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Product Banner – I wish you the best. Welcome to another awesome website banner tutorial at In this tutorial I will discuss the method of designing a professional eCommerce website banner. This is also known as product banner design.

If you have an e-commerce website, you need to create a product banner. So you can get good feedback from your customers. That’s why I’m doing this product banner tutorial. So you understand how to create a product banner using Adobe Photoshop. Before you start building, please read the following important information about this template. So friends, without further ado, let’s start the tutorial series.

Product Banner

Product Banner

In the first part of the design, we need to create a blank design board document. So let’s create your website banner on this blank drawing board. To create a design drawing, first open Adobe Photoshop. Now go to the top bar and press File>New or Ctrl+N or click Create New to create a design document drawing. Clicking Create New will bring up a document creation dialog where you enter the document name “Product Banner Design”. You can enter any name. Now set the banner width to 1000px and height to 400px and color mode to RGB. After settings, all information, click Create.

Red Vector Banner Design New Product Stock Vector Image By ©houbacze #104600978

In this section, we will put the product photo into the design drawing. Before submitting a product photo to the design artboard, you must remove the background behind the product. Sorry I didn’t remove this particular background to save time. However, you can use the pen tool. Create a path around the product, excluding the background, and delete the opposite area of ​​the path. If you want to know how to remove background from an object, you can follow my other post

However, after dragging the product photo onto the artboard, you need to create a background color based on the product color. To create the background, click on the “Create a new fill or adjustment layer” icon that you can see in the screenshot above that I highlighted. This is a small ball icon. Clicking on this icon will give you several options. Now, from these options, click on “Location Color”. After that, take a slightly darker green color than the product. After that press OK. Now you can see that the layers panel shows 1 fill color. Now copy the fill color 1 by pressing Ctrl + J. And changing the color of the layer, this time the color of the copied layer will be the same as the product. We use this layer to highlight the product. Now make a copy of the product image by pressing ctrl+J and placing the first one behind, then adjust the position of the shoe by pressing Ctrl+T.

After placement, we create highlights and shadows. To create the highlight effect, first invert and activate the Color Fill 1 Copy layer mask by clicking on the white thumbnail of the layer mask and pressing Ctrl+I. When you invert a layer mask, the color of the layer mask changes from white to black. Now click on the brush tool and use a soft round brush from the brush properties. Set the opacity of the brush to 24% and leave the foreground color white and the background color black. Now tap the circle brush on the background where you want to see the highlight effect. Use those soft circles to create shadows and make the foreground color black. This time create a new layer and tab in the background. Then press Ctrl + T to minimize the shadows.

In this section, we will create a mirror surface for product photos. To implement this, create another copy of the product image layer. And drag the layer down to the other two product photo layers. Now do a free transform by pressing Ctrl + T and flip it vertically. Now click on Edit in the top menu bar and click on Puppet Warp. When you click Puppet Warp, a spider web-like symbol appears around the item. Now look at the screenshot, I marked some red circles. These are puppet anchors. Click on the spider web symbol to create an anchor point. After creating those anchor points, drag those points up or down as per your need to align the surface product image with the main product image. Click Apply when the adjustment is correct

Product Banner Design On Behance

Now we’ll fade out the edge of the surface product image (copy of layer 1, copy of 2) so that when you click on its layer thumbnail, the product’s reflection will appear, creating the first active surface product layer. After that, create a layer mask by clicking on the layer mask icon below. Now invert the layer mask by pressing Ctrl + I. When you invert the layer mask. The visibility of the surface product image will be lost. Now click on the brush tool in Photoshop on the right menu bar. Now select a soft round brush from the top brush properties. Make sure the foreground color is white. And the background color is black. Now use a soft round brush to apply the surface area of ​​the product to bring back the edges.

In this particular section we will be adding more basic shadows to the product, this requires creating a black fill layer by clicking on the “Create a new fill or adjustment layer” icon. Now switch those two product layers so we can add the base shadow at the same time. Under Marge, create a Clipping Mask on the Color Fill layer with the Layers, Product layer. Now go to the Blending Options of the Color Fill 1 layer by right-clicking on its layer thumbnail.

When the blend options properties window appears on the screen, you will see the “bend if” option there. Now edit the direction of the “blend if” column (I circled the “Blend if” column in red) from right to left. That means from white to black. You can cut the etch sidebar “bend if” by holding the “alt” key on your keyboard and dragging it to any side. Now drag the etch part to the right in the Blend if column of the slice to apply a simpler shade to the product. If you cut the “blend if” bar, you’ll get a smooth core shading result.

Product Banner

For the final design step, we’ll draw some shapes using the pen tool and the ellipse tool. After creating an ellipse shape, we add a drop shadow underneath it. To add a drop shadow, go to the blending option of the ellipse layer and check the drop shadow box. Now we will erase the edge of the ellipse circle. To do this, use the same method that we used earlier. Make an oval cap. Activate the layer mask and click the gradient tool. Now change the foreground color and background color to black and white. After that, drag the gradient from the bottom to the top to apply the fade effect. Use the write tool and write all the text you want to add to the banner.

Product & Collection Banner

Thanks for reading this patiently and I hope you find it helpful. If you find this tutorial useful, please share the article with your friends. If you have any queries, please comment in the comment box below. Are you a marketer or small business owner implementing your company’s marketing strategy yourself? Well, if you answered yes to at least one of these questions, I’m sure you already know how difficult it is to create banners.

Display ads have a bad reputation these days and more and more people are using ad blockers to get rid of all the annoying banners that seem to flood the online world. Every day we see banners on website pages, in our emails. in mailboxes, social networks and mobile applications.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Some ads can be useful if you’re looking for specific services or products, and that’s where marketers come in.

Well, you need killer ads. Banners that convince your audience that they want to see what you have to offer.

Flat Product Sale Shoe Banner 10 Stock Vector (royalty Free) 291045251

Well, if you’re wondering how to create a banner for YouTube or the Google Display Network, the first thing you need to do is choose a tool.

Its ease of use and professional-looking HTML5 banners that can be created with the web application make it perfect for such a task. However, you can use professional software like Photoshop or Gimp to edit your images.

We can’t give you patience, but we can help you get ideas with an example.

Product Banner

Let’s take a look at some inspiring headlines from several companies and learn the key things you need to know to create a killer ad:

Food Banner Designs

There are many things to consider when designing effective banners, and fonts are one of them

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