Power Bi Compare Two Columns

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I have a scenario where a client wants to get the difference (difference) between Category A for Q1 2020 and Category B for Q1 2020.

Power Bi Compare Two Columns

Power Bi Compare Two Columns

Similarly, we want the difference between 2020 S2 Category A and 2020 S2 Category B.

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Based on this scenario of subtracting the corresponding columns for Year and Quarter, how can I get a new column for the matrix?

Also, the situation can arise later that category A may have years that category B does not.

In this scenario, we don’t need the calculations for 2017 and 2019, only the differences for the 2018 quarters.

It could be category A and category B selected from the slicer, or it could be category B and category C.

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Category A has 2018 and 2019, Category B has 2017 and 2018, Category C has 2019, 2020, 2021, and so on.

You may also need to compare the corresponding months as well. Suppose A for Jan 2019 is subtracted from B for Jan 2019 (similar to quarterly comparison).

I think you should use a variable that matches the year, then move to quarter, then month.

Power Bi Compare Two Columns

If you have two different categories, you can choose one with the maximum and one with the mean, and calculate the variance between the two.

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By clicking Accept All Cookies, you consent to Stack Exchange storing her cookies on your device and disclosing information in accordance with our Cookie Policy. Power BI provides slicers for a single column, but there are scenarios where it’s useful to combine alternate filters for multiple columns into a single slicer. Technically, you can’t do this with standard visualizations in Power BI, but you can use certain data modeling techniques to get the results you want.

The first step required to implement the solution is to set the calculated column to

– Consider joining all columns that define unique values ​​for each row of a table in various situations.

A column containing at least one value for each item displayed in the slicer, and all combinations

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The model is now ready. Selecting an item in the slicer will apply the filter

The columns are visible thanks to the connections we made in the previous step. This is the model that supports the report shown at the beginning of this article.

Can be used as regular columns in visuals. The following screenshot shows a matrix with sales in Australia in two rows, Asia and Australia. If the report has a many-to-many cardinality relationship, the measure is non-additive and the total gives a numeric value that is not the total number of rows displayed. The total corresponds to the cumulative number of states selected for consideration. Each state is only once.

Power Bi Compare Two Columns

This solution should work well for models where the relationship cardinality is a few hundred unique values. in case

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If a column has thousands or more unique values, I would suggest considering an approach based on physical strong relationships that rely on intermediate tables created with unique values

The following technique also works for versions of Analysis Services that do not support many-to-many cardinality on relationships. Intermediate schedules can be created

Using a table (which should be hidden in the report view) gives the same result from a many-to-many cardinality relationship with better performance.

The techniques described in this article are useful for displaying in one column values ​​that are natively contained in different columns of a table. This improves the user experience and simplifies the report user interface.

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