Sample Hair Color Chart

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Sample Hair Color Chart – When it comes to choosing the right hair color, it is necessary to know the basic information about hair color.

1. Mixed colors are indicated by ‘B’ in the color code. UniWigs mix their solid colors to achieve new natural tones.

Sample Hair Color Chart

Sample Hair Color Chart

2. Tip colors are indicated by a ‘T’ in the color code. Highlighting is demonstrated through the body of the wig or pieces of hair, as well as the ends.

Hair Color Chart Template

3. Highlighted color (‘H’) is specially designed around the current fashion forward styles, adding shine with more colors blown into the base color.

Sample Hair Color Chart

4. Root colors are indicated by  ‘R’  in the color code. The roots are colored darker than the rest of the wig. It has an attractive effect on colored hair with natural growth. Example: 16R, a deep chocolate carael shade.

We use the international color numbering system to identify colors. We decoded the hair colors, the current huan hair colors are divided into five parts: Blacks, Browns, Blondes, Reds and Grays. For each part, it will include base colors and extended colors.

Sample Hair Color Chart

How To Choose The Best Hair Colour From Hair Colour Charts

Natural Black: Natural Growth Black that can be bleached and dyed. Lighter than Off Black but Darker than Dark Brown.

10H24C – English Toffee, this is a brown color with Light Chestnut Brown highlighted with dark dirty Blonde. T-414 – Rooted ocha, ediu Brown and Light Brown Mix with Blonde highlights and ediu Brown Roots.

Sample Hair Color Chart

8-12 – Caramel, this is a dark blonde color with the Lightest Brown mixed with a little Dark Blonde.

Free Sample Color Chart Permanent Hair Color Chart

Y-22 – Peach Powder. It is Strawberry Blonde with Ash Blonde highlights. It is the same color as Y-531, the color percentage is slightly different.

Sample Hair Color Chart

Y-686 – Carael. It is Light Brown highlighted with Platinum Blonde. The color looks like Carael Swirl because the blonde is really there.

T-414 – Rooted ocha. This is an ediu Brown and Light Brown Blend with 5% Blonde highlights and ediu Brown Roots.

Sample Hair Color Chart

Natural Hair Colour Shades

203R- Grilled Karael. It is ediu brown mixed with Golden Brown and hints of Honey Blonde and dark Off Black root.

301R – Burnt Rose. It is a Copper Red mixed with a Deep Auburn Red with Dark ediu Brown highlights. With our most natural looking dark roots.

Sample Hair Color Chart

601R – Chapagne Lux. These are Mixed shades of Light Beige Blonde and Creay Ice Blonde, with natural looking Dark Roots.

Schwarzkopf Hair Color Range

604 – Dark Ash Blonde. It is a mixed Blend of ediu Brown and shades of Platinu Blonde

Sample Hair Color Chart

605R – Obre Blonde. This is Aubre with Light Brown fading to Honey Blonde and Ash Blonde with Dark Root

T1B246 – Chocolate Brown = mixed mix ediu Brown, Dark Brown ≈ maroon with a dark root

Sample Hair Color Chart

Hair Color Sample Chart

T1B-614 – Ash blonde/dark root = Ash Blonde with dark root color 1B Off Black which is our second darkest black after Jet Black.

18R –Double-Frost-Java = ediu Brown with additional frost highlights on top with Yellow Blonde and Ash Blonde

Sample Hair Color Chart

24R – ocha Swirl = Combination of War Blonde, ediu Brown and Dark Brown with dark roots

Hair Color Chart

Hello, I have (3) hair in the color wavy frost. I wanted to tone the color down to a slightly darker shade of light brown across the top. I’m tired of blonde but don’t want to buy new toppers. They are still in good condition. What are your recommendations? And I like to use a toner if it damages or dries/frizzy hair. Also what solution do you recommend? Thank you Theresa Zaborowski.

Sample Hair Color Chart

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