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Outsourcing Presentation – So you’ve decided to outsource your PowerPoint design needs. fair play to you. But what should you think about before you start meeting with potential PowerPoint design agencies? Here are five things you should consider. The bottom line is, what are you trying to achieve? Think big picture, weeks or months ahead.

Do you need short or long term outsourcing of your presentation? How does an outsourced PowerPoint design agency fit into your organization’s existing structure? Many large companies looking for the skills and experience of an external presentation team usually have a marketing department, so it’s important to consider how the two groups will work together.

Outsourcing Presentation

Outsourcing Presentation

Think about what you need for those all-important presentations. Are they being used to win new customers in a sales environment? If so, consider how often these PowerPoint files will need to be updated with new information. Do you want to be able to do it yourself, or should an outsourcing agency handle everything?

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If you already have a deck of slides that you use for various purposes, consider whether you need to update, tweak, or completely redesign them. Not all outsourcing jobs are the same, and finding out exactly what your needs are will help you define your goals and choose the right outsourcing agency.

Once you have a clear idea of ​​why you are looking to outsource PowerPoint presentations, think about how you want to do everything.

Do you need an agency to jump in and take care of small and easy tasks with a few emails? Or should you meet them face to face, talk about your brand needs, your thoughts and ideas?

If so, who will manage it? How will your existing team manage the relationship with an outsourced PowerPoint design company? Also consider how the composition of your internal team may change. If you now use your designers to create your presentations, if a friend puts them together in PowerPoint because their resume says they can, what will that person do next?

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Handing over large and complex tasks to a presentation outsourcing agency will affect the rest of your organization. Before starting the relationship, think about what you can do to manage it.

But, most importantly, if your goals are to have an outsourced team handle all aspects of your presentation needs, you need to find an agency you trust with your brand. Or the marketing department will go wild.

Obviously we all want the best quality work when we pay for it. Things that look good and work well will never come cheap, especially when it comes to PowerPoint design. But when considering which presentation outsourcing agency to go to, apply the concept of quality to your sense of what works.

Outsourcing Presentation

You can hire a company with excellent credentials, a list of satisfied customers a mile long, and a team of designers and developers with decades of experience. But if the work they produce for you doesn’t match what you expect, even if it’s undeniably excellent, it will cost you.

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Sending completed slides to an outsourced PowerPoint design agency will take time and increase costs. Also, keep in mind that different presentation projects may not require the same level of design and development. Make sure your chosen presentation outsourcing people know that an internal presentation to your team doesn’t require as much time and effort as a new sales pitch.

Essentially, appreciate that the outsourced agency may have a better idea of ​​what types of slides are most effective in certain situations… but make sure you get exactly what you want. It’s your brand, after all.

Oh, money. We call this part ‘cost’ and not ‘price’ for a very important reason. You can expect most outsourcing presentation agencies to price their services per slide or even per job. You say “We need a 20-slide deck to pitch our company to investors. Go!” And they’ll say, “Great. That’ll be £XXXX, please.”

Although this method works for many organizations that have relatively few presentations to deliver, it is not the best for everyone. Companies that require a large amount of PowerPoint development, whether it’s for ongoing sales promotion or internal communications, need something more reliable and consistent.

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Outsourcing presentations as a permanent save makes everything simpler, faster and more cost-effective. With a permanent on-call agency, there’s no need to worry about explaining your brand needs and company vision with every new job. All they need is to ‘get to know you’ deeply early in the relationship, and you can essentially see them as a branch of your organization.

With an outsourced PowerPoint agency on Retainer, you’ll know exactly who you need to talk to to get the job done.

If time is a critical factor, you’ll want to be sure you already know how the agency works and who the best person to talk to is. You will also be their priority as a regular customer, so there is no need to wait for other jobs to become available from their workflow.

Outsourcing Presentation

If you have to send the work back to the agency, the cost will not increase, as you have already agreed to the contract. And anyway, the more presentations they make for you, the less often the work will need to be sent back

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We covered the benefits of hiring your own in-house team over an outsourced PowerPoint design team in this blog post. Needless to say, this way of working is extremely cost-effective for organizations that require a lot of PowerPoint work.

Now it’s time to talk about timing. Every single businessman on the planet is under time pressure, with deadlines just minutes away, huge tasks with months dedicated to them. The time required for a high quality PowerPoint presentation design job can vary. We’ve had clients ask to complete slides later that day, so we understand how different those requirements can be.

When considering your PowerPoint design outsourcing needs, consider what types of tasks you need to complete, and what you need. Do you usually have last-minute decks to complete for your sales team, and score meetings with prospects with only a few hours to spare? Or do you prefer long distance jobs with weeks of development and a lot of back and forth between you and the agency?

Not sure? Be comfortable with yourself, as most organizations will not know their time requirements right away. Also, when you start delivering high-quality presentation decks, you may find yourself and your team needing more PowerPoint work.

Outsourcing It Projects

Once your clients and colleagues see the change in working with a presentation outsourcing agency, demands will increase.

Plus, your team, whether they’re in marketing, sales, or other departments, can quickly discover how effective their presentations are when they use those created by an outsourced PowerPoint design company. More successful presentations mean more customer wins, which will lead to your own expansion. The time requirements will change over time, but if you choose a retained presentation outsourcing service, they will change with you as your relationship grows and develops.

These five considerations are very important when considering the business of outsourcing presentations. Going to an agency that provides this service is always easier if you know in advance what you want from them, and they will appreciate their help in getting things right for you the first time.

Outsourcing Presentation

F5 Presentations can be your one stop presentation shop, taking care of all your outsourced PowerPoint design and development needs. Our 24/7 service ensures you and your team are well-armed to handle any public speaking situation, from TED talks to sales pitches. PowerPoint presentations – the new language of ideas. Moving on from the era when ideas were communicated in small groups of people who spoke the same language, had the same background and thought the same things, we are now in an era where ideas are communicated more quickly and translated to people. Everyone consumes and produces information at a rate that intervenes every year. In this era, one idea in a business package – the PowerPoint presentation – has gained prominence.

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Today, there are many workers who spend their days messing with visual tools and languages, trying to present information in the best possible way.

The problem here is that professionals make presentations that look and feel good, when that is not their specialty. Therefore, the best course of action in this regard is to outsource their PPT drafting work, and focus on their business strategy.

The most obvious advantage of outsourcing to a specialist is that business people have more time to focus on their area of ​​expertise, which makes the company work better. Most PPT outsourcing companies send the final draft of the presentation within 24/48 hours, thus the quick turnaround time makes meeting preparation much easier. In addition, the same amount

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