger to reveal their names — i have been able to be trained much more in regards to the U.S. Chamber plan. a part of the plan protected highlighting me as a "Tier 1" player in an advanced disinformation/discrediting scheme that relied on high-tech tools developed for the U.S. executive’s "warfare on Terror". group Themis’ U.S. Chamber of Commerce plan become to set up the very identical thoughts and technology used to track terrorists, terror corporations, and countries such as Iran, towards inner most non-income political advocates and residents in the U.S. As demanding (and there’s lots that each American citizen and every member of the American media need to be very disturbed via during this story) Hunton & Williams (H&W), the law enterprise working on behalf of the U.S. Chamber and the bank of america, had been advised to BofA, the nation’s biggest financial institution, for the parallel hit scheme to goal and discredit WikiLeaks, with the aid of our own U.S. branch of Justice. besides Barr’s e mail offering personal information on me and my household, the H&W scheme by way of team Themis, created for the U.S. Chamber, additionally protected a power element presentation in which i am individually highlighted, with image, together with my spouse "Martha" and "2 boys, James and John Friedman" at our "domestic at 1055 Raywood Ln, Silver Springs, MD". Of course, i’m not married and haven’t any children and do not live in MD, however these are the large deepest firms receiving hundreds of thousands, if not billions, in U.S. tax-payer dollars to goal terrorists, after all, so why let such details like accuracy, or focused on blameless people, or citizens and journalists exercising their appropriate to free speech get within the approach of a potential $2 million dollar per month contract from the U.S. Chamber get within the manner? The Chamber, of route, is also funded by the world’s largest firms who receive billions in tax-payer bailout bucks and subsidies from the U.S. executive. can you suppose the synergy? crew Themis definitely did… The PowerPoint slide above was the third one within the full presentation despatched to John Woods and Bob Quackenboss of H&W, the U.S. Chamber’s attorneys, as "example studies that you simply requested to provide you with a more robust idea of what we could be producing," based on the email it changed into attached to, as despatched via Samuel Kremin of Berico applied sciences. It turned into the primary one specializing in a single particular person. i am honored. "a pair issues to keep in mind although," Kremin brought, "are that these are only instance studies and don’t replicate the premiere efforts or real means of our crew." certainly, a lot of the tips looks to be simply sample template stuff, although there are slides following the one concentrated on me which center of attention on innovative political activists corresponding to Ilyse Hogue, Director of Political Advocacy and Communications at and attorney Robert Weissman, president of Public Citizen, both corporate accountability consultants, Jane Johson, media director at SEIU, and others. So, naturally, these are "enemies" of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and its member organizations, as they likely see them. The team changed into doubtless withholding tons of the records they’d already gathered on all of us. The email published via ThinkProgress final Thursday evening covered a little bit greater accurate details on me and even my extended family, rather than the ‘wife and a pair of children’ stuff they used to promote their McCarthyesque plans to undermine private U.S. residents and businesses on the request of the Chamber’s legal goons. the first slide within the presentation Berico’s Kremin sent to the U.S. Chamber attorneys certain their "PIR’S" or "precedence Intelligence requirements" for the crusade to assault what they describe as "attack organizations": hurt control Two of the three members of team Themis — Berico and Palantir (the latter’s identify become on the slides used to show the financial institution of yank plan for attacking WikiLeaks, including a scheme to try and discredit Salon journalist Glenn Greenwald) have issued public statements distancing themselves from the third member, HBGary, within the wake of those revelations. Berico’s is here [PDF]. Palantir’s is right here. each and every declares that they’re severing ties with HBGary and its CEO Aaron Barr who, in accordance with the emails, is viewed as the most aggressive of the team Themis contributors — notwithstanding that may be because it changed into Barr’s emails that have been launched publicly by means of anonymous. What we’ve got realized up formerly comes mostly by way of the standpoint of Barr’s emails to the others, and so we’ve got best considered snippets, so far, from the different members of the (very real) conspiracy coming collectively on the behest of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce by means of quoted textual content of replies to and from Barr’s personal notes to Berico, Palantir and the DoJ-recommended H&W legislations firm. Berico’s observation, from co-founders man Filippelli (CEO) and Nick Hallam (COO) contains here: Our management doesn’t condone or assist any effort that proactively objectives American organisations, businesses or individuals. We discover such movements reprehensible and are deeply committed to partnering with the most useful agencies in our industry that share our core values. hence, we’ve discontinued all ties with HBGary Federal. Given the above-cited vigour factor presentation changed into despatched to H&W from Berico’s Analyst/check with Samuel Kremin, and the e-mail first mentioned on via ThinkProgress, highlighting precise very own details on me and my family, become sent via Barr to each John Woods of H&W and Patrick Ryan of Berico applied sciences, the after-the-truth claim that Berico "does not condone or aid…effort[s] that proactively goal American companies, organizations or people" is just a little laughable on its face. additionally, as Berico’s commentary claims they are a "veteran-owned small business ", it seems not likely that the "management" — the CEO and COO — of any such "small business" can be ignorant of an in depth concept (which one among their personal personnel despatched to a felony enterprise) for what was hoped to be, in line with Barr’s emails, a $2 million monthly contract for the company and its companions in slime. For Palantir’s half, in their commentary, co-founder and CEO Dr. Alex Karp in a similar way promised to "sever any and all contacts with HB Gary", the advantageous fall guy, it looks, during this count number. On behalf of his enterprise — which, as Emptywheel’s Marcy Wheeler exact last week, isn’t any doubt scrambling in hopes of preserving their lucrative executive contracts (they’ve obtained contracts to the tune of $6,378,332 in view that 2007 from the department. of protection and the DoJ/FBI) — he claimed they "usually are not worried in such actions." That, now that they have been caught and embarrassed by means of being viewed as directly worried in such activities, naturally. Karp’s observation went on to say: "might also have had," Dr. Karp? enable me to refresh your memory. Please note the emblem on the good left of each and every of those PowerPoint slides created as part of the BofA scheme: Greenwald experiences that Karp ended up calling Greenwald in my opinion to ask for forgiveness remaining week and has promised to get again to him with assistance on even if or no longer financial institution of the usa or Hunton & Williams in reality retained the groups of group Themis to carry out the pernicious scheme mentioned above. we will seem forward to that. Palantir offered further touch upon Sunday to The Tech Herald, claiming, amongst different things: [T]he tactics proposed by means of HBGary have been certainly not accepted and not ever acted upon….• Palantir did not participate in any actions involving HBGary’s proposed strategies.• The slide entitled "advantage Proactive tactics" was authored completely via HBGary.• The Palantir emblem on the slide is the outcomes of a collated deck and does not signify Palantir’s position. Given the specified, 12-page thought [PDF] titled "company assistance Reconnaissance phone", submitted to Hunton & Williams on November three, 2010, detailing Palantir’s tightly-knit, side-with the aid of-facet partnership within the triumvirate of cyber-protection/intel firms calling themselves team Themis, it be problematic to accept as true with that Palantir turned into as innocent in these concerns — or whilst "progressive" — as their statements hope to bring. Wheeler studies in one other piece related to part of the Themis plan to charge$250/hour to create false personas and take advantage of social media websites reminiscent of Twitter to help discredit modern journalists and activists equivalent to these fighting on behalf of these making $12/hour or less to "maintain your building clean or care for you when you’re sick": i suspect publicly distancing themselves from "any actions involving HBGary’s proposed tactics," is a extremely carefully chosen phrase for Palantir, as each of the vigour element presentations I’ve highlighted so far — the one bearing Palantir’s emblem focused on Greenwald and the one targeting me, beneath the team Themis banner — propose quite pernicious and objectionable McCarthyesque tactics for use in opposition t deepest americans and companies exercising their correct to free speech and peaceful meeting in the explanation for revolutionary political advocacy. while Palantir and their self-described champion of free speech and innovative values, CEO Karp, reached out to the generally-study and intensely visible Greenwald to ask for forgiveness for the proposed assaults on him and his credibility, as evidenced on their logoed energy factor slide, to this point, "in some way," as Wheeler observed, "Dr. Karp forgot to express regret to Brad Friedman, a further journalist [Team Themis] has centered." HBGary, the company of the loathsome Aaron Barr, firstly claimed to "have been the victims of an intentional criminal cyberattack," following their takedown through nameless. They went on to baselessly can charge that "any advice at present within the public domain isn’t official since the perpetrators of this offense, or individuals working closely with them, have deliberately falsified certain statistics." Um, I don’t consider so. Neither does any one else. because the Tech Herald accompanied, "it is unlikely that anonymous would forge hundreds and heaps of emails or attachments" and notes "the comprehensive severance of ties via" the other two agencies of crew Themis, "leaves little room for doubt that the advice … is legit." and isn’t just a little eager to are attempting and use the historical "they intentionally falsified information!" ploy after you have got already been busted as having concocted exactly such a scheme of fraud and forgery to plant false files and then make that declare so as discredit others? Remarkably, Barr additionally had the temerity, in any case of this came about, to whinge to Forbes concerning the fall-out from his resolution to move after anonymous: "Do I feel sorry about it now? bound, I’m getting very own threats from americans, and i have two children. I even have two four-yr historic youngsters. Nothing is value that." The irony changed into definitely misplaced on this man. [On a related note, for fans of Schadenfreude, you must read the hilarious and detailed inside story of the absolutely epic, legendary even, take-down by Anonymous of HBGary and Barr, its Egomaniac-in-Chief, including details on the 16-year old girl who managed to gain access to the company password at the multi-million dollar cyber-security "intelligence" firm as Anonymous then proceeded to take over their website (see the message they left on it here, including: "You’ve tried to bite at the Anonymous hand, and now the Anonymous hand is bitch-slapping you in the face"); deface Barr’s Twitter account; remotely wipe his iPad clean; and downloaded the entire company email database. The account, as stitched together from the now-public record by by Ars Technica’s Nate Anderson, is an instant classic.] The self-discrediting Barr and HBGary have been instantly made the scapegoats in all of this, and so have received probably the most coverage in the media thus far. but the instigators behind all of those diabolical schemes, the bag guys at Hunton & Williams and the godfathers at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, have nonetheless remained mostly unscathed in media reports. Hunton & Williams has yet to unencumber a remark in regard to any of this, while the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, as is their wont, chose to go on the attack, charging, like HBGary, that they’re in fact the victims of "baseless attacks". in their first commentary on Thursday, Tom Collamore writing for the U.S. Chamber at ChamberPost, offered this remarkably daft "non-denial denial": As is her wont, Emptywheel’s Wheeler dispatched with the laughable response "From the ChamberPot" in brief order (as, in flip, did basically each commenter on the Chamber’s weblog.) you’re going to note the Chamber’s denial of having "hired" HBGary, "the safety enterprise" in question, most likely, as they had been the ones highlighted in ThinkProgress’ initial "ChamberLeaks" record. however the emails launched from HBGary show they and their companions developing after which proposing the scheme to the Chamber’s legislations enterprise H&W, at the same time as a few the emails reference H&W sharing the tips with the Chamber. So the place they say HBGary changed into "now not employed by way of the Chamber or by means of anybody else on the Chamber’s behalf," that might neatly be actual, if totally disingenuous and deceptive. [I interviewed Wheeler about the entire affair on Friday night’s Malloy Show. You can listen to that interview, in "Hour 1" right here.] A 2nd non-denial denial issued by the U.S. Chamber right here day, claiming once more to spotlight "one other Smear" towards them after ThinkProgress’ 2d article (the one highlighting the email focused on me and my household, among others), changed into in a similar way disingenuous. both statements cautiously avoided admission of the Chamber’s retention of Hunton & Williams and what the firm did on behalf of the Chamber. The 2d observation continued with such weasly phrases as "The U.S. Chamber certainly not employed or solicited proposals from HBGary, Palantir or Berico, the safety businesses being pointed out on the internet" and "No funds, for any intention, became paid to any of these three deepest security enterprises via the Chamber, or by way of any one on behalf of the Chamber, including Hunton and Williams." right. The contract — noted to were price $2 million per month — in response to one of the emails observed to be from Aaron Barr to his HBGary colleagues released on Sunday (versus $2 million for the whole contract, as previously said ), changed into curiously not ever finalized. Wrote Barr: I have been sucked up for the last, seems like essentially 2 weeks working the legislations firm deal. The potential is big for us. we are starting the pilot this week, 50K effort. After the pilot the conclusion customer receives briefed. We had been speaking to the senior accomplice of the law firm on Friday and he wants a firm fastened price by way of month for 6 months and the figure we have come to choose is $2M per month for the 3 team contributors. so as to equal $500-$700K for HBG Federal, thats per 30 days. We still need to close it, so i am spending most of my time making certain we blow them away and get the funding. however the work H&W ("the legislations firm" possibly referenced above) changed into doing was actually on behalf of the Chamber ("the end customer"), and it be as not likely H&W took it upon themselves to searching for proposals for such an invidious scheme on behalf of the Chamber with their route, because it is to think about that crew Themis acted with out course from both H&W or the Chamber, or both, as different emails indicate in contradiction to the Chamber’s claims of innocence. additionally value noting right here: while we don’t yet have evidence that crew Themis closed the deal with H&W and the Chamber, it seems somewhat possible that H&W became in the hunt for competing proposals from distinct "intelligence" businesses as smartly. Did any individual else truly get the deal? Are they working, even as we talk, on behalf of the Chamber to assault perceived enemies via makes an attempt at discrediting them? The Chamber’s two responses smartly keep away from answers to these questions, or culpability in having sicced H&W in opposition t their political opponents on their behalf. although I have requested remark from all three cyber-security/intelligence businesses in addition to H&W on these matters, none have replied to my query at the present. We do be aware of that H&W — the legislations company advised to the bank of the united states by way of the DoJ to assist shelter in opposition t purported documents talked about to be quickly posted by way of WikiLeaks — had been working for the Chamber as lengthy ago as may also 2010. That month, one in every of their attorneys, Michael J. Mueller, sent a threatening "cease and desist" letter to VR’s publicist, charging that an announcement issued through the group as part of the crusade made "defamatory and false allegations about the united states Chamber of Commerce" in reference to the campaigns declare that "The Chamber, just like the mafia, also makes use of threats to get its method." Mueller’s letter, issuing a mafia-like risk, went on to charge "the veracity of these individuals [who worked on] is in question" and the company demanded the group’s press free up be retracted. It wasn’t. That wasn’t the primary time VR had confronted intimidation tactics courtesy of the mafia-like U.S. Chamber. In December of 2009, after StopTheChamber had issued a reward for information resulting in the arrest and conviction of the Chamber’s CEO Tom Donohue, Fox "news" sprung to its protection — after the Chamber had tipped them off, in accordance with one among their newshounds — resulting in a entrance web page hit piece on VR, making the silly, but helpful declare, that the Chamber become being " HUNTED through THE LEFT " with a "Bounty placed on Head of Chamber Boss." The effect, as the BRAD weblog specified at the time, become an absolute deluge of extraordinarily photograph and violent death threats and racist emails from Fox "information" readers despatched to the non-profit, non-partisan progressive advocacy organization. Terror tools & Your Tax dollars Used against You As I mentioned to Firedoglake’s David Dayen, during an interview for a narrative he turned into doing about these revelations on Friday, the day i used to be unable to publish to The BRAD weblog, one of the most maddening features about all of this is that journalists and innovative residents and businesses are being attacked via organisations the use of our own tax greenbacks against us. The U.S. Chamber is funded with the aid of its member firms, the area’s greatest. among these funders are AIG and financial institution of the us, both of whom bought billions in tax-payer bailouts, in addition to fossil-fuel agencies corresponding to ExxonMobile, essentially the most profitable organization in the heritage of civilization, who, in spite of this, continues to get hold of billions in tax-payer subsidies every and every 12 months. As corporations like and The BRAD weblog beg for $5, $10 and $50 donations to dwell afloat — to report on and battle for issues like the correct to vote or a dwelling wage for all U.S. citizens or for health care or a livable planet or to return competition to the general public airwaves or for company and governmental accountability or in opposition t the absurd notion of "corporate personhood" or in opposition t the Chamber and their company cronies’ handle of very nearly every factor of yankee elections and democracy — the Chamber musters millions, harvested from tax-payers, to discredit those equal tax-payers with dishonest, thug-like, secret conspiracies of vengeance — using their personal tax bucks! Worse, we now have facts that they’re enlisting, with the (at least passive) cooperation of the U.S. govt, the very equal tools that the U.S. government employs to supposedly fight terrorism around the world. Doubt that? What "bought the Chamber to start with," according to Berico’s Patrick Ryan in one of the emails released via anonymous, became "the Iranian shipping demo." The demo, as posted by means of Berico and Palantir on YouTube remaining November, demonstrates how they have got developed software employed with the aid of the dep.. of defense to map networks of agencies, individuals and companies by way of both categorized and public source tips, with a purpose to create ties between them, and then use those ties to discredit or infiltrate. here’s Palantir’s "Iranian transport Demo" video… …observe how the Palantir/Berico organizational mapping utility described in the video, tracking shipments of weapons to terrorist groups around the globe, mirrors the net of connections used to reveal (if fully inaccurately) who my purported buddies are in Palantir/Berico/HBGary’s team Themis power element presentation discussed at first of this article — the very presentation prepared by the three establishments for the U.S. Chamber’s legislation firm in hopes of securing the $2 million per month deal to assault me and other modern advocates… Your tax dollars at work. fighting in opposition t terrorism. and also you. corporate Immunity from the rule of legislations Writing about crew Themis’ bank of the us plot to discredit him, the one which nearly identically mirrors the identical neighborhood’s proposed plot for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Glenn Greenwald, a Constitutional lawyer moreover now being a journalist and author, posits that the proposals, "quite possibly constitute critical crimes." "Manufacturing and submitting false documents with the intent they be posted seemingly constitutes forgery and fraud," he says. "Threatening the careers of journalists and activists to be able to force them to be silent is maybe extortion and, counting on the particular skill to be used, constitutes other crimes as smartly." but what, if anything else, can or might be done by using the U.S. executive for accountability against using such "probably crook" strategies used against americans by means of inner most companies (fueled via tax payer bucks)? as it became the dept. of Justice themselves who are said to have suggested the enterprise Hunton & Williams to the bank of the usa in their scheme to attack WikiLeaks, the DoJ would doubtless need to recuse themselves from any such criminal investigation. a different Prosecutor would should be assigned to the case, if the DoJ agreed. It looks not likely that the Republican-led U.S. apartment Judiciary or Oversight Committees could be inclined to even hang hearings on a count which might mirror so poorly on the companies and suitable Rightwing lobbying community to whom they are so dearly beholden. That looks nearly as proper despite the fact that it had been Democrats who nonetheless held the majority. So it looks not likely Congress would ask for a distinct Prosecutor either. i would love to be proven wrong. A civil suit may very well be brought via the individuals or groups centered in these schemes beneath a number of statutes which have been cautioned to me over the weekend through a couple of diverse sources. one of these case, despite the fact, could additionally find itself bumping up against the U.S. executive if the dept. of Justice determined to invoke the as soon as-arcane, now-ubiquitous so-known as "State secrets Privilege", as used to thoroughly shut down instances stated to doubtlessly display national protection secrets. extra commonly than not, youngsters, or not it’s now invoked readily to keep away from embarrassment to the U.S. executive and/or its preferred friends. (See Marcy Wheeler’s insurance closing week of the executive "declaring children’s nosebleeds a state secret", no longer to mention the style it be been abused for years against countrywide protection whistleblowers reminiscent of former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds and many others.) As you could see above, the sort of legislation go well with, they could declare, could influence within the publicity of equipment and tactics, methods and capacity used within the so-known as "conflict on Terror", as developed by means of Palantir, Berico and HBGary and reduced in size to be used via the govt to the tune of greater than $6 million within the case of Palantir alone. each Berico and HBGary additionally subsist off of gigantic executive contracts within the "struggle on Terror". still, the rely, at least from a civil angle, is being explored. For now, the revelation of terror tools used so overtly towards political opponents within the inner most corporate sector is stressful, to claim the least. while the concept of paid political operatives subversively the use of social media to discredit opponents has long been suspected by using many, here we’ve proof that these tactics are, in actuality, fairly ordinary among those that can afford to install them. That commenter who at all times indicates as much as hijack a comment thread on a particular theme may additionally very smartly be working for $250/hour. Greenwald, as commonplace, cuts to the heart of the traumatic revelations: Greenwald goes on to describe how the department. of Justice introduced they’d carry full elements to endure towards anonymous after they’d in brief disrupted Paypal, MasterCard and Amazon’s websites in retaliations for those agencies removing provider to WikiLeaks, a media corporation charged with no crimes in any way. Yet a "much more destructive and severe cyber-attack…launched at WikiLieaks" not ever introduced a public peep from the very identical DoJ in response. He goes on to quote blogger John Cole’s response to this mess thusly: At this factor, it’s turn into reasonably difficuilt to dispute Cole’s fatalistic sentiments. crew Themis’ "corporate counsel Reconnaissance mobile" concept [PDF] submitted to Hunton & Williams remaining November offers this as its last idea within the "Conclusion" graf: [W]ho better to boost a corporate advice reconnaissance potential than companies which have been market leaders inside the DoD and Intelligence neighborhood. When issues blow up, as they’ve, customers of group Themis are now pretty much assured to get off scot-free from accountability by means of the DoJ or anyone else within the government, and maybe even towards these private citizens and corporations they were focused on. The U.S. Chamber, financial institution of the us and all of the thugs tied to their nefarious schemes knew that full well happening. So yes, as crew Themis brought up with self assurance, "who superior," certainly. * * * replace 11:55pm PT: a couple of late updates on this story now posted here, including additional particulars on terror options used within the Chamber scheme; facts that the Chamber knew of the plot; Palantir announces suspension of one of their employees; and just a little greater….

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