Organizational Chart Templates

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Organizational Chart Templates – When we think of organizational charts, we often think of the top-down pyramid organizational chart of large companies.

Of course, this is just one of the many business organizational charts available today in organizations large and small. Even when organizations share business models, industries and sizes – their organizational charts can be very different.

Organizational Chart Templates

Organizational Chart Templates

Because the structure that works in one organization may not work in another organization. Additionally, organizational charts are used to make a statement about an organization’s beliefs, values, culture, and philosophies through design.

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I’ll break down what business org charts are, share lots of neat examples (and great templates) along the way, and show you how to design your own.

Organizational Chart Templates

An organizational chart is a visual diagram that shows the structure of a company. It highlights how teams and departments are organized, reporting relationships across the organization, and the roles and responsibilities of each individual.

The short answer is yes, absolutely. When organizations are just starting out or relatively small, there is a tendency to share the load among team members. However, this can lead to a lack of clarity about which areas belong to whom, what each person’s individual responsibilities are, and how individual performance is measured.

Organizational Chart Templates

Organizational Chart Template & Example For Teams

In small organizations, a defined corporate structure chart highlights each person’s key responsibilities, holds them accountable, and allows them to manage their workload without tiring.

A vertical organizational chart template, or hierarchical chart, is a traditional organizational chart that we see in many organizations. The plan places the CEO at the top, his direct reports below him, his reports below him, and so on.

Organizational Chart Templates

The purpose of a vertical organizational chart is to present reporting relationships between employees. Let’s take a look at the healthcare organization chart template below.

Simple Organizational Chart Template For Powerpoint Presentation

This vertical organizational chart helps employees understand who they report to, who their peers report to, and the types of responsibilities each person has.

Organizational Chart Templates

Although the design itself is minimalistic, the shapes and colors bring the design to life. It looks professional, incorporates a brand design and provides something more attractive to employees.

You can also use decorative icons to differentiate your departmental organizational chart designs. This can help both employees and new managers immediately understand what they are looking at.

Organizational Chart Templates

Organizational Chart Templates

Check out this alternative healthcare organization chart template for a more modern look and feel. It includes a digital background design and a flat color palette.

When designing your vertical organizational chart, the most important thing is to group employees who report to the same manager/supervisor.

Organizational Chart Templates

How you envision these relationships is up to you. For a typical layout, you can use lines and nodes. Or, like this vertical organizational chart template, you can use a legend and a different color palette to represent the reporting structure.

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An organizational chart can be more than a breakdown of reporting relationships. This organizational chart contains contact information for individual employees. This is especially useful for new hires or when communicating across departments.

Organizational Chart Templates

It’s a great way to show relationships between departments and staff and makes a statement.

If you’re having trouble choosing a design style for your business org chart, take a look at your organization’s branding guidelines. It can provide you with the style and color inspiration you need to get started.

Organizational Chart Templates

Functional Organizational Structure

Here is the vertical corporate structure chart for Apple. You can see that this is a very typical hierarchical diagram with many layers of leadership.

It is clear who reports to the upper echelons of management. Companies like Apple also have unique roles, such as executive director of Environmental, Policy and Social Initiatives or dean of Apple University. It is important to map out these types of roles in a work organization chart – it shows where these roles fall in the hierarchy, who they answer to, and what their responsibilities are.

Organizational Chart Templates

Another aspect of a typical vertical organizational chart is its division by organizational function. This is often called a

Organizational Chart Powerpoint

This large vertical format works for a smaller corporate structure. Or you can use this template for departments within a larger business organization chart.

Organizational Chart Templates

The Smart org chart template can be easily customized in the editor. Click on the articles you want to add. The items will be duplicated so you can make any changes you want.

Add more text and the form automatically changes to fit. With the “format” button in the menu, you can apply formatting from one form to another or to all branches.

Organizational Chart Templates

Best Organizational Chart Template Free Printable

As you can see in this template, the organizational chart is divided by function. Thus, the vice president of marketing oversees the marketing department.

Under the marketing vice president are marketing director, marketing manager, marketing leader, etc. This applies to sales, infrastructure and technology across the corporate structure chart.

Organizational Chart Templates

Try using a different color for each department or function. This will help anyone reading it to easily find exactly what they are looking for. Otherwise, you’ll have a lot of tables that are exactly the same, and it will take longer for employees to understand what they’re looking for.

Use Our Free Organizational Chart Template To Create Visual Organograms

The traditional marketing organizational structure is divided into departments. You will have teams fully dedicated to branding, communications and digital. It’s also important to identify the teams that marketing depends on, such as customer success and developers.

Organizational Chart Templates

By using a vibrant color palette, you can clearly identify each department and who belongs to each. Angled lines are easier to scan and follow, especially in more complex organizational structures.

This blue functional organizational chart template is broken down similarly to previous templates. Layout is set to landscape and reads from left to right.

Organizational Chart Templates

Types Of Organizational Charts (with Examples)

This org chart design uses employee snapshots, which are very useful for new hires. Now, with the rise of remote work and the adoption of completely remote employees, we may not always share an office or a break room with our colleagues. Using headshots on a corporate structure chart is a simple way to help people recognize them.

Hubspot gave a presentation on building agile teams. They shared how the marketing department (powerhouse) was built. Division is by specific functions/purposes, channels and relevant dimensions.

Organizational Chart Templates

You will also notice that there is no clear reporting structure, as the purpose of this graphic design is to highlight how the marketing team is performing.

Organizational Chart Examples & Templates

A functional organizational chart within the department looks like this. Functions are now teams and channels. The design of your own organizational chart will likely look different because it depends on the type of channels your marketing team is divided into.

Organizational Chart Templates

This type of organizational structure refers to larger organizations with geographic, product-oriented, industry-oriented, market-oriented, or similar divisions.

You will find that each department has its own marketing team, sales team and service team. They operate independently of each other and all have the same function.

Organizational Chart Templates

How To Create An Organizational Chart In Google Slides

A horizontal organizational chart, or flat organizational chart, is for organizations with little or no managerial or supervisory role. See the template below.

Flat organizational structures can share the same layout as vertical organizational structures. But executive and management levels are less.

Organizational Chart Templates

The horizontal organizational chart template above also uses landscape orientation. This helps emphasize the lack of hierarchical layers and the expanded role of management. Although only a design choice, it conveys the structure of the organization at a glance.

Corporate Healthcare Organizational Chart Template

Being a popular video game developer, Valve prides itself on the flat organizational structure they have developed. This is how they visualize their organizational chart in the workbook. There are a few drunkards among them.

Organizational Chart Templates

This organizational chart is a fun way to express Valve’s ideas about hierarchy, structure, and collaboration. There is a clear level of friendship and companionship that they seek.

It’s also a great example of presenting an organization’s brand and culture through employee documents. Rather than a flat organizational structure with minimal hierarchy, Valve strives for a fully collaborative organization with no hierarchy.

Organizational Chart Templates

Organizational Chart Slide Templates

Managers within a horizontal organizational structure will have a higher set of responsibilities and more direct reports than the average manager. This means that a marketing manager may have other people who don’t necessarily fall under “marketing,” such as designers, product people, support people, and reports.

Github has a lean marketing organizational structure. The VP oversees many areas, but they are not related to upper and middle management. Instead, teams are small and collaborative. This marketing organizational chart illustrates this.

Organizational Chart Templates

When designing your organizational chart, it’s always helpful to mimic your organizational structure. Reduce the number of leagues and group teams together in the most meaningful way.

Organizational Chart Template

In Github’s lean marketing structure, you can see that when tasks overlap, those teams share a color code.

Organizational Chart Templates

These color palettes can be transferred to design sprints and tasks tracked in apps like Trello and Asana! This is a great way to maintain consistency in all your corporate communications.

An organizational chart combines a matrix of traditional organizational structures. It combines the flexibility of a flat organizational structure, where cross-departmental teams report to project managers, with a top-down vertical organizational structure that emphasizes reporting relationships.

Organizational Chart Templates

Organizational Charts Powerpoint Template


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