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Sample Social Media Content Calendar – Managing a social media account—or multiple—is no small task. Between new content, audience engagement, and internal company content development, you may be juggling multiple workflows to keep your social media accounts active. Fortunately, there is a better way.

Think of a social media calendar as a cheat sheet. Using it, you can schedule messages in advance, so you maintain a seemingly high-quality stream. Whether you plan 30 days or 365 days in advance, a social media calendar is a great way to deliver engaging, high-quality content to your audience.

Sample Social Media Content Calendar

Sample Social Media Content Calendar

Don’t think it’s possible? Learn more about social media calendars – and how to create your own – in our easy, step-by-step guide.

Time Saving Social Media Templates

At its most basic level, a social media calendar is a calendar of all social media posts. By creating and managing a social media calendar, you create a central source of information where you can schedule posts, track posts and coordinate your efforts with cross-functional teams.

This type of calendar can be very useful if you manage multiple social media accounts in Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. A social media calendar can help you post with different voices, manage multiple versions of each post and choose what to post on each account.

You’re probably currently scheduling all of your posts directly into social media apps as you go. You may be asking: do I need a calendar? Yes! A content calendar is a must for any social media marketing team. With an internal calendar, you can access in real time:

To create an effective and useful social media calendar, you need a tool that can help you organize and view your posts. If you’re just getting started, try a project management tool that offers a free social media content calendar template, such as . With our template, you can start with sample tasks and sessions, view your calendar in Calendar View, and talk about how things used to be.

How To Build A Content Calendar (plus A Free Template)

By creating and managing a social media calendar, you can open up new opportunities for your media team. With a calendar, you can bring strategy and metrics to community planning to give your accounts new life. Additionally, a social media calendar can help you:

Without a central social media calendar, it can be difficult to keep track of when you post to each of your accounts. To make sure each account gets the right amount of love and attention, you need a calendar of all incoming and outgoing posts. Also, by checking your posts ahead of time, you can make sure there are no closing pages coming up, or schedule new posts in those windows if needed.

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Sample Social Media Content Calendar

A lot of work and thought goes into every social post. But without a good plan for sharing and promoting that content, it can easily get lost in the news — and your audience won’t be able to see the amazing content you’ve created just for them. With a community calendar, you can schedule all of your posts in advance, and plan when to post more to engage your audience.

Create A Perfect Social Media Calendar

Depending on where and what you’re posting, you may be planning to include an image, a link to a blog post, share a new video, or possibly include a customer quote. A social media calendar can help you decide what you want and get these things across your marketing team—just make sure they’re well organized and attached to the right post.

Make sure all your submissions are copy-pasted and error-free. Check all posts to avoid spelling mistakes, make sure you always use links and images, and prevent serious mistakes before they happen.

Not all team members have access to your social planning and publishing tool, so without a central source of information, cross-functional team members don’t have a good idea of ​​what you’re posting and when. By maintaining a community calendar system, in a tool that everyone can use and access, you can make it easier for your team members to reshare, like and promote your posts. That way, you’re not just putting yourself out there on social media — you’re also providing an easy source of information for any interested team members.

To improve your social media strategy, you need to be able to look back at what you’ve done. What worked? What is missing? Which articles are most relevant? But digging through someone’s posts on Instagram or LinkedIn is not the way to do it. Instead, look for a tool that makes looking back easy.

Social Media Planner Template

OK: you’re ready to go. But how do you go about creating your calendar? We encourage you to start with a task management platform like , using our free calendar. Using it, you can track trends, report on previous post algae and publish schedules, give visibility, and organize with your team.

This may seem like an obvious first step, but it’s one of the most important steps you can take—and it’s often overlooked. Before you start talking about social media posts and channel-specific strategies, take a step back with your social media team to answer the question: What social media platforms should we be on?

Is there a platform that doesn’t value your audience? Is there a platform that your people love that you haven’t started building yet? Are there any forgotten social media accounts for your company that have started to gather dust?

Sample Social Media Content Calendar

Knowing where your audience is can help you narrow down your platforms, which is the first step in creating platform-specific strategies—and actually creating content that resonates with your audience.

Why Do You Need A Social Media Calendar Template (+ Free Template)

One of the benefits of creating a social media content calendar is communicating progress, so it’s good to have a baseline to start from. When reviewing your current profile, remember:

If you do an audit on social media, you’ll just find out that you’re not entirely clear on what’s working – that’s okay! Your calendar will also be a way for you to report and track data, so you can continue to improve your practice as you go.

Now that you have a plan of focus stations, and you know your current trends, it’s time to create your social media content calendar. If you started with our free template, you probably already have a good foundation for tracking important information. To take it a step further, use the metadata in the social media calendar tool to track other things—like the hashtags you use, the channels you post to, the exact time posts will go live, target audience, relevant @-comments, and more.

When creating your posts, decide how often you will post, and how much you want to write in advance. Knowing your niche will also help you determine your strengths, and improve your content creation process.

Free Social Media Editorial Calendar Templates

If you haven’t already, now is the time to create your asset library. Do you regularly post photos and videos, and if so – where do they come from? If you have a team of designers, planning your publishing cadence can help you submit applications early to avoid overload. Alternatively, if you’re using stock photos, creating an asset library can make capturing photos and videos easier.

At this point, take the time to think and coordinate to evaluate the burn with your social team. Who should review submissions, and when? Do your submissions need any approval from the brand or official team? Your social calendar is here to help you create a routine. It’s also a great way to track all content reviews in one central location.

If you use a calendar to track your posts, you already have a central source of all past posts. Use this as an opportunity to review trends and add social media analytics data to previous posts—for example, how many shares and views a post got in the first hour. Were there any notable audience performance metrics? Use this as an opportunity to track what’s working, and continue to refine and improve your social media campaigns.

Sample Social Media Content Calendar

Every social media calendar is slightly different, depending on the ways your team posts, how often you post, what information you track and what trends are most important to your team. Here’s an example of what a typical social media content calendar might look like:

Free Printable + How To Create A Social Media Content Calendar

Use this as a starting point to create your social media calendar—fill it with the right types of content, add your social networks, and use it to track your marketing strategy.

Deciding what to post on social media can be a tough game—that’s why your team has put you, the social media manager, to work on it. It’s your job to publish content at times that your customers want and your audience wants to engage with. And that is not easy!

A social media content calendar isn’t just important

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