Show Formulas In Excel

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Show Formulas In Excel – If you are working on an Excel worksheet with many formulas, it can be difficult to keep track of all your formulas. Excel provides an easy way to display formulas in cells instead of results. This Excel trick helps you easily view/display Excel formulas. Likewise, you can take our Excel Ninja training course for additional tips and tricks.

Imagine that when you add formulas to an Excel spreadsheet, they are hidden when you print or view the page. If you prefer to display formulas on your page instead of formula results, you can do so using the three methods discussed in this tutorial.

Show Formulas In Excel

Show Formulas In Excel

Step 1: Suppose you have a table similar to the image above. This table shows the number of sales of two electronics stores, and column E shows the ratio of each product to the sales of these two stores. The cells in columns D and E contain the formula for calculating the ratio. Now we want to display these cell formulas for printing.

Missing Sheet Tabs In Microsoft Excel 2016 / 2019

Just press Ctrl+` from your keyboard and watch the magic! All the formulas in columns D and E are displayed in our Excel sheet like the screenshot above.

Step 1: Click the File tab to switch to Backstage. After entering Backstage View, from the drop-down menu, select the Options category on the left, as shown in the image above.

Step 2: Now the Excel Options dialog will appear, let’s select Advanced from the left side as in the screenshot above.

Step 3: After selecting the advanced category, scroll down and find the section called “View Options” on this worksheet. Select Show formulas in cells instead of calculated results. After activation, click OK in the Excel Options dialog box to return to the worksheet.

How To Show Formulas In Excel

Tip 1: After checking Show formulas in cells instead of calculated results, you can see that Show Formulas is also enabled on the Formulas tab. If we click on it again, the formula will disappear.

Tip 2: When Show Formulas is turned on, the formula will be visible, and if you need to see the cells that contain the formula in that cell, you can see it with a single click on the cell that contains the formula. In our example, let’s say we want to see the cells included in the formula for cell E2. Then we just need to click on E2, and then select the cells next to E2 with a different color. Here B2, C2 and D2 are selected.

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Show Formulas In Excel

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Ways To Show Formulas In Microsoft Excel

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