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Roofing Proposal – Pro Roofing and Associates has been in business since December 2007. Pro Roofing is a corporation based in Florida. We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and have an A+ rating.

Pro Roofing is listed on Home Advisor and has a 4.5 star rating with over 140 verified reviews. Pro Roofing has received the following Home Consultant Achievements: Top Rated Badge, 10 Year Badge, and 100 Review Badge. Pro Roofing also won the “Best Home Consultant” award (2014).

Roofing Proposal

Roofing Proposal

Pro Roofing and Associates provides residential and commercial roof repair as well as shingle, metal, shingle, modified bitumen and TPO replacement services.

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Pro Roofing and Associates serves most of Central Florida. Our service area includes Orange, Seminole, Osceola, Lake, Volusia, Brevard, Flager and St. Louis counties.

Roofing Proposal

Pro Roofing and Associates offers a no-obligation roof repair and replacement estimate. We make scheduling your free assessment convenient and hassle-free.

When comparing quotes, it’s important to know what each company offers and what materials they use. Price is only one factor in the equation. The offer price may match the buyer’s price but it gives more value per dollar than the other. You should make an informed decision, not one based on price alone.

Roofing Proposal

Bpr Roofing Proposal

Referring to the removal and proper disposal of the old roofing system down to the bottom of the deck. Our Recommendation indicates the covering material(s) to be removed during separation, indicated by a tick.

Tearing off the old roof system exposes the sub-floor and other structural components. The roof system is inspected for rotten wood, damage and internal defects. The Florida Building Code requires Pro Roofing to repair damaged roofing components and replace them with new materials of the appropriate size and type.

Roofing Proposal

The amount of wood repair required for your project cannot be determined or estimated until the old roof system is removed. As a result, wood repairs are not included in the price indicated in our offer. Wood repair is an additional cost that will be paid separately.

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The Pitched Roof System category refers to the type of roofing system that Pro Roofing offers to install on roof sections with a “pitch” or roof pitch, typically 3/12 or greater. Roof pitch is determined by the number of inches of horizontal run per 12 inches of vertical rise.

Roofing Proposal

A roll roof is the most common type of flat roof system for residential buildings. Modified bitumen is an ash-based roll roofing product that is applied using a “torch” or self-adhesive method. The cap contains granules similar to those seen on shingles and is available in colors to match the shingles.

Polyisocyanurate ISO, or “PolyIso” for short, is a type of insulation board used for flat roofs when there is no room for conventional insulation methods. By using PolyIso Conical Insulation Boards, a step can be added to the roof with a very low pitch, which promotes better water drainage. Pro Roofing recommends the use of taped insulation boards if the roof area is less than ¼ inch of horizontal run per 12 inches of vertical rise (.25/12).

Roofing Proposal

Roof Maintenance Services

A roof gutter is formed when two sloping areas of the roof meet, creating a V angle where water collects and drains off the roof. Pro Roofing knows that gutters are one of the most vulnerable areas of your roofing system. Improperly installed gutters become a source of high leakage risk.

Pro Roofing provides a 5-layer protection system for roof gutters, giving you peace of mind and improved performance. First, the Ice & Water Shield (Peel-&-Stick) is installed. All seams are sealed with roofing glue. The galvanized metal board is shaped and mechanically fastened with mechanical nails. All seams are glued a second time with roofing glue. The installation of the finished roofing material ends with the installation of the valley.

Roofing Proposal

Air flow is essential for the proper and efficient operation of some building systems. The most common ventilation components are vents, exhaust vents, and draft vents.

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Plumbing boots, or lead boots, allow air to enter your plumbing system, help push waste water through the pipes and prevent sewer gases from building inside the building.

Roofing Proposal

Gooseneck vents are a form of static ventilation. Kitchen hood vents, bathroom faucet fans, and clothes dryers exhaust air through the attic using Gooseneck vents.

Baffled ridge vents are a type of roof vent that expel air from the ridge of the roof, as opposed to baffled vents that replace the roof section or gable end. . Ventilating from the highest point of the roof system, ridge vents are more efficient than other traction ventilation products. Shingle vents are installed with shingles and shingles over the shingle over the vent and are made of plastic materials.

Roofing Proposal

How To Evaluate A Commercial Roof Proposal

An unfinished vent is a type of attic vent that expels air and is installed “infinitely” or in the plane of the roof section. In buildings that do not have a sufficient ridge line to properly ventilate the attic, a vent must be used outside the ridge. Off-Ridge vents are made of galvanized metal and come in 3 standard colors: white, black and brown.

Boot Guards is a PVC-based add-on product that eliminates animal damage that can cause roof leaks that may go unnoticed. Squirrels and other animals are attracted to plumber’s boots. Tall trees provide easy access to a buffet of shoes to go on.

Roofing Proposal

The Zipper Boot is a specialized plumbing boot that is essential in certain situations. Zip boots can be customized on site and are commonly used in metal roofs due to their high temperature resistance and ability to adhere to any uneven roof surface.

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A drip edge is a metal guard installed at the edge of a roof to help control the flow of water away from the panel and protect the components below the roof. The drip edge protrudes from the sides of the roof and has a small metal flange that is bent away from the panel. It does not shrink or stain, so your roof looks good but is structurally stable.

Roofing Proposal

A chimney is a vertical channel located above the fireplace and may extend through part of the roof. The chimney can be constructed of brick, stainless steel or concrete. A cricket or saddle is a ridged structure designed to drain water on the roof around the upper side of the chimney. Chimney projections have special lining requirements to prevent water leakage. A chimney cap is a protective covering that covers the top of the chimney.

Skylights and solar pipes provide natural light to the structure through openings in the roof. Screens are available in 2′ x 2′ and 2′ x 4′ sizes. Custom size awnings are available to replace existing standard size awnings or to add new awnings that are not in stock. Solar tubes are a type of light emitting tunnel, they provide more focused lighting and lower costs than a window. Unless otherwise stated in the Tender Notes section, umbrellas and solar tubes are included in our tender price.

Roofing Proposal

Roofing Estimates Template

Proposal Notes is a section that summarizes the scope of work, the type of roofing, and the materials we plan to use for your project. It is important to read this section in its entirety. this will include notes, terms, materials or information about a specific project.

In the section “Sloped roof”, the category of roofing material, the type of substrate, manufacturer, series and color of the finished roof recommended for installation on sloping areas of the roof is indicated.

Roofing Proposal

The flat roof category indicates the category of roofing material, substrate type, manufacturer, series and color of the finished roof, recommended for installation on flat or sloping roof areas.

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The “Warranty” section shows the length of the product warranty in years that the manufacturer offers for the specified products. Warranty specifications and limitations can be found on the manufacturer’s website. Warranty information is also provided at the project payment collection stage. Warranty depends on the manufacturer and series of the selected material. Please read all warranty information carefully and contact us if you require further clarification.

Roofing Proposal

Pro Roofing provides repairs with a 6-month warranty and roof repairs with a 3-year warranty. Pro Roofing’s warranty only covers claims related to defects in workmanship, not materials. Product warranties are provided by the product manufacturer.

The total amount of money is the price payable for the work and materials specified in the Proposal. This amount is considered the price of your offer. It is important to note that the bid price or total amount does not include the cost of wood repair, lumber, specialty wood, shoe guards, shoe zippers, and labor or other materials listed as additional costs. in the Tender Notes section. Cash Total is valid for payments made by cash, personal check, cashier’s check, physical check or wire transfer.

Roofing Proposal

New Roof Approved

All payments made by credit card are subject to a processing fee based on a percentage of the total amount. Credit card processing fees are non-negotiable and non-refundable. To avoid credit card processing fees, please pay by cash, check or wire transfer.

The total finance is the price to be paid for the labor and materials specified in the Proposal when you decide to pay for your project

Roofing Proposal

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