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Speech Outline – For your speech to be as effective as possible, it must be organized into logical patterns. Information should be presented in a way that your audience can understand. This is especially true if you already know a lot about your topic. You will need to take careful steps to include relevant information that your audience may not know and to explain relationships that may not be obvious to them. Using a standard outline format, you can make decisions about your main points, the specific information you will use to support these points, and the language you will use. Without a border, your message can lose its logical integrity. It can even turn into a list of points with no apparent connection between them other than the topic, leaving the audience relieved when your speech is over.

A complete sentence outline lays a solid foundation for your message. It will require you to have a clear and specific purpose for your message. As we’ve seen in other chapters of this book, it helps to write your specific purpose in a clear language. It helps you frame a clear and specific thesis statement. It helps you block out irrelevant information. It helps you focus only on information that is directly relevant to your thesis. It reduces the amount of research you have to do. It indicates what kind of evidence is needed, so less effort is spent trying to figure out what to do next. It helps both you and your audience remember the main message of your speech.

Speech Outline

Speech Outline

Finally, a solid outline with a complete sentence helps your audience understand your message because they will be able to follow your reasoning. Remember that live audiences for spoken communications don’t have the ability to “play back” your message to understand what you’ve said, so it’s extremely important to help your audience follow your reasoning as it reaches their ears.

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Your writers have noticed among students past and present a reluctance to write full sentence drafts. It is a task that is too often perceived as busy, unnecessary, time-consuming and limited. On the one hand, we understand this reluctance. But on the other hand, we find that students who carefully write a complete sentence outline show a stronger tendency to present excellent messages.

Speech Outline

When you start with a clear, specific thesis statement, it acts as a kind of compass for your outline. Each of the main points should directly explain the thesis statement. The field test will be a comparison of each main point to the thesis statement. If you find a bad match, you’ll know you’ve wandered outside the scope of your thesis.

Let’s say the general purpose of your talk is to inform, and your broad topic is wind energy. Now you need to narrow it down to a specific purpose. You have many options, but let’s say your specific goal is to inform a group of property owners about the economics of wind farms that generate electricity.

Speech Outline

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The first main point might be that modern windmills require a very small land base, which makes real estate costs low. This is directly related to the economy. All you need is information to support your claim that only a small land base is needed.

On your second main point, you might be tempted to argue that windmills don’t pollute like other sources do. However, you will quickly notice that this statement is unrelated to the thesis. You have to resist the temptation to add it. Perhaps in another discussion, your thesis will deal with environmental impact, but in this discussion, you must stay in the economic domain. You could say that once windmills are installed, they are virtually maintenance free. This statement is related to the thesis. Now all you need is supporting information to support this second claim.

Speech Outline

The third point, the point some members of the public will want to hear, is the cost of generating electricity with windmills compared to other sources. This clearly falls within the realm of energy economy. You should have no problem finding authoritative sources of information to support this claim.

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When you write in summary form, it’s much easier to test the scope of your content because you can visually locate specific information very easily and then check it against your thesis statement.

Speech Outline

You have many options for your topic, and therefore there are many ways that your content can be organized logically. In the above example, I mentioned only three main points that were important financial problems regarding wind farms. Often the main points of a speech can be arranged in a logical pattern. let’s take a look at some such models.

A chronological pattern arranges main ideas in the order in which events occur. In some cases, the reverse order may make sense. For example, if your topic is archaeology, you can use the reverse order, describing the newest artifacts first.

Speech Outline

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A cause-and-effect model asks you to describe a particular situation and explain what the result is. However, most effects have multiple causes. Even tooth decay has multiple causes: genetics, poor diet, teeth too close together, sugar, ineffective brushing, etc. If you choose a cause-and-effect model, make sure you have enough credible support to do the subject justice.

A biographical model is usually chronological. When describing the events of a person’s life, you will want to choose the three most important events. Otherwise, the speech will end up as a very long list and often with no sense of time or bullet points. For example, Mark Twain had several distinct phases in his life. These include his life as a Mississippi riverboat captain, his success as a world-renowned author and speaker, and his family life. A simple timeline would present great difficulty in highlighting the relationships between important events. An outline, however, would help you highlight the key events that contributed to Mark Twain’s extraordinary life.

Speech Outline

Although a compare and contrast model seems to dictate only two main points, McCroskey, Wrench, and Richmond explain how a compare and contrast can be structured as a speech with three main points. They say that “you can easily create a third point by providing background information about what is being compared and contrasted. For example, if you are having a discussion about two different drugs, you might start by discussing what the main purposes of the drugs are. Then you could talk about the similarities and then the differences between the two drugs.”[1]

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Regardless of the logic pattern you use, if you look at your thesis statement and then look at the three main points in your outline, you will easily be able to see how they are logically connected.

Speech Outline

When you create an outline, you can clearly see that you need evidence for each of your main points. For example, using the example above, the first main point claims that less land is needed for windmills than for other utilities. Your evidence should cover the area required for a windmill and the area required for other energy production sites such as nuclear power plants or hydroelectric generators. Your sources should come from experts in finance, economic development or engineering. Evidence may even be expert opinion, but not lay opinion. Expert opinion will provide stronger support for your point.

Also, the second point states that once a wind turbine is installed, there are virtually no maintenance costs. Your supporting documents should show how much annual maintenance costs are for a windmill and what the costs are for other energy installations. If you used a comparison to nuclear power plants to support your first main point, you should do so again for consistency. It becomes very clear, therefore, that the third key point about the amount of electricity and its profitability needs valid references to compare with the profit from the energy produced in a nuclear power plant. On this third main point, you should only use a few well-chosen statistics from authoritative sources to show the efficiency of wind farms compared to the other energy sources you mentioned.

Speech Outline

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Where do you find the kind of information you need to support these main points? A reference librarian can quickly guide you to authoritative statistics textbooks and help you use them.

An important step you will notice is that the complete sentence outline includes its authoritative sources in the text. This is a major departure from how you learned to write a research paper. In your research paper, you can add this information at the end of a sentence, letting the reader go back to the last page for a more complete reference. However, in a speech, your audience cannot do this. From the very beginning of your supporting point, you must fully cite your source so that your audience can assess its importance.

Speech Outline

Because this is such a profound change from the academic habits you’ve probably grown accustomed to, you’ll need to make a concerted effort to break old habits.

Outlining A Speech: Standard Form & Organization Pattern

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