Project Portfolio Dashboard

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Project Portfolio Dashboard – Project portfolio management (PPM) describes a process used by project managers and project management organizations (PMOs) to analyze potential returns on project implementation. By organizing and collecting all information related to proposed and existing projects, project portfolio managers provide forecasts and business analysis to companies looking to invest in new projects.

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Project Portfolio Dashboard

Project Portfolio Dashboard

Taking risks is part of the nature of business. However, when taking a risk, it is important to remember that greater risk does not always equate to greater rewards. Risk versus reward comes with smart decision making.

Project Portfolio Management Dashboard

The project portfolio management process helps companies predict outcomes and plan projects that will deliver the best results. They ask questions like:

Using PPM, project managers and PMOs have a global view of each project. As each part of the project begins, problems can be predicted before they occur.

The portfolio management process provides organizations with the foresight to identify potential risks and take appropriate action. This helps the company manage risk, allowing the team to accurately estimate potential delays and implement measures to prevent or mitigate those risks, if they appear irreversible. Risk reduction can include:

At a basic level, PPM and project management differ by the number of projects. Project management focuses on each project’s path to completion, while project portfolio management considers each project or potential project and its performance in meeting overall business goals.

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But what is a portfolio management plan? Another approach looks at project portfolio management as a process that forms the basis of effective project management.

The portfolio management process supports the fundamentals of project management by providing a clear priority direction that allows project managers to create flexible schedules.

Here are some ways that the portfolio management process supports the basics of project management:

Project Portfolio Dashboard

Effective PPM helps project management become a smoother journey. When used together, they are more valuable for organization.

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Project portfolio management provides a framework for anticipating potential problems, reviewing progress toward performance goals, managing budgets, and addressing stakeholder concerns, enabling project managers to accurately monitor performance.

Use the data and insights from your project portfolio management system to make strategic decisions to focus on delivering what matters most.

Project portfolio management gives companies a bird’s eye view of future, current and past projects. By seeing the big picture of how a proposed project will fit into the organization’s goals and objectives, companies can make better decisions about which projects to choose and which programs will generate the most return.

Enterprise PPM tools allow you to use a single, multi-functional tool across the enterprise. Business portfolio tools reduce reliance on multiple applications that can add overhead and complicate workflows. Because project portfolio management is inherently complex because of how it is managed at once, it is important to choose an enterprise project management tool that is simple and easy for everyone in the organization – not just startups.

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This may be easier said than done: Be sure to look for tools that reduce overhead, manual effort, and a lot of paperwork, choosing a tool that has an intuitive design, simple functionality, and a mobile app that everyone in your organization can access. . where are the tools?

Often businesses and organizations that take on multiple projects have employees and team members working remotely. Effective communication can be difficult when you have different team members working in multiple locations.

The best tools for project portfolio management are available online, removing communication barriers. When connecting to a central hub is easy, you can:

Project Portfolio Dashboard

A good business portfolio management tool should offer robust reporting options. The report data provides an overview for managers and supervisors that allows them to predict which projects may require additional resources by highlighting ongoing projects or situations that may act as obstacles to the organization’s goals.

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PPM reporting tools also allow companies to proactively monitor every aspect of current and potential organizational projects, including budgeting, forecasting and risk/reward analysis.

When individual project budgets are exceeded, effective use of PPM tools can help a company identify potential impacts on other projects and determine if continuing work that is already over budget will result in recurring costs. in other places. If projects are behind schedule, management can limit potential outcomes by using project portfolio management techniques.

The report allows for accurate and informed project portfolio management, which in turn helps to meet expectations within the company about which projects should, and should not, move forward.

Rachaelle Lynn, SAFe is a certified Agilent, marketing manager and subject matter expert at a market leading provider of project portfolio management, agile and agile delivery, project management, and innovation management software. His experience in various B2B and B2C industries continues to drive his interest in the SaaS customer journey. Rachaelle holds a BA in Communication Studies from the University of Florida. In this 2-part tutorial, we’ll learn how to design a project portfolio dashboard. Part 1 talked about user needs and design. Part 2 will show you how to use Excel.

Investment Portfolio Dashboard

As discussed in part 1, the biggest challenge when it comes to building project portfolio (program) level dashboards is that,

We identified the key needs of our end users and came up with a mockup design that fulfills all of these. See part 1 of that discussion.

First let’s understand the design philosophy of this dashboard, because it is what drives all the work of Excel. Here is a mind map that explains how I approached the design of this dashboard.

Project Portfolio Dashboard

Explaining each formula this time will take us until Christmas next year. So I will highlight the main formulas and the challenges you face:

Tableau Project Management

This was one of the hardest things. Since each program has its own table, viewing the selected project table is necessary to run all calculations. This is how it is done.

This dashboard presentation follows a box plot with simple colors, simple charts, image links and lots of cool conditional shapes.

Use the default theme for Office 2007 (2010). This gives excellent contrast, beautiful color mixing and won’t surprise many people.

Only 2 characters are used in the dashboard. Franklin Gothic Table of Contents and Franklin Gothic Demi Titles.

Program Dashboard And Reports

These fonts are set in the dashboard theme to run automatically when opened on any computer.

The dashboard is configured for printing. All form controls and links are disabled for printing. This ensures that you only get a clean printout with data and charts.

Tip: You can disable printing anything by right-clicking > format > properties and unchecking the print option.

Project Portfolio Dashboard

Since the workbook uses macros, I added a warning message that appears when macros are disabled. The trick I got

Insights: Project Health Dashboard

Since all this explanation might not do the job justice, I made a short video [12 minutes] that explains how the dashboard works. See below:

You can now find this and 4 other project portfolio management templates (including simple portfolio dashboard, timeline, gantt chart templates). All these files are easy to use, beautiful to present, fully customizable, open and designed for you to love.

I really enjoyed making this dashboard. It was challenging and exciting for me. I think the last workbook summarizes the work of several projects in a concise but powerful way.

WHAT DO YOU THINK? Do you like this dashboard? Do you often work with project portfolios / program level dashboards? How do they look and act?

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Thanks to everyone who sent suggestions via email and comments. I am very happy with how this dashboard turned out. Thank you for your continued support.

PS: Go ahead and grab the Project and Portfolio Management template pack today, because you want to be awesome.

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Project Portfolio Dashboard

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Project Portfolio Dashboard Template (pmo| Pmi Reporting)

SQL is an important skill to have for those who work with Data. In this article and companion video, learn how to use SQL to perform common database operations in less than an hour. Sample files are provided Standard project management reporting tools do not provide the necessary level of visibility and control over various project metrics.

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