Smartboard Jeopardy Template

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Smartboard Jeopardy Template – Jeopardy is an American television game in which the contestants have some clues or answers, and they need to give their answers in the form of questions – and, of course, they can get money! We are sure you have seen this show many times.

Jeopardy games are very useful! They are great to have fun with your friends or to play with students to review some ideas related to different topics, such as Medicine, English, Mathematics or science. In this tutorial, we’ll teach you how to create a Jeopardy board from scratch. Let’s start the party!

Smartboard Jeopardy Template

Smartboard Jeopardy Template

We set up our game like this: first, we have a game board. Next, we have a cover slide for the topic and 4 slides with clues, followed by 4 “question” slides. For our study, we will write the “English” block.

Using Powerpoint Presentations With Smart Board Interactive Whiteboards

The first step in designing our Jeopardy game is to create a slide with a matrix. In this matrix, you need to add two different types of information: categories and scores.

Smartboard Jeopardy Template

As we are dealing with English, we will have a “reference” slide on literary genres. Remember that in Jeopardy, the “Clue” or the answer comes first and then we have the slide question. It will have 3 possible answers, and the correct one will redirect you to the next slide. Let’s go!

The last step is to connect the slides. We use hyperlinks to do so.

Smartboard Jeopardy Template

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Your slides are now linked! Your students will love this game Jeopardy! If you like the Jeopardy Lesson Completion template used for this tutorial, you can download and edit it for free. You can also view our other interactive themes.

Thinking of new ways to review ideas for your students? Do you just want to have fun with your friends? Or are you a medical student and need help with the names of the different parts of the inner ear? We can help you! Gamification is always a good…

Smartboard Jeopardy Template

Sometimes it is not easy to engage your students when making a presentation. One of the best ways to get attention is to create interactive questions and answers, because they interact with the slides. In this way, the learning process will become something fun and wonderful for children.

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Questions are great tools to get your audience involved, as they need to participate and give their answers. In fact, they are very useful in teaching children, since their attention changes. In this way, they learn in a communicative and fun way. Creating an experiment is not…

Smartboard Jeopardy Template

In this tutorial, you will learn how to add links to other documents, websites, multimedia resources, email addresses or even other slides in the same presentation. Any resource included in the presentation, such as words, images or diagrams, can be linked. Adding Content Link to Website Adding…Jeopardy! The popular game is loved by young and old and even after many years, it is still the main question show for fun TV nights with family and friends. Don’t we all love to guess the answers and debate as we go on this show?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to finally feel like a contestant ourselves and do our own quiz show instead of watching other people guess on a flat screen? That’s exactly why we built a new game model that recreates the show Jeopardy! and with realistic pictures, questions and even sounds!

Smartboard Jeopardy Template

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If you’ve never heard of Jeopardy! first, or need some help and advice to adjust our presentation to your preferences, read these chapters. Feel free to replace any image of the presentation, change fonts and colors, add sounds or symbols like more images or game rounds to our template.

Danger! a little different from the usual question – Answer quiz show because of its special rule of answering questions and get clues and paragraphs to get the answer-question. This can lead to confusion, but once you get used to this way of thinking it will be normal.

Smartboard Jeopardy Template

The reality quiz show consists of three rounds in which three contestants play against each other. We only include one cycle in our template, because it may take more time for beginners and people can create more cycles simply by copying the PPT presentation.

How To Play A Free Jeopardy Game Online With Friends

When the coins appear, the first player can choose categories and coins by clicking on the field. (With the increasing amount of money, the difficulty of the questions also increases!) Normally a random generator chooses each person from the competitors who starts with choose a place of money, but you can also accept that the smallest player is allowed to start.

Smartboard Jeopardy Template

When the question appears, all players have 30 seconds to think about it (until the end of the song). When a person raises his hand (or shouts, hits the stirrup,…) an answer can be given.

The right answer? Then the player receives the amount of money that the question is correct and can choose the next money point and category. If the contestant guessed wrong, the other players can try their luck. If time runs out, or no one is eligible, no one will get space. Then the supervisor must randomly select a candidate who can choose the next question field. You can also get a specific order if you have what you want.

Smartboard Jeopardy Template

Jeopardy Game Maker Tools And Templates For Teachers

Advanced version: wrong guess will deduct the amount of money from the players account; negative values ​​are also normal.

It is recommended to have a moderator, who can lead the show, highlight the stressful situation of the candidates, approve some jokes and – most importantly – check if the answers are wrong or right and press the buttons.

Smartboard Jeopardy Template

If you want a more detailed legal explanation, read this Jeopardy! Wikipedia article on the popular quiz show.

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From the current Slide. Now the intro with the music starts playing and you have to press once more to play the animation. When the second currency panel appears, press any currency button to accept this request. The theme song will play for exactly 30 seconds.

Smartboard Jeopardy Template

When the song ends, or when someone has the right answer, press the “click here to answer” button. Click one more, you will return to the money board and the question money field will disappear.

We have not found a counter for the points, for more flexibility with the amount of players you want to have. So, you need to write down the points/money that each player gets.

Smartboard Jeopardy Template

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Keep answering the questions and pressing the buttons until all the points are gone and the final image can be seen. A hidden message also tells you that it’s time to find out who has the highest amount of money! Who won? 🙂

When you know all the answers to our template or you want to match the exercises exactly to your grandma’s birthday, it’s time to change our template to fit your needs! This can be done in a few clicks, just think of some attractive questions for your candidates and you are good to go.

Smartboard Jeopardy Template

Additional tip: How about a Jeopardy! game with real exercises, like doing 10 push-ups or perfecting your shot? Need a cool sports party game? Add some required slides for extra thirst and fill “shot rounds”. (cups of water of course! :D) Is it your parents wedding anniversary? Complete, complete personal needs. Hopefully they know each other well enough.

Powerpoint Jeopardy Game

Change can be a lot of fun and make any presentation special and fun. Keep in mind that you can also overdo and the changes can deviate from the real point. However, a game like Jeopardy! it can have many crazy animations, since it’s just for fun.

Smartboard Jeopardy Template

If you use the game template for a special event, such as a birthday or anniversary party, adding new images will make it more personal and special! Most of the images in our template can be easily replaced by clicking on them, delete and add new images.

Once you add a new chart, the size can be changed by clicking in any corner of the chart and moving the cursor. Whenever you click on a PowerPoint application, a menu item in the menu bar is highlighted in orange. By opening it, you will get many more options to adjust the sound. Some of our slides also include shapes like squares. Its colors, effects, shape, … can be changed with a specific Design list.

Smartboard Jeopardy Template

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Some images in our free PowerPoint template are hidden behind other images. To change it, move the objects around and bring them to the front or back by right-clicking and choosing the “bring to front” or “bring to back” option.

Here you can also see an example, how Jeopardy fits! The game can work for wedding anniversary:

Smartboard Jeopardy Template

It is well known, that things are an extremely important part of any game.

Blank Jeopardy Template For Smartboard

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