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In business, equipment such as machines, pumps and power lines have always been assets of any company. These materials help provide efficiency and comfort that each client benefits from. But you have been using your resources for your company for a long time. But keep in mind that they are also subject to potential damages, which any employee can be. In addition, it will be mandatory to keep everything in good condition. Therefore, you should create a preventive maintenance plan to ensure regular asset management. This helps you schedule appointments for specific equipment per day, allowing you to track your progress periodically.

Pm Schedule Template

Pm Schedule Template

A preventive maintenance plan is a document containing an equipment service checklist. Periodic review of company resources to ensure operations are not lagging behind. This also helps prevent unnecessary delays and workplace accidents.

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No matter how hard you try to make your employees comfortable in the workplace, there will always be unexpected damages that can seriously affect the situation. It is a piece of equipment that is normally used every day without weekly or monthly maintenance and inspection. Sometimes, according to a report published by Injury Facts, the cost of workplace injuries reached $170.8 billion in 2018. That’s a significant number and also makes it clear that maintaining resources is an absolute necessity. Therefore, addressing these issues should primarily be addressed in the employee training plan and maintenance schedule. How to create a preventive maintenance plan

There are a hundred different ways to implement equipment maintenance schedules for different machines and applications. Attention to detail must be paid to ensure that everything goes according to the maintenance plan. Since there are forms and elements that you need to consider, it will be a simple process if you consider the steps below.1. Prepare an equipment inventory

When developing a maintenance vision board for your team, it’s always helpful to start by creating an equipment inventory. Take the time to assess what materials and resources are involved in your daily work. You can create a checklist based on the type of company you run. You can include grinders, cold cut saws and even scissors. The more accurate the list, the better. That way, you can easily enter the procedures you do in later steps. 2. List all maintenance procedures

After you have finally recorded all the equipment, the next thing you need to do is organize the tasks required to maintain or repair each item. Keep in mind that punctuality is imperative in any work schedule. Therefore, you should collect a list of maintenance tasks that your employees follow. For example, in HVAC preventive maintenance, checking and replacing filters is usually the first step, followed by cleaning the entire system. Having a proper step-by-step guide helps employees avoid further harm.3. Create a schedule

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But in addition to the list of tasks, it is important to complete them on time. Here, if machinery or equipment is required to undergo monthly preventive maintenance, you must remove that monthly schedule. Some may want to have weekly or annual assessments. For each task, mark them with the correct date and time. But don’t forget to leave intervals for perfect prediction which requires more skill. Therefore, since one maintenance activity may take two to three days to complete, you must complete them within that specific time frame, otherwise an extension may cause a delay. Moreover, it can affect your monthly productivity and performance. 4. Analyze and make adjustments

Finally, once you have finalized the schedule, it is best to have it checked by authorized personnel. In this way, they can perform their analysis and ensure the necessary adjustments in the process. It is always important to check whether the schedule is feasible and achievable. If it works well, you can upgrade it sooner or later. FAQ

There are various materials or equipment that undergo regular preventive maintenance. Includes oil changes, lubrication, adjustments, repairs and replacements.

Pm Schedule Template

Among the benefits of preventive maintenance, the most common are efficiency and avoiding delays. These two devices ensure that they work smoothly and flawlessly.

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Of course, you need the necessary equipment to run your business efficiently and smoothly. But these are also frequently used materials so you can expect damage. Therefore, it is necessary to plan preventive maintenance activities in order to avoid harmful conditions. Follow the steps above and customize your document for better performance of your workplace equipment. So you’ve decided to implement a preventive maintenance (PM) program for your small business. all the best! You’re on your way to serious returns, like an outrageous 545% ROI.

As a maintenance method designed to keep equipment in working order, preventive maintenance can be a major responsibility. But it’s worth the effort, especially if you want to move from reactive maintenance, where tasks are performed after equipment failure. A preventive maintenance plan, also known as proactive maintenance or a preventive maintenance plan, will be an invaluable tool for this transition. It will help you stay organized and track the maintenance tasks of your most critical assets.

This guide will walk you through the five steps you need to create an easy-to-follow preventive maintenance schedule tailored to the needs of your business. And as a bonus, we’ve included a downloadable template to get you started right away.

It’s a good idea to start creating a preventive maintenance plan for one or two assets, then use the results to inform others about your strategy. Why? Because taking on too much can be overwhelming at first, especially if your business maintains hundreds or thousands of assets. Creating a PM schedule for one or two assets to begin with is not only intimidating, but will help you understand what is working and what can be improved as you create preventive maintenance schedules for other assets.

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How do you choose which tool to start with? FMX suggests ranking assets based on criticality. Critical assets are those that can be the most disruptive if they break down and should be prioritized when designing your preventive maintenance strategy.

Once you have one or two critical assets in mind, you’ll need to gather information to determine their maintenance needs.

Now that you know which assets you want to create a preventive maintenance plan for, you’ll need to gather information about those assets. The original equipment manufacturer (OEM) manual is a good place to start: it contains detailed information about your equipment’s parts, test frequency and serial numbers so you can easily retrofit parts when necessary.

Pm Schedule Template

Another important consideration when gathering information about your assets is whether their maintenance needs are based on time or usage. Time-based PM scheduling involves scheduling maintenance tasks based on the time of their last occurrence. The image below shows what a preventive maintenance workflow might look like.

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Usage-based preventive maintenance, which can also be described as predictive maintenance, involves scheduling maintenance tasks based on real-time usage data from equipment sensors. Consumption can be measured in hours, kilometers, flow or temperature to name a few examples. The figure below shows what a usage-based preventive maintenance workflow might look like.

If you’re not sure whether an asset is better served by a time-based or usage-based PM schedule, start with time-based. Then, if you’re doing more maintenance, move on to the basics of usage. Preventive maintenance software comes in handy with any schedule, as you can set reminders to notify your team when an asset reaches a certain period or usage between maintenance tasks.

Once you determine your most critical asset maintenance needs, as well as whether their PM schedules should be time-based or usage-based, you can plan long-term and short-term tasks for each asset.

Long-term preventive maintenance tasks include routine maintenance that should be performed periodically, not every day. Here are some examples of what a long-term PM function might look like, although these will vary depending on the needs of each asset:

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The image below shows examples of long-term maintenance tasks in our preventive maintenance plan template, which you can download and use for your own property:

Once you have an idea of ​​the maintenance tasks you want to schedule over the next few months, you can turn your attention to more short-term tasks.

Short-term preventive maintenance tasks will be performed more frequently by your team, such as daily or weekly. If so, it will have more serious consequences

Pm Schedule Template

For example, a significant change in temperature or air pressure should be addressed immediately, and an oil or air filter change can be delayed unless there is an indication of a serious problem. Likewise, the cleaning of equipment parts is greater

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