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Loan Business Plan – Business Plan for a Bank Loan Give your business an edge with the best business plan for bank loans

Every business needs some investment, whether it’s new capital or bank financing. When you apply for a business loan from a bank, as part of your loan application, you will need to submit your business plan along with other documents. However, you won’t get a loan in default just because you have a business plan. An integral part of the success of your loan application is how well structured your bank loan business plan is (see How to write a business plan).

Loan Business Plan

Loan Business Plan

Business plans are the key to success. But writing and developing a comprehensive plan takes time, effort and experience. If your plan is not well designed, it will undoubtedly hinder your chances of securing that coveted bank finance. A strong bank financing business plan should ideally be 25 to 30 pages long and should include graphs and charts, in addition to the following:

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Among the many factors your loan officer will consider are specific sections of your plan that are more likely to come under their microscope, including:

According to FitSmallBusiness, 30% of businesses fail due to lack of funds, 1 in 6 small business loans fail, and while small banks approved approximately 50.2% of loan applications, large banks only approved an appalling and alarming 26.9%. Which shows that banks are very cautious about approving business loans.

Additionally, according to the most accurate statistics from the US Small Business Administration (SBA), in December 2018, 45% of approved small business loans were between $350,000 and $2,000,000, while only 7% were approved. Funding $150,000 and below. This proves that banks prefer lding to larger and established businesses that demonstrate a stronger audit and credit history.

So where does this leave SMB owners and startups? This leaves them with the need for a well-tailored business plan. Along with all the other benefits of a well-written business plan, it will increase your ability to secure invaluable bank funds. (See our Business Plan Advisor for more information.)

How To Write The Financial Section Of A Business Plan

A professional business plan is one of the most important documents of your company. Basically, it is your map to success and will fuel your determination with many virtues, including:

As established business plan consultants, our services are a combination of best practices, in-depth market knowledge across multiple industries, a very large pool of 60+ business plan writers and invaluable marketing experience across multiple domains. With over 60 partner advisory offices across the country, our business plan creation service is second to none, so if you want banks to take advantage of these opportunities, your best bet is with us. We will also review your business plan at any stage, or you can completely delegate the process of developing your business plan to our experts.

Regardless of which loan program or bank you choose, a well-structured and informative professional business plan is undoubtedly the key to securing this invaluable business loan. If your business plan is carefully laid out, it reflects your commitment to your brand. That’s why it’s important to leave it in the hands of experts. And because is the nationally recognized business plan consultant with our name on it, there’s no one else for the job.

Loan Business Plan

We are proud of our high success rate in securing irreplaceable bank financing, enabling our clients to drive significant growth for their brands. Since our focus is to provide our customers with 100% satisfaction, we also offer the most economical business plan pricing. In addition to helping you optimize your ROI, your plan will also help you grow your customer base and significantly improve your brand trajectory.

How To Write A Perfect Business Plan In 9 Steps (2022)

So, if you are interested in securing that coveted bank loan, contact us at and give your business the wings it needs to soar to the skies.’s philosophy: Your business is unique and needs an individual approach. We are experts in specific outlines, requirements and also know where to focus so that your business plan meets the expectations of your stakeholders. With years of experience, we are here to help you achieve your business goals.

For your individual business plan, we want to assure you from the beginning that our services will fully meet your expectations. So we offer a wide range of guarantees and benefits, including our money-back, satisfaction guarantee, punctuality guarantee, clarity guarantee and on-site consultation.

We use cookies to provide you with the best user experience. If you continue to use this website, we assume that you agree. I accept it. Read more Writing a small business plan takes time and effort…especially when you have to crunch numbers in the financial department. But working on the financial section of your business plan can pay off big for your business.

How To Outline A Business Plan

Read on to learn what the financial section of a business plan is, why it’s important, and how to write one for your company.

Generally, the financial section is one of the last sections of the business plan. It describes the historical financial position of the business (if any) and future financial projections. The business includes supporting documents such as budgets and financial statements as well as financial requests in this part of the plan.

The financial part of the business plan reflects the numbers. This comes after the executive summary, company description, market analysis, organizational structure, product information, and marketing and sales strategies.

Loan Business Plan

Businesses trying to get financing from lenders or investors use the finance department to do their business. This section also acts as a financial road map so that you can budget for the future income and expenses of your business.

How To Write A Simple Business Plan

The financial section of a business plan is critical to moving beyond verbal aspirations and into the beautiful world of hard data and numbers.

Sounds pretty cool, right? But according to one study, only 35% of surveyed business owners have completed a business plan. Here’s why this can be a problem for business growth and funding:

To increase your chances of getting a business loan, consider putting some time and effort into the financing section of your business plan.

To write a financial section, you must first gather some information. Note that the information you collect depends on whether you have historical financial information or whether you are a new startup.

Business Plan For Bank Loan

Whether you work in business for one day or 10 years, you have expenses. These costs can simply be start-up costs for a new business or fixed and variable costs for a veteran business.

Here’s a look at some common business expenses you may need in the finance section of your business plan:

Write down each type of expense and the amount you currently have, as well as the expenses you anticipate having. Use a consistent time period (eg, monthly expenses).

Loan Business Plan

If you have an existing business, you can look at past monthly revenues to make an educated guess. Factors such as seasonality and economic ups and downs are taken into account when projections are based on past cash flows.

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Making your financial projections can be a bit difficult if you are a startup. After all, you have nothing to go to. Create a reasonable monthly goal based on your industry, competitors and market. Tip: Review your marketing analysis from the business plan for guidance.

Financial statements detail the finances of your business. The three main types of financial statements are the income statement, the cash flow statement, and the balance sheet.

An income statement summarizes your business’s income and expenses over a period of time (eg, a month). This document shows whether your business had a net profit or loss during the period.

A cash flow statement breaks down the money coming in and going out of your business. This document shows whether your company has enough money to cover expenses.

How To Get A Small Business Loan By Start Up Business Loans

The balance sheet summarizes the assets, liabilities and equity of your business. The balance sheet facilitates debt management and business growth decisions.

If you’re running a startup, you can create “pro forma financial statements,” which are statements based on projections.

If you have been in business for a while, you should have financial statements in your records. You can include them in your business plan. and includes forecast financial statements.

Loan Business Plan

You are just lucky. Check out our free guide, Use Financial Statements to Assess Your Business Health to learn more about the different types of financial statements for your business.

Auto Loan Business Plan Template

Potential investors want to know when your business will break even. The break-even point is when your business’s sales equal its expenses.

Calculate when your company will break even and break it down in detail in the financial section of the business plan.

If you are looking for funding, detail your funding request here. Include how much you’re looking for, list ideal terms (eg 10-year loan or 15% equity) and how long your request will cover.

Remember to consider why you are asking for the money and what you plan to use the money for (eg equipment).

Mortgage Loan Officer Business Plan Examples

Last but not least, your finance department

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