Sql Get Month From Date

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Sql Get Month From Date – I recently heard from a woman overseas who wanted to find a quick and dirty mechanism to retrieve data for a specific date range (based on a fiscal year starting July 1st).

Whether you’re on the business intelligence side or an application developer, most of the great coding for data retrieval is done within a “stored procedure.” We want to create a stored procedure called “FiscalFiscalYear”.

Sql Get Month From Date

Sql Get Month From Date

To start, we set the @decider to the current month by converting the current date (using “getdate()”) to date format and then extracting the month (see below).

How To Get Difference Between Two Dates In Months Using Mysql Query?

If the “month number” (ie @decider’s value) is less than 7, then the value is NOT the beginning of the fiscal year as shown above, but @yearr-1 or 2014. On the other hand, @decider’s 7 and 12 o’ The beginning of the fiscal year between is actually 2015.

The above line of code needs some explanation. If the current month is greater than or equal to 7, then we are in the first half of the fiscal year from July 1 to December 31, and therefore the mining start date should be set to 2015-07-01. Otherwise, the start date should be set to 2014-07-01.

This sets the date as ‘2016-07-01’ (if running in February 2015), which is actually the start of the NEXT fiscal year. This is NOT true. To fix this, we need to subtract one day from this value. We achieve this by wrapping “DateAdd()” in another “DateAdd()” where we subtract a day (see below).

An additional feature of this method of setting the end date is that if your fiscal year starts on March 1 and ends on the last day of February, the “leap year” is no longer an issue, because the last day of February is automatically calculated. by the system. Personally, I see this as a definite advantage.

Using Sql Convert Date Formats And Functions

Playing around a bit more to prove the point, we’ll arbitrarily change the @decider values. Let’s say it’s now July 2015 (see below).

By setting the month to July, we can clearly see that we are in the next fiscal year (see above).

Looking at some of the data in our DateOnTheFly table, we see that the lowest available date is September 24th.

Sql Get Month From Date

2015 (though “February” before our current month). June 2015 data included for demo purposes only. I think the intelligent reader will now understand this concept.

Working With Dates In Sql

We are adding the following code to our list. Note that when we extract the month using the DatePart() function, an integer is returned. By adding the code snippet above, I intended to create a sort field that would be hidden from the user, but that would allow the physical month names to actually sort between July and June (instead of starting in April and ending in September). This is very important when working with a non-standard fiscal year.

By modifying the code a bit, I was able to convert the Yearr and MTH fields to Varchar() to create a “good” field that can be used to sort the data properly.

Nevertheless, I will make a few changes to my code. I’m going to turn our current query into a subquery and add another column based on the “state” logic (see below).

Our final adjustment is to “aggregate” or summarize market value by year, currency and fund. A list of codes is provided in Appendix 2.

Sql Date Time Cheatsheet

Such a request has little aesthetic value. To test our results, we create a quick and dirty reporting services project (see above).

As always, if you’re new to Reporting Services and want some guidance, check out my SQL Shack article: Now You See It, Now You Don’t.

As we did in the previous exercises, we will create a “Shared Data Source” called “DatesOnTheFly” (see above).

Sql Get Month From Date

Now we will create two sets of data that will be used to populate the list of queries used by the two parameters that we will create in a few seconds.

Sql Pivot: Converting Rows To Columns

As the reader can see, we generate a unique copy of each fund in the DateOnTheFly table.

Similarly, we draw different copies of currency codes. Again, these currency codes are used with parameters that the end user will eventually pass to the stored procedure.

We will first create a Funding parameter and check the Allow Multiple Values ​​checkbox as we want our end users to be able to select one or more values.

In the Available Values ​​window, we select “Get Values ​​from Query” and select the “Amounts” data set. Click OK to exit the Report Options Properties dialog box.

Tableau Date Calculation Cheat Sheet

After turning the query in Appendix 2 into a stored procedure (see Appendix 3), we use this stored procedure to retrieve our data.

After configuring the dataset to use the FiscalFiscalYear stored procedure, we need to configure two parameters passed to the stored procedure (to populate the dataset at runtime). The problem is that we set the parameter to accept multiple values ​​to send to the stored procedure. This required concatenating the individual values ​​into a string. This is achieved by using the “JOIN” statement as shown above. The code snippet can be seen below.

In order for our stored procedure (see Appendix 3) to correctly handle multiple selections of Report Services, we need to add two small extra bits of code.

Sql Get Month From Date

When we run our query (again), this time including the list of funds passed by our report, the allocation code adds each code to a table variable and when it’s done, sets the values ​​in the temporary tables . We can see the results of executing the above query. Note the currency codes in the “first selection” and the main results in the “second selection”. Note that no filtering is performed. We do it now.

Generate Year Month Day Combinations In Power Bi Report Using Power Query Date.totext Function

In the screenshot above, an astute reader notes that I used nested joins as a filtering mechanism rather than saying “where is the pool (‘PAT2’, ‘MIT1” etc.). There’s a reason I’m crazy. It’s up to the reader to guess As a suggestion.. what if the user decides to select more than 1000 funds or more than 1000 currency codes (if that’s possible)?

We configure the diagram as follows. For the Chart Data Values ​​window, we set this to “Market Value”. For “Category Groups”, we set this to YilMth as the sort field. As discussed, this field is used as a sorting field and is HIDDEN to the user.

By putting my report in Preview mode, I can select the options I want (see above). Now I click on the “View Report” button.

Our final report can be seen above. Note that although the CAD values ​​are very small, two currencies are shown for each month.

Reporting In Sql Server

And so we come to the end of another “get together”. As we have seen, although most reports depend on a “Date”, there is often no need to specify a start and end date, as this can be calculated from the system date.

Steve Simon is a SQL Server MVP and Senior BI Development Engineer with Atrion Networking. He has been involved in database design and analysis for over 29 years.

Steve has presented at 8 PASS Summits and one at PASS Europe 2009 and 2010. He recently presented Master Data Services at the PASS Amsterdam Rally.

Sql Get Month From Date

© 2022 Quest Software Inc. | GDPR | Terms of Use | Privacy A few days ago I received an interesting offer from one of our customers. The woman tried to determine her potential monthly income for the financial year from January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015. A woman named Linda sells goods and services (all classes benefit from different sales).

Oracle Round Function (for Date)

In the first part of this two-part discussion, we’ll look at earnings forecasts by commodity.

In the month the customer orders the goods (and this may be some time in the “future” Christmas time), if the order is placed before the 21st.

From that month onwards he will “claim” the total income for the month booked. If the order date is greater than 21

Our task in today’s meeting is to create a query that will give Linda the information she needs based on her corporate information.

Solved 1. 2. 3. Write An Oracle Sql Statement To Get The

Perhaps the best way to start is to get a high-level view of how the final data will appear after applying Linda’s revenue forecasting rules.

The reader notes that the order date in line 1 (on the screen above) is “2015-02-12”, which is 21 years earlier than Linda’s “cut off” date.

Of the month. It said it is “in full” forecast for revenue in that line for February 2015. Also, since the order date is less than 21.

Sql Get Month From Date

Month, specified

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