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Recruiter Email Template – Companies are struggling to close the talent gap as remote talent breaks down barriers, changes perceptions and demonstrates flexibility. But often the challenge comes down to one thing – writing better cold emails.

About 320 billion emails land in the global community inbox every day, and recruitment emails need to stand out from the crowd. Here are some numbers that are forcing recruiters to up their email game:

Recruiter Email Template

Recruiter Email Template

Based on these numbers, we can see that passive job seekers need more than unmotivated cold emails to check out a new job profile and ultimately apply for that job.

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We’ll walk you through an eight-step process to give you enough ammunition to turn high-profile emails into high-converting ones.

A practical one will help you build and promote your brand where your next candidates are. Whether they are actively looking or not, you are always on top.

To get started, you need to customize the outline of your email. Cold emails are cookie-cutter in outline, by design. This is where most companies fail to attract the right talent. Your cold email should be clear, relevant and unique. One of the ways to write a good email is to know how not to write one. Take this email for example:

Stack Overflow revealed this cold email, which is everything a recruiter should not send to a cold candidate. It appeals to no one in particular, it doesn’t show the value the roles provide, it uses a long list of qualifications as a body, and it ends with a poor CTA. It’s hard to impress job seekers with poorly designed emails like this.

Email Template Types

The goal of the plan is to enable companies to automate and scale their recruiting strategies. But it should leave enough room for improvising the copy based on context and available information.

The email quickly connects the candidate with similar experience and explains all the information relevant to the job. The body of the email is crisp and ends with a good CTA.

Most people only look at the subject lines of emails to decide whether to delete or open them. Job seekers are no different.

Recruiter Email Template

Both active and passive job seekers receive hundreds of emails every day. The only way to declutter their inbox is to delete emails that don’t matter to them.

Create And Edit Your Email Signature

When writing your subject line, put yourself in the recipient’s shoes and see which lines you don’t click on at all. For example, take this line:

Bombastic, misleading, and long sentences are things you should avoid when writing cold emails. It is important to spend some time and effort to iron this thread. In general, it should be short, ideally 4-6 words, to the point and to the point.

Along with improving the subject line, you should also write an introductory text that provides more information about the email. Many recruiters miss the open space, so this should be your chance to stand out.

Research is central to almost every aspect of marketing. Recruiting can be improved in 2021 by incorporating marketing elements to address the right talent pool.

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Job seekers aren’t the only ones who need to find a hiring manager’s email address. Recruiters should also research candidates and review information that may be useful for the job. These can be previous positions and companies, qualifications and career goals. LinkedIn Talented People. professionals discuss jobs. , career and personal life. You can join LinkedIn groups to see your ideal candidates. LinkedIn InMails are a great way to warm up cold candidates, but the high volume of spam and spam messages sent by recruiters often drives professionals off the platform.

But LinkedIn isn’t the only option. Techies are available on GitHub and Stack Overflow, writers share ideas on Medium, and designers use Pinterest and Instagram to showcase their craft. Social media channels and even portfolio sites are gold mines of information that you can use in your outreach campaigns.

In addition to social media and portfolio sites, there is another channel for effective communication – email. But finding the right email addresses for candidates isn’t always easy. With a tool like Hunter’s Email Finder, recruiters find the right people faster.

Recruiter Email Template

But people often change jobs and forget to update their email addresses. They may even stop checking their old emails. That’s why you should also check your email addresses to make sure you’re not sending to inactive addresses. An email list full of invalid addresses increases your bounce rate, lowers your deliverability score, and lowers your reputation.

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Now that you have enough information about your target candidates, it’s time to put the knowledge to work. Approach your recruitment email as if you were writing a cold offer.

Candidates (and people in general) like to be seen. Always address them by name at the beginning of the email and immediately make a personal connection to show them what they have in store.

Email personalization is critical in advocacy campaigns. A personalized email template from Stack Overflow should look like this:

This is a detailed cold email that gives the recipient all the information they need to make a decision. A friendly tone is also perfectly suited to the context of the discussion and the role profile.

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The proof is in the pudding – Boston-based full-stack developer Mark Bates spoke about the importance of personal touch when reaching out to tech candidates:

“I want to be straight as a person,” Mark said. “Show me that you know who I am and what I do. In that first contact, you can tell me why I will make a big difference at your company.”

The previous email is a good example of personalized copy. Along with a solid subject line, this should elicit a good response from job seekers. But this contract is more than just a personal connection. The email is easy to read, offers only relevant information, and more importantly, tells the candidate what to do after reading the email.

Recruiter Email Template

Depending on the career path and role, job seekers may want to share enrichment, financial gain, or both. Email offers all of this information.

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Process: Our interview takes only one day. We move quickly and if we decide to make an offer, you will receive it within 24 hours.

The sender also doesn’t have to drag out recruitment emails with irrelevant information. Applying for jobs often takes a long time. As a result, 60% of job seekers refuse to fill out applications halfway through. This pattern also applies to cold emails. Too much information in a recruitment email can make it difficult for busy professionals to find the important parts.

That’s why recruiters need to narrow it down to a few key points and determine the importance of email. You can include a graphic or video in your email banners to show your company culture and give a little more detail about the role.

We are [company name], a fast-growing company with a global footprint. We are looking for data analysts and you fit our description. Please click on the link below to fill out the form.

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If you are interested in the opportunity, please reply to this email and we can set up a conversation.

In addition to being vague, the email also confuses the recipient. When you’re emailing a candidate, remember that the person doesn’t know you, the company, or the job yet. Email provides all the necessary information the first time and the information should flow naturally.

This email contains two calls to action. One wants to fill out an online form and the other wants to schedule a call. Conflicts or multiple CTAs are confusing and show that you haven’t done your homework. Candidates are less likely to follow through when a lack of effort is evident on the recruiter’s end.

Recruiter Email Template

That’s why it’s important to stick to one CTA. If you have a separate job board that you want them to refer to, please add that link. If you want them to respond directly to your email, say so.

Email Templates For Recruiters

In particular, look at these last two questions – direct and in a way that makes it easy for the candidate to answer. This recruitment email not only sticks to the obvious CTA, but goes a step further to offer more information about the conversation.

An email signature on a recruitment email says a lot in a short amount of time. Including an official signature is important because:

Too many recruiters miss out on talent after they don’t get a response the first time. Professionals are busy and it’s easy to miss an email. Cold emails do not have a 100% response rate, but can be considered as part of the warm-up process to get a response from a candidate later. Ideally, you want to follow up with 3-4 emails before accepting that the candidate is not interested

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