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Painter Portfolio Website – To make money as a top artist, you need to get your work in front of gallery owners, professional curators and art collectors.

With at least 100 platforms, apps and websites promising to promote your art, it can be difficult to know where to spend your time.

Painter Portfolio Website

Painter Portfolio Website

We’ve put together a guide to 5 of the most popular and effective* online portfolio tools specifically for fine artists.

Marketing Portfolio Website Template

* No social media tools are covered in this article as they are all different. If you want to know more about using social media to promote and market your art,

At a glance: Behance receives 60+ million page views per month so the opportunity for discovery is high. But with 10 million members and counting, it can be hard for your portfolio to stand out.

Millions of creative people, from designers to fine artists, host their work on Behance. Adobe bought the portfolio site and it links well with the Creative Cloud apps (if you use them).

If you get followers, likes, and comments from the Behance community, your art will appear on the front page. This means you have a high chance of being discovered by curators and collectors.

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Behance also has an app for IOS and Android that allows you to access your portfolio on your device and offline. On the downside, your portfolio layout will be exactly the same as everyone else’s and your image thumbnails will always be displayed the same way.

At a glance: Put all your images in a dropbox folder, connect it to Little Victory, choose a template, and get a gallery-style website. Fast, easy and basic.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time creating an online portfolio this is perfect. The free tool is a passion project of two coders and is very easy to use – even if you are not tech savvy.

Painter Portfolio Website

Drop all your art into a Dropbox folder, log in to, connect Dropbox, and choose a site template. For an art portfolio site, we recommend using the Exhibition or Feed theme. Remember to resize your images so they load quickly.

Artist Portfolio Website On Behance

On the downside, this tool is pretty basic. If you want something fancy you will have to do the HTML code yourself. And if you want to customize your domain name, you need to buy the Pro version (only $36 per year).

We think this is perfect if you want to create multiple portfolios for different uses, but it’s a bit too limited to be your only online portfolio. Furthermore you cannot access it offline.

At a Glance: This is the place to go if you want a community of artists (even if most of them are digital creators).

If you want to know where the artists are staying online – here. DeviantArt is the most popular website for artists. Like the other options on this list, you can easily upload your art and build a portfolio, but the biggest plus for DeviantArt is the community.

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You can write journals, comment on artwork (and get comments back) and participate in very active forums. It’s a great way to create connections with artists around the world.

If you want to sell digital prints of your artwork, DeviantArt makes the whole process simple with their online store. Upload your work, select the option to make it ‘print’ and let people buy prints on paper or canvas.

On the other hand, most of the art on Deviantart is digital art, so as a great artist you may have to work a little harder to find like-minded artists.

Painter Portfolio Website

At a glance: If you want your portfolio to stand out, a virtual gallery space should do the trick! This is a new app, but it is easy to use and not oversaturated with millions of creative people.

Build Your Artist Website And Sell Art Online

Our app is a great way to build a unique online portfolio. Unlike other options on this list, you can create a virtual gallery complete with walls and everything. You can upload your art, scale it to any size you want, and make multiple galleries with different colors.

It’s a great option if you need to show a particular theme or body of work to a potential curator. And yes, you can share your galleries with people who don’t have the app.

To be fair, Empty D is still new and developing. You can only get it on IOS – we are still working on the Android and Web versions. But we are a small team dedicated to building a diverse community of artists around the world. Bonus: It’s still early days, so there’s a good chance others will be noticed and followed!

In short: If you want a hassle-free customizable website and portfolio, this is how to do it.

Artist Portfolio Website

Fabrik is your ultimate hack to create a beautiful website with an art portfolio. The system is quite intelligent and handles complex things like image resizing and embedding. In their own words,

“Let’s spend our time thinking about things like load balancing, geolocation efficiency, site caching and infrastructure scaling. We have people here who really enjoy that kind of thing, you just have to go on and do a great job”.

You can choose from 8 themes and further customize the layout. Additional features include blog scheduling and email support. All this does not come for free though. You still need to buy a domain name (if you want to customize it) and pay $11 per month or $110 per year.

Painter Portfolio Website

Before you start signing and making a portfolio, prepare yourself with these items. They help you work much faster and save time when creating portfolios on multiple platforms. When artists need a website, they use Format. It’s the easiest way to create a professional-looking online portfolio, and you can talk to a real person if you need help. Your work deserves an online portfolio that takes your career to the next level. Don’t let great art suffer from bad web design.

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Hundreds of thousands of artists are using Format, including many already featured on . Here is a selection of 19 artist websites for you to check out. Their portfolios are a constant source of inspiration – from layouts to logos.

Do you need an online portfolio? Exclusively for readers, you can try Format for three months completely free. No credit card required.

Moscow photographer Alexander Gronsky has documented Russia’s changing landscape in sharply focused and classically composed photographs. The well-spaced galleries on his portfolio allow the viewer to really stop and take in each photo. Gronsky’s work has appeared in publications such as The New Yorker and The Guardian, and is part of the collection at the Fam Museum in Amsterdam, among other galleries in Europe and Russia.

Based in London, photographer Paul Phung has shot for clients such as Universal Records and Sony. His photography is generally minimal, using light and shadow. His textless portfolio is as extravagant and modern as his work.

Artist Portfolio Website

Jenny Hueston includes publications such as Vogue, Nylon, The New Yorker, and ELLE in her client list. In addition to his creative fashion shoots, the New York-based photographer has documented American culture through an inventive series on football fans and rodeo in Texas. Hueston’s images of Americana are truly authentic and surreal.

Based in Sarasota, Florida, photographer Carson Gilliland is an expert in documenting the curious details of American architecture. Whether shooting a neon sign at night or the chrome knobs of a car, Gilliland has an eye for vivid colors and unusual textures that make his photography stand out.

The relationship between people and nature is an ongoing subject of interest for New York photographer Samantha Friend. She often focuses her lens on man-made environments created to resemble the natural world – such as parks, zoos and Disney World. Cara shows her photos one after the other, without any caption, allowing the viewer to come to their own conclusions about what is happening in her surreal images.

Painter Portfolio Website

On his portfolio, photographer David Cortes combines photos of various sizes with a magazine-style feel. Working between New York and California, Cortes creates photographs that are always personal and effortless. Whether he’s shooting for brands like Nike, Teva, and Citizens of Humanity, or for publications like Complex, Nylon, Refinery29, Wired, and Cosmopolitan, Cortes’ own casual and authentic style always comes through in his photos.

Portfolio Websites To Show Off Your Design Work

Sebastiano Arpaia’s photography is enigmatic and carefully composed, creating a real feeling even in the simplest images. The New York photographer arranges his work in a way that creates a subtle narrative, with mysterious landscapes placed next to close-ups of natural textures and unexpected photographs. Arpaia keeps his portfolio as clean as his work, with a few image galleries that give a glimpse into his style.

Brooklyn photographer Charlie Hawks creates zines and curates exhibitions as well as shoots an enigmatic array of portraits and creative photo projects. The Hawks’ photographs stand out for their memorable sense of complete spontaneity. His subjects often look away from the lens or pull strange faces, but a sense of their personality always emerges in the final photograph.

Dahae Song is an interdisciplinary artist who works with digital media and paint to create abstract, geometrically inspired forms, often in black and white.

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