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Lead Tracker Excel – Tracking in Google Sheets allows sales and marketing teams to use valuable data and make smarter decisions to attract, retain and engage more qualified leads and customers.

Lead tracking is an important aspect of the sales and marketing process. Without proper visibility into leads and sales, it’s impossible to understand the state of your sales performance and achieve good results month after month.

Lead Tracker Excel

Lead Tracker Excel

Google Sheets is a cost-effective and easy way for sales and marketing teams to collect important lead and customer data. In fact, our research shows that 39% of marketers use spreadsheets to track lead and customer data.

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With these statistics in mind, we decided to put together this quick guide to provide one-stop information and information on how to track leads on Google Sheets.

Ruler Analytics makes the lead tracking process even easier. It allows you to track visitor-level data and successfully link leads and sales revenue to multiple campaigns, ads, keywords, and more.

To get things started, let’s first look at some of the benefits of using Google Sheets to track leads and manage contact information.

Completely free and unlimited for all users. As you probably know, Google Sheets is free to use and is an easy solution for teams working on a budget and limited resources.

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It’s easy to use and offers additional functionality. Google Sheets has a very simple interface that allows sales and marketing teams to store and manage data in a simple and professional way. In addition, Google Sheets supports additional extensions that automate and charge lead generation data.

Managers push call and conversion data into Google Sheets, along with leads and keywords that drive engagement. Additionally, Ruler’s Google Sheets extension allows you to export revenue data to Google Analytics either as live events or in bulk.

Provides powerful collaboration features. The most recognizable benefit of Google Sheets is that it helps teams come together in real-time to create powerful and meaningful sales and marketing reports.

Lead Tracker Excel

Before we begin, we must first acknowledge that Google Sheets is not a replacement for CRM. Many prospect and customer handling companies should choose a CRM system to automate lead capture.

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So, if you’re a small business or just looking for a quick way to track and record important information about your leads and business, the steps below will help you get started.

Above all, you need to consider what information you want to collect in your leads and communications. Typically, you’ll want to capture your contact’s full name, email address, company name, lead source, pipeline stage, and website.

If you haven’t set up your own, use the Google Sheets template. After opening the link, click on “File” and select “Multiply”.

The data you collect depends on your business model and customer base. Don’t overdo things by adding too much information to your contacts. Just because you have access to some data doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to include.

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You must clearly understand your sales process. Without it, it’s impossible to manage your lead and sales data.

The first step in defining your sales process is to understand the buyer’s journey. Generally speaking, the buyer’s journey is a series of touch points through which a prospect leads to a purchase.

By tracking customer interactions across multiple channels, you can improve your customer experience and marketing efforts. Get your guide on how to track the customer journey and follow the entire lifecycle from awareness to loyalty.

Lead Tracker Excel

Once you understand the typical path of your buyer’s journey, you can use that understanding to design a streamlined sales process and guide other prospects through the funnel.

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Having a simple sales process makes everything clear and allows businesses to better communicate with leads and customers.

We recommend that you take the time to learn the buying patterns of your current customers. For example, look at how many days it takes the average buyer to convert to a transaction.

Write down the most important touch points in chronological order and break them down into 5-7 steps to formalize and define your sales process.

Each record in your Google Sheets should have a field that tells you where the sales and marketing leads and contacts came from.

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You’re just making more work for your sales team by sending poor quality leads that waste all their time and energy.

Tracking lead source data is important because it helps you better organize your leads. Also, understand which specific marketing channels produce the most profitable results.

The most traditional way to track lead source data is Google Analytics. But for all its benefits, Google Analytics has major drawbacks. It only provides aggregated data.

Lead Tracker Excel

This is great for providing an overview of traffic and traffic to your website, but to truly harness the power of lead source data, you should focus on collecting and aggregating individual data instead.

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Investing in marketing attributes is usually the most effective way to collect key source data and traffic levels.

There are several popular custom solutions that can track your sales funnel. In fact, we’ve put together a list of the best marketing tools and software. For us, we fully capture the customer journey and funnel through our attribution tracking service at Ruler Analytics.

In short, Ruler Analytics is a visitor-level multi-touch marketing attribution solution for visitor-level, phone, and live chat that validates every step of the visitor journey and revenue source.

Want to learn more about Ruler Analytics but not ready to demo? This guide explains what Ruler Analytics does and how it can help improve the quality of your sales reports with multi-touch attribute data.

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Next, you’ll import your existing leads, deals, and customers into Google Sheets so you can keep all your sales and marketing information in one place.

If you’ve previously used a marketing automation tool like Mailchimp or ActiveActivity to drum up your contact list, you can quickly and easily migrate your contacts using CSV.

After all the work, time and effort, it’s definitely important to keep your Google Sheets updated.

Lead Tracker Excel

It is incredibly easy for data to be lost or corrupted if not properly managed or recorded in a timely manner.

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Accuracy is critical when evaluating sales performance. Unreliable data can negatively impact your ability to make decisions and measure ROI.

You can use an automation tool like Zapier to send the contact information in Google Sheets as a new line every time you post a lead sheet. However, this method does not include lead source data, nor does it include offline data such as phone calls or live chats.

But, if you’re using Ruler, you can automatically send lead generation activities like forms, phone calls, live chat events, and update your communications with 60 marketing variables so you can focus your lead generation efforts. to generate Earn as efficiently as possible.

By tracking leads in Google Sheets, as well as close profitable deals, you can manage and optimize your marketing activities with greater confidence.

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You can focus on the channels that capture the highest quality leads and generate revenue for your team faster.

If you’re looking for a more advanced approach and want to learn more about tracking lead sources in Google Sheets, feel free to schedule a demo with our attribution experts today. Let’s take a look. Although there are many CRM and sales tracking software available online, many businesses still prefer to track their sales in an Excel spreadsheet. Because Excel Sheets and Google Sheets are very flexible and easy to use.

If you love spreadsheets to manage your work (like us), we’ve got something for you. We’ve put together a sales tracking template in Excel and Google Sheets.

Lead Tracker Excel

Spreadsheets are very popular because of their flexibility for leads, sales, cash flow, etc. There are many affordable CRM software platforms available online today. But most of them come with a pre-defined structure or sales process that may be tailored to your specific business.

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On the other hand, Google Sheets can modify Excel in any way you want, adding new columns, blank sheets, and customizable features to automate specific steps in the sales process to track your sales data.

For example, the sales process for a solar project requires a lot of customer data and documentation. All of this information can be easily tracked in Excel by adding multiple columns to your lead tracking spreadsheet.

Additionally, everyone on the sales team knows how to use Excel spreadsheets

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